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What You Do Now is Essential - No one's Role is Too Small

We are in the midst of the biggest battle of our lives - a fight for consciousness. The enemy is the cabalist world governments. Their weapons are mind control, biotechnology, and mainstream media programming. This is a war against humanity and our basic human rights. However, anyone who has been following us and either reading our emails or attending our conferences, knows that we have been preparing for this societal reset for many years now. Of course, we sat in the Conference room together over the 12/13 January Saturn/Pluto conjunction. We knew the societal reset was coming. That day we learnt that Harry and Meghan announced their plan to leave the Royal Family. Little did we imagine that a ‘virus’ would bring the world to a shutdown and the reset would happen so rapidly. Little did we imagine our freedoms would be ripped away so easily.

Image: SkyNews - Police enforcing 'social distancing' controls

We must remind ourselves we’ve been wanting things to crumble so better things can take their place. We must remember that we chose to be here at this time. It is our time to shine. We must reassure each other that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the wayshowers, the light warriors, the healers, all here to be a beacon and help others who are not as prepared as us. Some are awakening rapidly and need our help. We have been coming back for millennia, we have been though other cosmic battles. Our experience, our wisdom, our grace and trust is what we need to dig deep into to navigate our way out of this. The video from the Cosmic Agency below gives a very good wrap-up of our situation and the action needed moving forward. It’s important to listen to, as it is vital that we all get on the same page together. Never before in our history has it been more vital that we use our group heart to co-create our future and take humanity into the golden age. We can’t sit back and be complacent. Swaruu D´Jedi, Taygeta, Pleiades channels:

“What you do now is absolutely essential - no one's role is too small.

Do not look to the leaders. If you wish take control of your lives with responsibility you must now take courage. Take on your responsibilities as creators that you are - it is time to grow, take responsibility for yourselves, for your world it is your world.

You must be very clear about what you want and focus on working towards it.

Remember the dominant frequency principle - it is where a stronger frequency or wave will dominate over the less strong ones making them more of the same. So a person somewhere like in Ohio, USA is suffocated by those waves by that collective alternate reality in which he is immersed you will need to connect more with positive hopeful people and pay less attention to what is outside, even if there is shooting outside your window. It is the time when he must be the strongest he has ever been and this goes for many other souls or people in his state or condition. That's what he went to earth for - to be an antenna.

You will have to face your fears. See what is going on outside and know that in spite of everything you will be fine. Do not ignore it, but transcend and integrate the evil that you see and transform it into a clear focus to know what you clearly want. Fear paralyses and only focuses the creative and manifests negative potential. Don't be an ostrich, be a Jedi - even if you feel alone, even if you perceive yourself to be this is not. This is not the time for the humanity to enter a state of victimhood. Let it be understood that only with what you think, having clarity about what you want, do you unite with others who want the same and you change reality towards something positive the feeling of helplessness that they can't do anything is just an illusion.”

Yes, these are monumental times to be alive. And we are leading the way through a phenomenal shift in consciousness. However life here is still hovering in the lower densities. It currently remains toxic, confusing and dangerous to the extent that if it continued, we could risk the evolution into the new Golden Age of Cosmic Consciousness.

There is a sense of urgency now.

For the future viability of humanity and a successful co-creative harmony for all life on Earth, this great cleansing is necessary to secure the future of life on a 5D Earth. We are in the Regenesis phase. A collapse mechanism of the old reality is rapidly taking place. As you know, it is not expected or even necessary that all humans will embrace it. Many will strive and struggle to hold on to the old reality and to be oblivious to an ascending vision. Sadly, we need to let them go. There is no need to allow this unconsciousness to drag the rest of us down with it. We must utilise all of our energy to focus on the abundance of evolving, ascending life that is greatly looking forwards to the new harmonics.

What you do on a personal level, impacts the whole. Let's say that again - what you do on a personal level, impacts the whole. What you are clinging onto, what remains unhealed, unresolved and unloved, maintains the toxicity of the environment we share. On the other hand, what you let go of, what you heal, what you focus on to keep your vibration high, aids in the cleansing and healing of the collective and increases the integrity of our evolution.

Every individual can utilise the pain the current situation is bringing up as an opportunity to heal. Whether it is the anger over our civil liberties being taken away; fear of the control mechanisms being brutally forced upon us; powerless and helplessness at feeling our hands are tied; or any other negative emotion. This is the time to heal your wounds, your pain and in so doing, creating healing across the collective consciousness. Just as Gaia feels the distress of her animal and human inhabitants, she feels the healing of those creatures too. Now Gaia is feeling less pollution in her skies, in her oceans. If we see ourselves as the cells of a single organism, we can help to transmute and heal by taking this time to work on ourselves as a priority. Gaia has been waiting for her human souls to join the movement. Our consciousness is being expanded by confronting our deepest fears, which is both a terrifying and shattering experience. However, a crisis is often the only way that people expand and grow. This is the Regenesis that started on 12 January 2020. You had been asked to do the inner work to make the transition as easy and smooth as possible before we move into the next phase -the Gateway, or Age of Aquarius, commencing on 21 December 2020.

As life passes through this Gateway, we will be uprooted from the lower densities and shifted into the cosmic consciousness where we will experience our ascension in a light and love filled reality. Imagine the new, healed incredible liberation. Feel the deep peace and rejuvenation that total healing brings.

We know the promise of a New Earth as a magical place to be. It is a place of indescribable harmony, joy and inter connection, where all life is respected and cherished. We live in alignment with the divine, with our purpose. And it’s important that we live that way now. It will look and feel different across the scope of limitations. Some are going within, time to heal, meditate, fast and re-connect to their soul. Many are taking time to reconnect with their creativity, or tending to their gardens, enjoy more simple pleasures with their children and family without materialistic pursuits and consumerism. Others are venturing out into a world they have shunned for a long time. They are exploring the cleaner waters, the fresher air, the beauty of nature. Nurtured by the friendliness of people in fewer numbers and gratitude for things previously taken for granted, life for many has never felt slower, more free and less pressured. In whichever way you attune to the flow, you will feel the difference as you breakthrough and then move through the change in the most uplifting and empowering method, allowing your your new self to emerge. Seize this opportunity for the healing that your soul is urging you to do. Open your cosmic eyes and invest in the exploration of your higher self. It is imperative. The time is here. The time is NOW. A bright future does await.

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