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A Taste of Chef Pete Evans at Uluru

We are super excited to announce that Pete Evans is the latest speaker to be announced in our dynamic speaker showcase for the 'Gateway' Cosmic Consciousness Conference in December at Uluru.

Most of you need no introduction to Pete Evans. He is an internationally renowned celebrity chef​. Pete's passion for healing through food has inspired millions across the world. He's also one of the most woke people in the mainstream media, which has caused him to become the target of unprecedented MSM bullying and harassment.

Synchonistically, on the day after Pete agreed to be a part of the Conference, we were at the Sydney 'Millions March - A Stand for Freedom' at Hyde Park with some of our Tribe. Even though Pete Evans wasn't at the March, the Daily Mail attacked him for supporting it. Alongside the photograph of Pete, was a photo of two of our friends, Pete and Lu! We took that as a good sign!

Pete's recent interview on 60 Minutes Australia was was edited down in the attempt to pigeon-hole him as a conspiracy theorist. Yet, his full 90 minute interview - which he aired in its entirety on his YouTube channel - has had almost 250,000 views. In that interview he revealed the beginning of his journey reading one of Anthony Robbins' books 'Unlimited Power', that led him down a path of self-awareness and empowerment. That different way of looking at life made him question why he hadn't learnt it at school. He discovered the limiting core beliefs that hold us all back. New tools such as power breathing, meditation and so much more became a part of Pete's lifestyle.

As his career as a chef, restaurateur and television star grew over the decades since he first read that book, so did his deepening path of soul awakening and awareness. Many watching him on TV would not have been aware of his more spiritual side. Fully free now from his contractual obligations, we see a man who is shining and his star rising.

Clearly, he is threatening the mainstream narrative. As the Guardian Newspaper pointed out recently: 'Evans' social media platforms have a massive, global reach and include a Facebook page that has more followers than a lot of mainstream news organisations, a podcast and a role in the controversial Netflix documentary 'The Magic Pill'. Another documentary on cannabis is in the pipeline."

Pete's own podcast channel, 'Evolve' boasts interviews with experts in the area of healing body, mind and spirit. A recent interview was with one of our favourite doctors, Dr Rashid Buttar, who has become a popular sharer of the truth about the Covid-19 deception. 

Pete has become a beacon of light to his rapidly-growing fanbase. To see an Australian television household name use his celebrity to help awaken the masses, makes him immensely appealing to the woke community. At this time of the mass awakening, the great unveiling, Pete is certainly playing his role and following his heart and soul, and fulfilling his mission on this earthly plane.

To see his interview with Dr Buttar >> Click HERE

To see his full length 60 Minutes Interview >> Click HERE

Pete Evans will be speaking at the next Cosmic Consciousness Conference in Uluru 20-22 December 2020. Find out more at

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