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Leylines and the Planetary Grid

The Irish called these networks of energy fairy paths, and the Germans called them holy lines. Greeks called them the sacred roads of Hermes. The Chinese called them dragonlines, and the Aborigines call them songlines.

They make up the planetary grid - a vast network of sacred geometry vibrational energy conductors. And where a collection of these lines meet, there is an extremely intense energetic field. Plato called the planetary grid “the ideal body of cosmos.”

Many of these points are in remote places or in the ocean. One of them is Grid Point 44, in the Flinders Ranges, where we took a group of delegates for an incredible trip after the Cosmic Consciousness Conference at Uluru.

Another is Grid Point 45, in the South Pacific Ocean.

The two major grid points are connected by the first leyline Icosahedron 1, and it is no coincidence that the Cosmic Consciousness Conference moved from Uluru to Norfolk Island - a tiny, enchanted island of Lemuria. People living on Norfolk Island felt the wave of energy that we emitted from Uluru at the December solstice in 2020 as we welcomed in the Age of Aquarius.

The Becker-Hagans grid (shown below by the coloured lines) is one piece of evidence that shows how sacred geometry governs the physical universe’s structure. Ley lines and sacred geometry vibrational energy are the patterns of life.

That's why you may feel certain areas seem to emit positive or negative energy. If you live close to one of the key ley lines, you may have become accustomed to the energy flow. There are also Chakra points on the planet, such as Uluru being the solar plexus chakra. Bali is the purification centre for the planet. Some people are sensitive to this energy. And they can draw upon it for creative or healing power. Others may not consciously utilise the energy, but they can often feel it, sometimes dramatically (not attributing the impact of what they are experiencing to the energies).

Spending time near these power sites, especially with intention, gives you the opportunity to 'plug in' to the energy and redirect it within your body for healing, for more connection to source and the universal wisdom. And these sites amplify radiating out love, peace and harmony to humanity and the world.

Icosahedron 1 is the black line (water) representing emotion, psychic and intuitive abilities. This will mean that the intensity of the water qualities can be enhanced and worked on at places along this leyline.

The Icosahedron 1 line has the 12 original points. When these grid point numbers are all added up, they add up to 1. Now, you can't make that sh*t up, as they say!!


Norfolk Island 2-5 May '23

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