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Is Uluru Calling You?

Barry Eaton, one of Australia's favourite broadcasters, is our MC at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference. After a career in mainstream media, Barry has now been running a popular alternative radio show 'Radio Out There' for many years. He explains why Uluru is such an important place to be in January 2020 in this video which contains special drone footage over the majestic monolith.

Barry says:

" I’m Barry Eaton, MC for Australia’s most respected consciousness event, the Cosmic Consciousness Conference. Join me in January 2020 at Uluru, Australia’s spiritual heartland.

For those of you who don’t know, Uluru is an iconic sacred site and the solar plexus chakra of the world. In January there will be a rare astrological event that makes this place the centre of a societal reset and great transformation. The indigenous say this is a time to complete a ritual that commenced at creation time, a time that will see a cosmic umbilical cord connect heaven and earth.

This is a time to create cosmic consciousness, ascension, to move into a garden of Eden – call it what you will, but there is no better excuse to visit Uluru and tick it off your bucket list!

The activities out at Uluru kick off with an exclusive pre-conference tour, travelling from Ayers Rock Resort to Curtin Springs for an overnight adventure, including a twilight meditation beside a crystalline salt lake overlooking Attila aka Mt Conner followed by a skywatch in middle of nowhere under the Milky Way. The following morning visit the sacred site of Cave Hill, where rock art depicting the story of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades is depicted, estimated to be more than 22,000 years old.

Organisers near Cave Hill, SA

On the night of a lunar eclipse, 10 January, we have a special event to launch the Conference. In Anangu culture, the art of dance is reserved for a very small number of special events and is therefore rarely seen.

Inma dancers at the 2019 Cosmic Consciousness Conference

During the performance, senior Anangu men and women share their traditional song and dance - or Inma. Every move and sound is rich with ancient meaning. Clapping sticks create an infectious rhythm accented by the chanting of traditional song. Ochre-painted bodies dance towards the crowd, bringing ancient stories to life. Together with bush-food canapes and a chance to meet and greet the speakers, this will be a fantastic opportunity to get to mingle with like-minded new friends and get ready for a transformational 3 days!

Of course, the main event is the 3 days of the conference, held in the middle of the Ayers Rock Resort at the Tjungu (Chungu) ballroom. With speakers and an audience coming from across the world, this is an amazing opportunity to sit shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart with some of the most awakened people on the planet.

Speakers include myself, Christine Day, Mary Rodwell, Martin Kenny, Dr Lui Turi, Rebecca Hardcastle, Tracey Ash and more. Workshops, talks, meditations, sumptuous dining, and amazing connections are all part of the package, as well as personal and planetary healing and transformation.

And things don’t end there!

The following day after the Conference there will be optional one day workshops so that you can go deeper with the speakers that resonate with you and dive into an even deeper understanding of their healing work. Of course, many use this day as a day to visit Kata Tjuta, the other half of this dual sacred site – a place that for many is even more magical and mystical than Uluru. Or perhaps you’d prefer just to sip cocktails as you laze by the many pools in the Resort and let the learnings assimilate.

The organisers have also put together a bespoke expedition after the workshop day. This involves an outback adventure from Uluru, travelling by Mercedez Spritz with a tour guide via Coober Pedy and Woomera and finally to Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Rangers. Take in trips to the centre of the vortex at Grid Point 44, sacred sites, skywatches from St Mary's lookout overlooking the Wilpena Pound crater, meditations and workshops about the significance of this high-energy power site.

Wilpena Pound, St Mary's Peak and Grid Point 44 location

This vortex point is the place where there is a convergence of several Earth grid lines. There are not many places where these significant grid points are on land. High strangeness, UFO sightings, and other phenomenon occurs in this area. At Sacred Canyon there are petroglyphs that pre-date aboriginal activity in the area. This will be a magical experience, full of unknown adventures and discoveries.

So, what are you waiting for? Be part of this EPIC event – January 2020 – I’ll see you there!" Find out more about the Cosmic Consciousness Conference

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