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Becoming Superhuman

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking event that is set to revolutionise the spiritual and energetic landscape of consciousness events. Prepare for the launch of all launches as the transformational power couple, Carrie-Anne Fields and Christopher Bygraves, unite to deliver an awe-inspiring and illuminating presentation and healing session at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference. This dynamic duo promises to take you on an unprecedented journey to unlock your inner superpowers and transcend the boundaries of reality.

Carrie-Anne Fields, an energy healer and transformational heroine, and Christopher Bygraves, a shamanic sound and inner child healer, will guide you through a mystical journey to reunite with your lost multidimensional aspects. They will reveal the secrets to tapping into untold wisdom and embracing the enchanted adventure that life on Earth truly is.

In their groundbreaking presentation, "Becoming SuperHuman," you'll discover how to activate your dormant DNA, interface with your awakened dimensions of consciousness, and become the ultimate superpower. Learn to transcend the dark Matrix and command your earthly experiences with practical tools.

Carrie-Anne Fields and Christopher Bygraves

If you are exhausted by seeking truth and meaning outside yourself yet you are a truth and wisdom seeker, know your sustainable connection to unending ways for decoding your current Universe is found within!  All you need is enough time spent in daydream, reflection, meditation or trance-sleep state to connect. 


Bring on the inner adventures, where we get to change 3D outer reality as we form new pictures for Earthly Manifestation from within our spatial self - known as the Optic Thalamus or Inner Eye Chamber. 


Avatars & Creators at the ready! IT'S GO TIME.


Carrie-Anne Fields and Christopher Bygraves will present you with a scientific yet mystical journey to meet untapped aspects of Self.  Bringing these aspects ‘online’, we become more powerful than a Quantum Computer, as, once activated in our 12 Strand DNA structure, and interfacing with our awakened 12 Dimensions of Consciousness, we in Human Form, become the ultimate Superpower. 

When the 12 DNA strands communicates with our 12 Dimensional Selves, it multiplies to create the 144 Code, or 144 000. 

The difference between the Human and AI mainframe is minimal, however, Humans possess a feeling energy body which creates propulsions of Love that AI simply cannot even fathom to align with.  It’s time Humans got in the Game and showcased their spiritual grandeur…or be overtaken by a drudge, albeit powerful, AI Force.

This is not just a presentation; it's a potent experiential process split into two parts, designed to transform your being and elevate your consciousness. Join us for this unparalleled event and embark on an inner adventure to change your reality and manifest a new vision for Earth.

Chris Bygraves, author of "Ascending Gaia" and "Activating Gaia," brings his unique blend of corporate and spiritual expertise to the stage. He will share his poetic journey of The Great Awakening and demonstrate how we can move between dimensions, showcasing that we are all one and the same, united in our quest for true love.

Carrie-Anne, has had two series on David Icke's TV channel Iconic. She's the founder of My Health and a seasoned psychologist, yoga teacher, and spiritual teacher, who will remind you of your multi-dimensional nature and how to use superhuman technology to activate your 'junk' DNA.

Together, they will teach you to view the soul lessons of good and evil from a higher perspective, empowering you to stay in command of your earthly experiences.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the magic and power of Carrie-Anne Fields and Christopher Bygraves together at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference. Get ready to become superhuman and embrace your spiritual grandeur. This is your chance to be part of a transformative experience that will redefine your understanding of reality and awaken the superhuman within you.

The Cosmic Consciousness Conference is being held at Ayers Rock Resort, Uluru from 20-22 December 2024. Visit to find out more.

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