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Synchronicity and the Universe

There are countless worlds beyond the one in which we work and love and live and breathe. These are worlds of spirit, and they are woven throughout our lives, linking us to each other and helping us understand ourselves ... if we know how to listen.

Turtle Journey: Synchronicity and the Universe, author Cynthya Poppewell's latest book, is fresh and compelling. It's an intimate novel, tracing a journey through the life of Stella, who in this incarnation possesses a sacred spiritual consciousness that touches every moment of her physical life with glory—but only if her heart is open to its song.

This is a textbook for so many of us. Stella is born a special child. She soon realises not everyone shares her experiences, but the universe brings her kindred souls whenever the need is clear. But then life takes over—new cities, work, a husband, a home, a child—and Stella one day notices that the spirits who stood by her side in childhood have faded away.

She finds herself with a choice: continue on and let it fade or open herself once again to the Divine Plan, to the unfathomably large universe of existence beyond our Earth. This, to Stella, is no choice at all. Stella's spiritual reawakening touches us all, regardless of where we are on this mortal coil.

When we grow, and learn, and weave our own sacred journeys, we walk the path of our spirit guides, who are with us, always, simply waiting for us to let them in.

This 16 minute interview gives a wonderful insight into the premise of the book and a guide for living our lives from the space of the heart.

Turtle Journey's author, Cynthya, is a passionate healer and lightworker. The great awakening or, as she reminds us is really a "reawakening to the interconnectedness throughout the dimensions. ALL THAT IS embodied within each and every Human Being".

Cynthya shares "Understanding the weave of my own Sacred Journey and sharing how each intricate thread synapses with the other to become part of the whole". And indeed, in sharing her story, or one strand of this incarnation, weaves with you all.

You''ll relate when she says "I am a holder of light and my passion is for world peace. This will be possible when the power of LOVE exceeds the love of POWER. As a Light Worker, I have been inquisitive and attached to the Metaphysical Realm since my earliest memories. Streaming from a long line of gypsies, seers, healers and loving parents I have evolved always knowing that there is more to this world."

Cynthya has a spiritual connection to Egypt and runs tours to Egypt. She's an angel intuitive, crystal worker, oil therapist, German New Medicine practitioner and a HeartMath Certified Trainer. She facilitates sacred healings working with beings of the Light.

Cynthya has authored three other books -- Crystals in the Wall; Soul Reunion; and Awakening the Sleeper Within.

We are honoured and excited to have Cynthya bring her wealth of wisdom and experience to the Cosmic Consciousness Conference in December as an exhibitor.

The Cosmic Consciousness Conference is being held at Uluru from 19-22 December 2020.

To find out more visit

To find out more about Cynthya, visit her website

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