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Experience the Ancient Wisdom of Ngangkari Healers

Get ready for an extraordinary experience at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference! We are beyond thrilled to announce that we'll be hosting two incredible Ngangkari traditional healers to offer one-on-one healing sessions to our delegates. This is a rare and exciting opportunity to experience the ancient healing wisdom of the Anangu people.

We will welcome to the stage Dr Clayton Spencer, the Managing Director of SpencerHealth and Lead Support for Ukata Dreaming Tours in Uluru, Northern Territory. With over twenty years of experience, Dr Spencer has worked in complex leadership roles within both public and private organisations, including national positions in emergency medical retrieval.

Dr Clayton Spencer
Dr Clayton Spencer

Clayton will share more about the the Ngangkari way of healing, and introduce us to Cyril McKenzie and another Ngangkari healer, probably one of the Aunties from the local Mutijulu community.

Dr. Spencer has been working closely with traditional Aboriginal healers, the Ngangkari of the Anungu people, and other traditional healers to integrate traditional healing methods into modern healthcare. He leads teams of Ngangkari healers working in hospitals and clinics and is involved with Ukata Dreaming Tours, which offers Ngangkari-led desert camping journeys exploring traditional healing, Emu Dreaming, Aboriginal Astronomy, and Dreamtime storytelling.

Cyril McKenzie, traditional healer
Cyril McKenzie

Cyril McKenzie is an Anungu Ngangkari healer from the Central Desert of Australia, particularly the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands. As a traditional owner of Uluru, he holds many sacred Dreamtime stories, including those of Emu Dreaming. Cyril has been healing since a young age, with his gift passed down from his grandfather. He has travelled extensively to share traditional healing and Dreamtime stories and has provided healing in public hospitals across New South Wales since 2017. In 2021, he established Ukata Dreaming Tours to offer healing experiences on sacred lands in the traditional manner around a campfire. Cyril is a highly respected Ngangkari healer known for his unique contributions to healing and cultural preservation.

Who Are the Ngangkari?

Ngangkari healers

Ngangkari are traditional healers from the remote Western Desert of Central Australia. They possess special powers, known as 'mapanpa,' which allow them to perform hands-on and breath-based healing techniques using the resources of the land. Their knowledge has been passed down through family lines for generations, making them guardians of an ancient and sacred tradition.

Healing for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Ngangkari healers are skilled in addressing a wide range of issues, from physical ailments to emotional and spiritual imbalances. They use their hands to identify and remove blockages or obstructions, often following up with a healing breath treatment. Their ability to see within a person and restore the flow of energy is truly remarkable.

Restoring Balance and Wellbeing

The Ngangkari believe that everyone has a spirit, or 'kurunpa,' which is central to their well-being. Sometimes, this spirit can become displaced or lost, leading to illness or emotional distress. The Ngangkari's role is to rebalance and recentre the person, restoring their spirit to its rightful place and bringing them back to a state of harmony.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Don't miss this rare opportunity to connect with Cyril McKenzie, and one of the local Mutitjulu Ngangkari aunties, and experience their unique healing practices firsthand. Whether you're seeking relief from physical pain, emotional distress, or spiritual disconnection, the Ngangkari can offer guidance and healing. Their gentle, yet powerful, techniques can help you achieve a sense of balance and well-being that is deeply rooted in ancient wisdom.

The next Cosmic Consciousness Conference will be held at Ayers Rock Resort, Uluru from 20-22 December 2024.

Visit for more information.

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