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Profound Awakening Energy

As the corridor of light opens above Uluru, it will bring monumental proportions of transformation, according to Christine Day in her recent interview with Alexis Brooks on Higher Journeys.


Christine talks about how coming to the Cosmic Consciousness Conference will be life-changing for her and everyone else attending. In this very healing, and revealing interview, Christine discusses the new dawning energy 2020 brings – and especially the corridor of light that will open above Uluru. She says it will bring monumental proportions of transformation.

"The revelations of light coming onto the planet a high frequency of God-consciousness light that has not entered the earth plane before. This high frequency of light is going to open up a new consciousness, a new collective consciousness, for mankind and especially for those of us are awake" she told Alexis. It will mean that the magnetic core of the earth is going to expand, and carry a much higher energetic pulse.

Christine says that this high frequency of divine light coming on to the planet for our awakening, is not only going to awaken the planet it's going to unearth a hidden density, unveil much chaos and create a lot of that drama to accelerate even further. This necessary chaos is written in the destiny of the transition of Earth as we move into a new era, a new phase of the dawning energy. That heavy density will have no choice but to leave this Earth plane, and the Earth will move into another level of its transition.

The pulse on earth will shift at such a rate at 2020 and shift to such a level that earth is going to start resonating for the first time at that higher level of resonance with the rest of the resonant universe for the very first time ever. This puts us in direct alignment for communion with the Galactic community and this is going to be profound changing element in the awakening for those of us on the path.

Christine shares how to stabilise our heart space so that our heart cells will actually be resonating at the same rate as the earth - the God consciousness state will be accelerating because planet Earth is finally transforming and aligning. She says it's the last planet in our resonant universe to do this and it will take place in 2020.

You will also hear as she talks about the instrumental role of the Pleiadians bringing in Uluru and their caves at the base of Uluru, and the destiny energy connected to this Saturn-Pluto conjunction. She shares about why she was directed to come to the Cosmic Consciousness Conference and how it will impact herself and others by being there and that it will be a life changing Conference.

Listen in to this enlightening interview on Higher Journeys.

.Find out more about Christine Day at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference >> Click Here

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