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Our Vision for a New Earth

What's your vision for a New Earth? How can we co-create a celestial Earth Plane with divine resonance? It's time right now to change our course and ensure we focus on the new reality, using all the tools that we can. There is one important thing we can easily do when we feel helpless to be able to change the chaos we are witnessing, and that is to meditate and visualise on a specific outcome. We are living in a realm where consciousness through intent manifests.

We got some of our Tribe together on a call a while back and we put together our vision of the New Earth. On our most recent Zoom call, we all meditated on it together, using the anchor of the sacred ground at Uluru as our focal point.

As a group project, we created an inner-eye vision board, if you like, with all of our geographical positions placed onto a map. It was a powerful visual to see a fan of protection arching over towards Uluru as a protective net of pure intention and clear energy. Sacred sites such as Uluru are fountains of sacred power and the light of cosmic intelligence.

With a shift in human consciousness, the potential for this light filled cosmic intelligence and sacred power can be fanned out to the entire earth plane, following the leylines, or songlines.  We've also been learning about our own personal storylines from Kay McCullock who has been facilitating the project for our delegates. 

The result of our collective vision was a beautiful one, filled with a sense of peace, harmony, collaboration compassion and love. We spliced out the meditation from the rest of the call so that we can continue to meditate on our vision. Please join us in listening to this meditation.

We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the solution.

To use the meditation >> Click HERE

The fourth annual Cosmic Consciousness Conference will be held at Uluru over the December solstice/Grand Conjunction period 20-22 December 2020. To find out more, visit the website

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