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Do You Have a Plan B?

From the Facebook Page of Mark Godbeer, MindFreeway

The major platforms are ramping up their censorship of free speech. [Recently] two of my friends had their Facebook accounts temporarily deactivated. I have others whose pages with hundreds of followers have been deleted.

You don't even have to post or share something, as just commenting on someone else's post could be enough to get you banned, eg don't mention the name of the whistle blower.

You have also been profiled by Facebook based on the groups you have joined or engage in and membership of undesirable groups can also affect your posts reach (much like China's social credit system).

If you are using Facebook as your primary business building strategy you need to be super careful about what you post even in private messages to friends. Once your account has been banned even if it's reactivated. You might have to spend a week or two in "FB jail " where you can read but not post.

You will then find that your posts get little or no exposure (they won't show up on feeds this is referred to as shadow-banning), and the share button may be removed.

One thing you can do is start to develop a mailing list so you can use email to keep in touch with your followers, however be careful which platform you use. And back up the names locally regularly.

Mailchimp is also deleting and removing accounts. And you could lose access to your names database if it's in Mailchimp and not backed up.

If you do decide to move to another platform you may also need to get a VPN as access to some platforms have already been blocked in Australia and I'm sure others will soon follow.

We are living in interesting times. More people are waking up to the fact that our news and the major social media platforms mostly contain lies designed to keep us in a constant state of fear and stress that has the effect of creating sickness and disease in our bodies.

For me it's having the positive effect that I spend much less time on [social media].

Note from Conference Organisers

As Mark Godbeer mentioned above, we both had our Facebook accounts deactivated a few days ago. Without warning or any communication, and within about an hour of each other, both accounts were gone. 11 years of memories, and links to hundreds of articles about research on healing cancer naturally, 5G and other information was all gone. There was no chance to back it up, we were relegated to the 'Facebook User' category as if we never existed. Friends in groups saw us as grey placeholders and our comments were deleted and replaced with a message that our accounts were suspicious.

We lost our access to the various groups and pages that we run. Five years worth of conference posts, contacts, links and information disappeared.

And worst of all, we lost the ability to interact with our beautiful community.

In short, it was a blow. We hadn't realised how much this social platform has woven its way into our lives. Love it or hate it, Facebook has connected us with so many kindred spirits. It has been a big lesson. We had created MeWe accounts but hadn't been overly active. Now we will foster relationships on that platform as well.

Thankfully, Kathryn's account is back, and only because of news on the grapevine via our community, did we discover so. Obviously this is a warning that sharing truths about some sensitive topics are not tolerated. Mick's account is still deactivated. Luckily he has an original account he can continue to use.

They will eventually disband us all and separate the naughty children who continue to expose the hidden agendas. Facebook will become a platform where only those who live a lie or post benign fluff will be able to stay. This is a wake up for us all to find alternatives so we can still stay in touch after they pull the plug and separate us for good.

We should not be censored. We should not be monitored. We should not be punished.

“Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love. In a modern economy it is impossible to seal oneself off from injustice.

If we have brains or courage, then we are blessed and called on not to frit these qualities away, standing agape at the ideas of others, winning pissing contests, improving the efficiencies of the neocorporate state, or immersing ourselves in obscuranta, but rather to prove the vigor of our talents against the strongest opponents of love we can find.

If we can only live once, then let it be a daring adventure that draws on all our powers. Let it be with similar types whose hearts and heads we may be proud of. Let our grandchildren delight to find the start of our stories in their ears but the endings all around in their wandering eyes.

The whole universe or the structure that perceives it is a worthy opponent, but try as I may I can not escape the sound of suffering.

Perhaps as an old man I will take great comfort in pottering around in a lab and gently talking to students in the summer evening and will accept suffering with insouciance. But not now; men in their prime, if they have convictions, are tasked to act on them.”

- Julian Assange

We invite you to join us on MeWe:

Mick >> HERE Kathryn >> HERE

Cosmic Consciousness Events Tribe (Group for delegates only)

Raising Consciousness General Group (Open to spiritual truthseekers)

Cosmic Consciousness page >> HERE

Let's get this new platform jumping - come and use the groups, make them your own and create an online space where we feel safe and free.

Discover more about alternatives to all Google products : CLICK HERE

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