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A little help birthing a new reality

Like many of you, we love using the violet flame. It is the highest vibrational energy and a powerful ray that possesses seemingly magical transmutation abilities. It's also synonymous with the twin flame relationship and has healing energy. At this time, it may well be one of the best tools in our spiritual toolbox to utilise as we birth ourselves into this new reality.

When this magical flame engulfs you, negative heavy vibrations are transmuted into their opposite, becoming lighter, higher and positive. The violet flame affects not only your body, but your environment around you.

Violet flame meditation holds great magic within and when you use it, with your twin flame, or a group, you can create miracles. Importantly, it's a blessing not only for a single entity but for the entire society.

In this meditation below, the violet flame is coupled with the power of the spoken word. And the language in this video, scripted by Steve Noble, provide the perfect set of affirmations to use at this time when there is so much dark, negative energy to transmute. Humanity is under attack and it feels we are out of balance. Spending time daily to focus on what we choose is one way that we can each help to restore balance. Having aids like these affirmations can be really useful.

Potent declarations

Steve commences the meditation by saying:

"This ultra-violet fire is a force of transformation in this ascending world. I sweep clean all energies that are not mine. Dissolving and releasing all lower emotional energy such as anger, grief, guilt or fear that does not belong to me. Dissolving and releasing all conflict or drama or pain that does not belong to me. "

Meditations like this one done regularly help to clear the energy for us all. This could be made even more effective by recording the script in your own voice and playing it as you drift off to sleep (Steve includes the entire script in his comments section). Your brain identifies with your own voice and suggestions are taken into your subconscious more quickly. It has been found that the thoughts that we take into our sleep magnify hundreds, possibly thousands of times, throughout the night. Not only does this meditation bring in the violet flame to liberate all beings calling for freedom in this world, it banishes all lower vibrations in the physical body and illness programming. This ultra-violet fire clears all harmful micro-organisms, all harmful bugs and viruses, chemicals and microchips inserted against your will. Importantly, it covers all timelines, all dimensions and all entry points into the dreamtime closing all access points to lower dimensional spaces, whilst maintaining access all higher dimensional spaces.

You will also clear the residue of any lower vibrational rituals from any lifetime, including curses and spells involving sexual or black magic and releasing all predatory beings. It even covers transmuting negative connections with social media platforms, which is important at the time when social media is so heavy and dark and infested with negative frequencies.

Using this will also interrupt all harmful electromagnetic waves and interrupt invasive surveillance systems.

You are here to birth the new reality

This is a potent declaration, attesting yourself as a free sovereign being and stating that your energy is sacred and sacrosanct. A reminder that you are here to weave angelic light.

A reminder that you have chosen to be here at this time to birth a new reality, a reality of higher light, higher consciousness, and higher potential.

Enjoy this meditation, and repeat often!

The Cosmic Consciousness Conference will be held at Uluru in December at the time of the Solstice as we enter the new Age of Aquarius and is focussed on keeping humanity on the ascension pathway. Find out more at

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