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Martin Kenny's Past Life Epiphany

Cosmologist, Martin Kenny, wowed the audience at January's Cosmic Consciousness Conference. His wisdom, authenticity, research and knowledge challenged paradigms for some, stretching their minds to new levels of universal understanding. For many he provided important answers and helped connect many dots.

However, the sign of any true teacher is that he acknowledged he is also the student and always learning. Coming to Australia turned out to be a huge opportunity for growth for Martin, as it was for all who attended. He not only presented at the Conference, he immersed himself in the Conference, deeply participated in the Conjunct Activation Ceremony, and also joined the Organisers and other delegates on a coach trip from Uluru to Adelaide through the Flinders Ranges following a portion of the Bali to Bairnsdale Leyline. Everyone got to observe that this grounded man, walks his talk. Free of discordant energy, ego and attachments, Martin is one of the most beautiful people to spend time with.

Martin revealed on that trip that he'd had many downloads, which culminated in an epiphany that allowed him to understand more about his purpose and role in this incarnation. He spent the last day of the trip making sense of all that had unfolded for him. It was a life-changing realisation. And it demonstrates the incredibly powerful healing benefits of uncovering our past lives and how it can impact on the choices we make in the current incarnation.

Martin headed back to Portugal ready to share his story with the world. And after only a day or two back on home soil, he published a video on his YouTube channel to talk about what transpired during his time at the Conference.

He introduces his revelation, stating "I spent 4 days in a place called Uluru which is a very sacred place. I went there for a conference to present some of my work at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference which I was invited to by Mick and Kathryn.

I did not anticipate the sequence of events that subsequently happened to me and the revelations pertaining to my journey past, present, and future.

On the 12th of January during the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, we held a sacred ceremony at Uluru, and during that ceremony I had some profound revelations to do with who I am.

What I'm about to share with you is not easy to share - it was very difficult for me to accept - let alone publicly share with the world, but I totally understand that this is something that I must do in order for me to move forward."

You can watch Martin's disclosure below. If you watch to the end, you can see the difference in his energy, demeanour. His peace, love and humility is even more profound.


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