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The Guardians are Gathering

On this ancient rock in the South Pacific, a Lemurian Crystalline City of Light, a group of guardians are about to gather for the Spring Equinox.

It's TIME to activate the individual and collective soul memory of the ancient Lemurian race and programme your crystalline body, bringing humanity closer and closer to the apex of resonance – the purification process shedding away and stripping back to what’s important and necessary.

The potent dynamic of earthlight guardians together can fulfill our collective human destiny which is coded within us. And what an epic journey it will be. There is so much planned, we're super excited about the potency of what is about to occur. And whether you're here with us on island, or not - there's plenty you can do to join in and escalate humanity's healing and reclaiming our sovereignty.

We will hear from enlightening, passionate and profound speakers who will blow our minds, open our hearts and provide unbelievable energetic expansions. In a way we've never done before, we will be out 'in the field' visiting sacred sites, portals and energetic hotspots. We'll be doing a spirit breathwork healing on one of the island's ancient energy centres, group meditations, clearing ancient traumas, sound and light healings and so much more.

Of course, all of this will lead up to the powerful ceremony held during the Equinox, where we'll be joined by indigenous New Earth mothers and their sacred soundings, including one of our favourite elders, Aunty Nellie Patterson, who so many of you had the pleasure of meeting at Uluru.

And as always, we do have time for fun, lots of laughter, prize giveaways, good food and plenty of bonding and heart-connections. We're ending off the 4 days with an Enchanted Evening to celebrate all the love, healing, and transformation that will have occurred.

For everyone who can't be here with us, we'll ask you to join in and escalate humanity's healing and untethering from the false light, false symbols and false energetics that have been imprisoning us for eons. Remember what we did at Uluru for the December solstice in 2020? This time we will be sending the energy, more focussed than ever before, from the most eastern part of Australia, back down the leyline to Uluru and beyond.

We'll send out more information in an email over the next few days so you can gather friends and be a part of this Equinox healing.

There's just a few remaining spots at the Conference and not many seats on the flights, but if you do feel called to be a part of the 'Lemurian Uprising', then act now and check out the website

19-23 September, Norfolk Island

Cosmic Consciousness Conference

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