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Book Launch at Uluru for Ascension Tools

We are thrilled that one of our speakers, Scott Mathias, has chosen to launch his newly published book, The Antares Seals: Return of The Human Grail - Prophetic Seals From The EL’an Flyers Guiding Humans Home, at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference in January.   Our delegates will be the first to hear about his fascinating work with the 12 Antares Seals at the Conference. 

Scott is a former television journalist in Australia and New Zealand and  a 'rounds person' in Australia's Federal Parliament, Canberra. He is an accomplished internationally published author with four books on whole food plant based lifestyle.

Scott will share his 'walk-in' experience and riveting information about the work of the EL'an on supporting the current planetary frequency upgrade. He will be revealing how we can be best supported in our remaining days of 'consciousness deprivation' at the hands of the shadowers and deceivers.

In his book Scott says "Antares Seals have been used for millennia to help ‘restore’ the presence of the divine into a multitude of civilisations experiencing the same level of disconnection currently being experienced by Earth Humans."

The Antares Seals are 12 symbols. Each symbol is ‘powered’ sufficiently enabling the Human to respond appropriately the very ‘nano-moment’ you come into contact with the Seal, its sound and its meaning. The Human DNA has a recognition program that will instantly respond to the vibration and frequency of the Seals. Once you read about and witness the Seals there is NO UN-KNOWING

All Consciousness Matters

"A Dedication to Planet Earth and those Humans awake enough now to know that there is indeed a very, very bright future. Understanding the Seals and finding your ‘Holy Grail’ and allowing them to merge into your heart again will support the transition beyond all notions of expectation. Knowing too that the Planetary rape is coming to an end and that the desecration of Planet Earth’s beautiful riches was indeed never part of the plan and never will be from these days on.

Understanding the Seals and finding your ‘Holy Grail’ and allowing them to merge into your heart again will support the transition beyond all notions of expectation.

'The heart of our Mother has been pierced by Humans, not all, but by those who cannot see themselves or listen to others. There have been plenty of warnings and only a few of have listened and acted in their own small ways.

Now there are NO MORE WARNINGS as pressure is released from the very vessel, which has kept humanity alive. Now our Mother can love us no more for we have forsaken her. She must leave her children now and take only those who feel her pain and truly know her love to a place far, far away - to BEGIN AGAIN'.

Great winds will sweep across her face and clean away the very vestiges of ‘thickness of consciousness’ and so too the blood spilled from her heart. She will repair herself because she can, but all in good time.

She has ‘sacrificed herself’ for her children just as her Human children sacrificed themselves to the Draco, to a point where she is now dying her body in order to replenish her soul and make another ‘body’. Humans are doing the same for they are intrinsically linked to ‘our Mother’s heart’ and every pain and every movement she has within her ‘muscles’, in fact every earthly cell, is felt by Human.

The false meanings Human have ascribed to its life are now irrelevant, it is passed and is no more making any difference. Grand schemes to attain riches will crumble because these schemes are of the ‘temporal mind’ and not of the ' Heart’. Be discerning.

Right now on Planet Earth many are feeling dreadful pain for ‘our Mother’ with many feeling feelings of depression and anxiety because our Mother is depressed and saddened by the ‘thickness of humanity, an inability to hear her call for love and compassion, for what occurs without also occurs within.

Everywhere people and nations have been given wonderful messages from which to positively respond, but mostly to no avail, apart from perhaps less than a few per cent of humanity who have found the courage ‘to journey home’. They have shed material and egoistic needs and bowing down before her, 100% mindful of her fundamental need for love and compassion.

Why continue to identify those of humanity who have not listened, including ‘those of Hope’ who have been misled by their officers into accepting the need to continue to ‘puncture the body of our mother’ in search for more blood. (oil, coal and minerals).

Just as humanity has chosen to ‘kill itself’ with a proliferation of chemicals and medicines designed only to line the pockets of those who are deaf, she bleeds to her final death on the threshold of ‘a new life’. New Earth – Terra Nova is about to be re-born.

She is inviting those who have indeed forsaken themselves, their egos and all material desires, for a new life untainted by consciousness of old. Looking now to the light of love in a far, far distant place, the Mother Earth will once again regain her luminous prominence as a place of Love, Care and Compassion, the very essence of being for all things within all universes.

It is complete cosmic design that she should go this way in order to teach her children the need for love, free of dogma or party to organised belief systems.

As is the fundamental of the human DNA so too the fundamentals of Planet Earth’s DNA; they are the same and deep within lies the memory of the being perfect or the ‘perfect being’.

As these memories arise in both, ancient consciousness issues forth not unlike the ‘blood of our Mother’ (oil), which currently flows. This too is Human blood within which the very extract or essence of creation resides. She has not forgotten her perfection just as humanity has not either. The two are intrinsically linked.

Remember, what occurs within also occurs without. The linkage is beyond ancient and beyond the consciousness of ordinary humanity BUT very much a part of the new ‘Electric Beings’ as they shall be called, a new race arising from the Human – heavenly universal man. These Electric Beings of which you are one will be of pure electric light with little form, but with the combined consciousness’s of all things, with the ability to articulate through vibration; thought, deed and an inner voice, all things to others in all universes and beyond.

You see the heavenly design has given humanity the ability to consciously know, indeed a cosmic rarity. To consciously know puts the new human, the Electric Being at the very front of the wave of consciousness right now sweeping through the Cosmos.

The vibration of the Electric Being and that of the New Earth, the Mother reborn, will touch all things. Together by way of contract they will travel through all universes within pure light and vibration, impervious to species intelligence and free of any constraints of mind.

The Electric Beings become the life mind of The Prime Source, possessing a conscious will to design and create, to dream dreams beyond the limitations of the human mind and have these dreams materialise in the form of electric light. It is heard that this electric light might represent fear in some hearts, for it surely does because it means becoming the designer of all truth, the architect of all love and the builder of all form. It is nothing to be feared but it is now a choice for humans to become the crew and not the cargo!

So to the Cosmos, the journey into a new way of being and interacting with mighty multiverses is about to commence in earnest. The countdown has been going on for years now, minor technical glitches dealt with, her assigned crew in place and renewed consciousness stowed ready to move into a new realm, a realm not visible but entirely felt’."

- An excerpt from The Antares Seals by Scott Mathias

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