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Mystical Norfolk Island

The magick of Norfolk Island speaks to people in many different ways.

Below you'll find a beautiful five-minute video that was put together by JoJo Spark who was a speaker at our 2021 event and will be a facilitator in the upcoming May 'Gathering of the Guardians' event. In September she was here for the Equinox Conference and captured some enchanting photos that show the mystical island through her eyes.

In the video you, will see a remarkable photo of her husband's body separated into two parts, as though he's walking between two dimensions. This was taken at the home of Dids & Gaye Evans. Gaye is a speaker and her husband, Dids, gave cultural tours around his property where he has had all manner of high strangeness. His tour was so popular, he had to repeat it 4 more times to accommodate everyone wanting to do it! He's even seen a mermaid on the beach on his property. Conference co-organiser, Kathryn, also captured an unusual photo at this same place on the same tour.

The photo is of Mick Turner, Conference Co-organiser; Peter Heibloem, a speaker; and his brother Daniel. The three of them appear to have their reflections imprinted on an invisible wall - again is there a dimensional edge right there that we couldn't see there?

Check it out and let us know what you think about these images capturing some type of dimensional shift.

Enjoy the video that JoJo has put together, and especially the original music that accompanies the images produced by Jo herself.

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