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It's wonderful to see speakers collaborate, to connect and share their work with each other. We recently connected two of our wonderful speakers, Robyn McClendon from Phoenix, Arizona and Scott Mathias from Far North Queensland.

Robyn has dedicated most of her life to seeking and sharing the answers to life's most mystical questions...who are we, where are we and why are we here? In her quest to find answers she studied and worked as an ArchaeoMythologist for the past 30 years teaching at the Smithsonian Institutions and Corcoran Galleries.  She has combined her archeological adventures and knowledge of  historical symbols and icons formulating theoretical research in the areas of human consciousness.

Robyn has regular interviews on her online series " The Way Of Conscious Mindfulness Network" and was keen to interview Scott about his new book The Antares Seals.

It's a fantastic opportunity to see and, most importantly, FEEL, the first Seal - a symbol that activates the heart that acts as a portal to the prime source. As you connect with that symbol into your solar plexus chakra, it stimulates a wonderful flow of energy. Shre'm'isis is about connecting with a new reality within your heart. It resonates at twice the 528hz frequency.

Scott's latest book is his 'coming out' as he relates his experiences as a 'walk-in' and the release of the Twelve Seals he received in 2002 from the species called EL'an from the ancient Antares Planet.

In this interview, Scott shares about his 'walk-in' experience and riveting information about the work of the EL'an on supporting the current planetary frequency upgrade. This will be Scott's first foray into the public realm revealing the truth of his existence and his role in supporting Humans in the remaining days of their 'consciousness deprivation' at the hands of what he refers to as the shadowers and deceivers.

As lightworkers, you will find this interview very en point.

To find out more about both Scott and Robyn at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, click HERE.

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