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Lionsgate Lesson - The Power of Love Wins over Dark Forces

By Kathryn Hand, Conference Organiser

In the early hours of 8 August 2017, Lionsgate, I hovered at the threshold of death. While my loved ones gathered around the bed feeling me slipping away, I had total clarity and could see more than I ever had before. Most importantly, I was able to instruct my partner, Mick, to help me stay in this realm and he literally saved my life.

Mick had started recording on his phone what he thought would be my final words. It’s chilling to hear a part of the audio as I am close to death, my voice so weak it is almost inaudible at times.

I saw Mick, not as a physical form, but as a clear vessel filled with gold liquid. I could sense his every emotion. When he was making decisions from his heart, when he was communicating with my heart, that gold would rise. As soon as his head-logic kicked in, the gold would drain. He was battling with his own need to call an ambulance for me, and I was adamant I didn’t want one. It was important that he choose my needs over his. It was a part of my lesson, and a test for us both.

In the recording you can hear Mick call my parents, asking them to come over. He is questioning me about blood pressure and symptoms which all seemed so irrelevant. I had awoken in the early hours of the morning with a sense of having been involved in a dark battle – maybe the battle of life and death.

Mick continues saying, “This is a bit scary, I don’t know what your blood pressure is, you feel cold, your hands are cold”. He had sat holding the hand of his mother only weeks before as she transitioned through death and couldn’t believe he was now holding my hand experiencing the same thing with me.

Attack from dark forces

“I had lots of attack”, I barely get the words out.

“Really? Tell me about that?” Mick asks.

I continue on “I had eels in me, I felt like armies of black things marching through me … I could see how every single thought creates everything and changes everything”.

The pauses have been edited from the recording, but I start to describe where I am.

“All I’m doing is – I’m on a spiritual plane and I can see the outcome of the lesson in this second – in this second” I seem to repeat it for emphasis, as if to underline how extremely important it is. The power of NOW!

My son, Tazleme, was just nine years old at the time. A wise old soul at the best of times, he’d been sitting on the bed with his hand on my tummy. He had temporarily turned into a wise master and told me about the stages of ascension. I realised that he was telling me that I had a choice to stay or leave.

There is an inaudible section in the recording, but I can be heard telling Mick “Tazleme told you the story, he told me how to survive and now I‘m telling you”.

Close to Death

I was in more of a tube than a tunnel, vertically upright. I was describing my ascent up this tube towards the end where I could see a bubble.

The bubble that I’m going into is so beautiful, like floating on a cloud … I can see the veil, it’s as thin as a sheet of ice, it’s that close.

By now my voice is very weak and I am saying to Mick “How wonderful, the bubble that I’m going into is so beautiful, like floating on a cloud … I can see the veil, it’s as thin as a sheet of ice, it’s that close [inaudible].”

At this point I realised that I did have a choice. This was the lesson I was learning over and over– that we have so much choice – our will is everything. And that it was MY choice that mattered, I had a right to not only ask, but demand my needs. The outcome didn’t matter, but I had to voice them.

With such clarity, I could see Mick’s gold energy as my own. I saw us as one vessel with gold that flowed between us like a gel capsule. Two halves making one, sharing the same life force. I guided him to keep my life force here with me in this body. While my parents looked after my son in another room, Mick literally kept me alive, listening to my directions. He was flying blind and trusting what he was feeling as I directed him.

“This is a test for both of us” I tell him in the recording. It was indeed a test of trust for both of us, almost like a life and death version of a corporate team bonding session!

To anyone listening, it almost makes no sense but the two of us were energetically ‘docking’ my life force back into my body.

As the energy and strength started to move back into my physical body, I am audibly louder and gaining strength, saying “Yes that’s it, can you feel that? Can you feel it? Keep it, keep it, a few more seconds. That’s my life force coming back in now, don’t break it. Hold it, hold it, hold it with me, that’s it – can you feel it? It’s connected right now. Don’t break it hold it, it’s this close.”

The heightened energy makes me emotional, breaking Mick’s attention. With urgency I redirect him back to total focus and keep his heart connected to mine.

“Choose it now Mick, choose it now, choose it now” In the physical I’m using my words and guiding him energetically back to where he’d been. As soon as he did, it was enough to bring my life force back into my body.

I was back and we both knew it.

“What are we going to do with you?” he gently asks, full of relief.

As I started to gain physical strength, he checked again whether I should get to a hospital. “Is there another person on this planet who could be looking after me right now the way you can?” I asked him. Of course, he knew the answer.

Healing Power of Love

During the weakest moments of my physical life I discovered my true strength. Although I couldn’t even reach for a sip of water, my power reached right through Mick’s fear and communicated to his heart.

I came out of that experience greatly transformed. I had fallen in love with myself. I learnt that I had been looking for God externally and that God was within me. I learnt that the universe has a funny way of forcing you into situations to make you step up. To make choices. I learnt that it’s okay to put yourself first.

While we continue to make choices driven by fear, led by our heads, our conditioning and limiting beliefs, we will continue to suffer.

When we make choices from our heart, everything falls into divine perfection and the best outcome for all is revealed.

No matter what we face, love’s healing frequency has the power to overcome all forms of darkness and negativity. After all, love is the foundation of the universe. And in the words of Rumi:

“Love is cure, Love is power, Love is the magic of changes.

Love is the mirror of divine beauty!”

Superboost Your Own Golden Light Ritual for Self-Love Connection

You don’t need to experience a near-death to be able to superboost your heart’s golden light and raise your consciousness. Now I have learnt to channel the potency of love in a healing ritual:

1. Cleanse your space with a high frequency oil (we love Frankincense or Rose)

2. Play solfeggio master frequency 1122 hz

3. Take the time to complete the following statements on a piece of paper:

  • a. It’s time to let go of …

  • b. I forgive myself for ….

  • c. I give thanks for the lessons that taught me ….

4. Sit upright and close your eyes, bringing your awareness to your heart centre 5. Place your left hand on your heart chakra, then your right hand on top of the left 6. Notice how you are feeling in your body and release any tension or tightness 7. Take several slow, deep breaths in and out and as you do so begin to make the breaths bigger

8. Imagine the electromagnetic energy field of your heart getting larger and larger as you breath

9. Imagine a golden light from within getting larger and spreading outwards eventually connecting up through your throat chakra, your third eye, your crown chakra and beyond.

10. See it connecting with the golden consciousness of a higher realm, or perhaps your own higher self

11. Feel the love, wisdom and connection begin to pour in

12. Take as long as you need to allow that energy to ‘dock’ into your heart centre.

13. Stay focussed and keep your awareness on the golden energy flowing within and without.

14. Keep your awareness on any insights, downloads or higher messages coming to you.

15. Enjoy the energy of this frequency for as long as you can maintain it.

16. When you are ready, take your journal and complete the following statements:

  • a. I love myself because …

  • b. I love life because …

  • c. I am most aligned when ….

  • d. I am here to ….

  • e. I am so grateful for …

  • f. I am ….

Write as many potent I AM statements and when you have finished consciously take note to stay in the power of this SELF-LOVE connection

You can copy out the statements and put them on your fridge or bathroom mirror or as a screensaver on your phone to remind yourself all day, every day.

I like to complete all rituals with an Epsom salt bath, sprinkled with frankincense, rose or lavender oil.

Happy Lionsgate 2019!

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