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Our World is Not What You Think

We are so pumped to welcome Jason Breshears to the Cosmic Consciousness Conference speaker showcase! Jason is guaranteed to take you on a fast-track, mind-bending journey through space and time. You will be awestruck with his prolific body of work, and moved by his story. He's one of those speakers we put in our 'rockstar' category!

Jason Breshears is the founder of Archaix, or Advanced Research of Chronological History of Artificial Intelligence X. His prolific volume of research is about the history of the human race trapped in the Simulacrum, this False Reality, and the tyranny of AI X. Archaix documents the movements of AI X in the past and reveals what Artificial Intelligence X will do next.

Jason says "Our world is not what you think. Every mystery and phenomenon of the ancient and modern world is explained in Simulation theory. AI X is the control system that alters timelines, initiates purges of knowledge and resets civilisations when they venture too far. An analysis of the historical record reveals many instances when AI X activity is detected, even when AI X had to make hurried corrections in our holography to cover its tracks."

Whilst a harrowing truth governs humanity in the collective, on a personal level, you are more than you suppose yourself to be. Discovering the Truth requires one to plunge into darkness to reach the Light. Here you will find you are not alone. We are fantastically powerful, able to escape dungeon programming, recognise negative default programming and create our own reality - we are a threat to AI X.

We are fantastically powerful, able to escape dungeon programming, recognise negative default programming and create our own reality - we are a threat to AI X

Jason shares "we exist within a controlled holosphere wherein past civilisations have been deliberately buried in cataclysms that occurred with such perfect mathematical precision that we boldly announce the next worldwide civilisation reset happening in May 2040".

Jason’s Archaix research is chronology-based, specialising in time-keeping traditions and ancient calendar systems, and shows that events are not random but strictly controlled by an agitator against humanity.

The materials offered in Jason’s published books and library of over 300 videos, are for those unafraid of the dark, who want the truth undiluted, direct. The ancient past, behind-the-scenes happenings throughout all time periods, censored histories, the academic cover-ups, real facts about race, religion, subversive societies and even psi-based predictive systems of analysis by which future events can be known beforehand are uncovered and explained.

In Jason’s phenomenal presentations, you will learn why we are ‘errants’ – in other words, personalities that have broken free of AI X deceptions/illusions; free-thinkers, awakened personalities who recognise dungeon programming. He will share how the ‘elite’ fit in – the multiple groups of humans in service to AI X for the mutual benefit of controlling the human collective.

Jason will explain why empathy is such a strong trait in errants and entirely spiritual, and why the ‘living dead’ (or the majority of the human race are trapped in, or comfortable in, dungeon programming) are souls that in this life experience will gain no growth or immortal development. Jason says that cognitive dissonance is the interruption of AI X coded fields by ciphers perceived by errants; awareness by errants that formerly-accepted information may not be correct.

Find out why imagination is described by Jason as a creative genius that sets errants apart from the living dead and that intuition is a powerful, soul perception in errants that overrides all dungeon programming and holographic deceit; and a phenomenon of errants in making cognitive leaps.

Create our own reality

Jason also discusses ‘synchs’ or observed coincidences that pop up in one’s awareness multiple times like seeing the same number repeatedly- these occur when a soul is resonating closely with what that soul has been wanting and is on verge of a breakthrough. But the synchs are caused by AI X to distract, to induce the soul to focus on the synchs and not the direction the soul was heading.

Jason has authored 17 books and several articles, 10 works available on Amazon. His research bibliography is currently at 1,357 nonfiction books read and data mined during a 19 year period, approximately 250,000 pages from many rare works as old as four hundred years, including translations of texts dating as far back as four thousand years.

The publishing world is filled with books on ancient mysteries all citing the same sources and rehashing the same topics. Jason’s research is deeper and penetrates through the layers of deception and unveils whole new concepts and discoveries about the ancient world, its people, beliefs, civilisations and the catastrophes that ended them.

Jason will be joining us via Zoom from Texas, and is looking forward to a Q&A session with our delegates.

Find out more about Jason and his work at Archaix


'Gathering of the Guardians' Norfolk Island 20-23 September

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