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More about our speakers

Finding more about the incredible lineup of speakers at the Cosmic Consciousness?  Click on their names to read more.  In alphabetical order, our speakers are:

Dr Bryan Ardis
Carrie-Anne Fields & Chris Bygraves

David Gadfly
Robert Jameson 
Andrew Lewis
Fabiene Lui
Cyril McKenzie

Vaughan Nicol
Eesha Patel
Rufus Rogey
Judy Satori
Elise & Tim - Source 88
Dr Clayton Spencer

Steven & Evan Strong
Joanna Walden

Judy Satori - Lightworker, Energy Healer, Light Language Activator

Using the Wisdom of Dragon Consciousness

Judy is an author, facilitator, and spiritual teacher who has gained world-wide recognition throughout the world for her life-changing work in energy healing and light languages.


Her mission is to energetically upgrade people during the Ascension process on Earth so they can complete their own purpose and carry out their divine destiny.


Judy uses energy words, often referred to as light language, when speaking.


The human DNA template and cells are energetically affected by these divinely crafted sound and light frequencies, which awaken previously latent human DNA potential.


Judy will provide an opportunity for you to experience the alchemy and magic of the Illuminated Dragons! Imagine being able to work directly with 22 Illuminated Dragons, potent catalysts for human growth and ascension. Judy will provide conference delegates with this unique opportunity to experience the alchemy and enchantment of the Illuminated Dragons. By constructing a rainbow bridge between Divine/God and humanity, these high master instructors from other realms are providing a means of quick elevation and enlightenment.


In particular, Judy has been working with three dragons who are creating a trinity foundational energy template for our new beginning.


This pyramidal effect will bring into being a new result within our DNA, cells, energy circuitry of our body, and our energy field, which is more expanded than before as these three dragons are bringing through the energy in unison.


This trinity is building the foundation for the advancement of humanity. And where better to do this than among the trinity of tors of Uluru, Kata Tjuta, and Mt Conner (Attila) to meet Judy and the dragons directly and be among the lucky few to go through this incredible healing adventure!

Judy has more than 20 years of expertise, and what sets her apart from the rest is her capacity to send forth strong light codes and frequencies that promote rapid spiritual development and profound healing. Thousands of people have been impacted by her work, which has helped them on their journey to increased awareness and greater consciousness.


Join us as Judy shares her profound wisdom, offering insights and tools to help you unlock your true potential and embrace a life of joy, abundance, and spiritual fulfillment.


Robert Jameson - Author, Researcher, Leyline Expert

Ancient Wisdom Embedded in the Earth's Energetic Landscape

In 1993, while in the Philippines, Robert Jameson had a pivotal encounter with a woman named Vergie. After a conversation that left her hurt by his scepticism about her religious beliefs, Robert experienced a profound moment of introspection. He pondered whether humans might be part of a larger cosmic scheme, akin to being elements in the reproductive system of a divine creator. This intriguing concept, initially bizarre, gradually took hold of his imagination.

Despite his challenges with dyslexia, Robert's fascination with this idea propelled him into the world of writing. With the advent of text-to-speech software and spell-checkers in the mid-1990s, he found the tools to express his thoughts. Over the years, this initial spark of inspiration has culminated in the publication of six books, centered around what he terms the "God Gametes Theory." This theory explores the notion that human consciousness, or the soul, might serve as a reproductive cell for a creator entity.

As Robert delved deeper into the mysteries of the universe and the interconnectedness of all things, his research led him to the study of leylines. These are believed to be invisible lines of energy that connect sacred and significant sites across the globe. His exploration of leylines has further expanded his understanding of the cosmic web, bridging the gap between his original concept of the God Gametes Theory and the ancient wisdom embedded in the Earth's energetic landscape.

In addition to his literary achievements, Robert has emerged as one of Australia's leading experts on leylines, further enriching his contributions to the fields of spirituality and metaphysics.

Robert Jameson

David Gladfly - Cross Pollinator of the Science Cosmos with the Spiritual Cosmos

Awakening Your Cosmic Crystal Antenna: Harnessing Solar Energies for Enhanced Intuition and Psychic Awareness

David's presentation offers a captivating exploration of the interplay between cosmic phenomena and human consciousness. He delves into the intriguing concept of the "Solar Song" - the idea that solar activity, such as solar storms and flares, communicates with us on a subconscious level, modulating our intuitive emotions much like a cosmic radio broadcast. David explains how these electromagnetic disturbances can impact our behavior without our conscious awareness.

He further illuminates the experiences of lightworkers who, through meditation and biofeedback, have honed their ability to tune into these cosmic energies. They can "hear" and "see" the solar song, experiencing vivid colors and lights during meditation, which is indicative of their third eye awakening. This connection to the cosmos, according to David, is akin to a spiritual communication channel, where energy is both received and transmitted, often referred to as praying. He will demonstrate how we can tune in using our own cosmic antenna for increased intuition and psychic awareness, highlighting the experiences of lightworkers who connect with these energies through meditation.

David also touches on the scientific side, explaining how solar flares can affect the Earth's ionosphere within minutes of their eruption, demonstrating our immediate connection to the cosmos. He posits that this cosmic connection influences not only humans but animals as well, with solar activity modulating behaviour across species. 

In essence, David's presentation bridges the gap between science and spirituality, suggesting that we are far more connected to the cosmos than we might realize, and that this connection can have profound effects on our inner lives and behaviours.

David Gadfly
Fabiene Lui

Fabiene Lui - Intuitive Healer, Light Language Activator

Awakening the Wisdom of the Ancestors

The remembrance of our ancestors is not just of our physical lineage. The journey of the ancestors is a three layered experience through the elemental body, the maternal/paternal lineages, and our cosmic inheritance/remembrance. Every living being that has since crossed the death portal and returned its physical body to Gaia continues to nourish and support us in elemental form.


The foundational exploration through elemental wisdom enables us to connect deeper into our inner perspective of our form, function, flow and freedom. The self realisation through the elements then arises in the maternal & paternal lineages where we deepen into the energetic relationships. There we will find a deep well of untapped power, wisdom and support available to us. As we rise up further into the etheric state of Spirit, we open up to our cosmic mastery as we remember our multidimensional soul.

This sacred circle workshop at Uluru where the seeds of humanity first sprung will be so congruent to deeply remember why we are here and how we are resourcing ourselves to create the New Earth.  Experience the potency of Fabiene's workshop to utilise the tools she offers to embody your Divine Truth and explore the harmonics of your soul to create a life powered by the music of your heart, the flow of your inner dance, and the poetry of your voice. 

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