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Real People, Real Stories

There is something truly wonderful about discovering more about another person and hearing what makes them tick, what their unique aspects are, what their experience has been - even when we've been through the same experience with them. What we relate to and what we learn from our differences are some of the best ways to bond and connect with each other.

When Conference Organisers, Mick and Kathryn, set about last year to ask people to open up and share the answers to four questions put to them by Ground Crew team member, Olli, little did they realise the impact of that footage on their psyche when they watched it.

"We are always so incredibly touched and it fills our heart with love when we read emails and messages from people saying how their lives have changed after the Conferences, but to see them and hear them saying it, well it just touched us in such a deep way. We both ended up in tears to realise that our little event can be so profoundly life-changing" Kathryn says.

This year the same four questions were posed to Conference delegates, as well as some of the speakers.

Mark Godbeer, who has been to an earlier Conference, watched this year's video footage of 'Real People, Real Stories' and said that despite him not being at Uluru this year, it made him feel like part of the Tribe and the energy that came through the footage had a very positive, calming effect on him.

Is it possible to coat-tail off the healing achieved by others, simply by watching a video of people discussing their own experiences?

Kay McCullock, one of the Conference speakers says yes, this is entirely possible. "Absolutely we can be affected and transformed by watching a group of people or individual in a video because of connection... via sympathetic or homoeopathic effect and this can in turn affect how we feel (in person or at a distance, even digitally via a video and audio). It's all to do with what resonates within us via the Morphogenic fields, the webs we weave, the Web of the Wyrde.. call it what you like. It's all about connection and listening -consciously comprehending - with your Heart".

If that's another layer of healing that can be achieved, then Conference Organisers are delighted.

The common themes that come through in this video are about the healing and transformation; the strong connection with like-minded souls; a sense of oneness and unity; and the impact of the conjunction - the cosmological event that brought everyone together for the 12 January Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

Keeping the 'Real' in Real People

A resounding and lovely theme that came across was that the Conference delegates are grounded, awakened, sincere people. Conference Organisers have recognised for the last three years that the people who are drawn to attend the Cosmic Consciousness Conference are some of the most awakened people on the planet, the 'crème de la crème' of spiritually-minded truthseekers who are authentically on the path of deep healing and growth.

A first-time delegate, Mia, said she had a pre-conceived idea that people wouldn't be as grounded, but her biggest surprise was to discover how wrong she was.

Keynote speaker, Martin Kenny, said he was also happily surprised to discover how real the conference delegates were. He said "To be honest I was expecting people who were not quite in touch with reality, the new age spiritual stereotype. But it was far from it, it turned out everyone who was there was aligned with the same journey, even though of different beliefs".

Keynote Speaker, Martin Kenny in Adelaide after the post-conference Vortex Tour

Barbara Schacht Randall said that she didn't realise why she was invited to speak to the Conference at first but she came to understand that she had to bring the traditional wisdom teachings of her late husband, Bob Randall "to this beautiful group of people who have all come together with earnest and sincere interest in growing consciousness." Barbara went on to talk about the connection - what we share in common with everything in nature and the earth itself, stating "This is what I felt with this group of people I felt the sameness, and connection and it is, I think, what it is all about and one of the reasons why I came."

Healing and Transformation

"There's no way for me to explain what I've gone through ... I did not expect what has happened to me." - Martin Kenny

It wasn't just the delegates who received healing. In an interview that Keynote Speaker, Christine Day, recently did just a couple of weeks after the Conference, she was still very emotional and deeply impacted by her first visit to Uluru.

Likewise, Martin Kenny said "There's no way for me to explain what I've gone through ... I did not expect what has happened to me ... this has been a very transformative journey for me, a lot of revelations, a lot of clarity to do with who I am".

Hearing the personal stories of insights, healing, increased awareness and heightened perceptions of consciousness are what make this video something special to watch.

However, healing and transformation isn't only on a personal level. It was for humanity, for the earth and for a higher consciousness. Second-time delegate, Jo Gillies, said "The way people came together to want to create more uplifting change and awakening to this world in a far more expansive way than I've ever seen - that was profound".

Thirteen year old delegate, Daniel, was embraced by everyone at the Conference. A symbol of all that is positive about the younger generation, Daniel came to the Conference with his grandmother, Sandra, last year. And as you will see in the video, he couldn't wait for more this time around.

Tim Lassig came to the Cosmic Consciousness Conference for the first time in January 2019. There he met fellow delegate, Elise, and a spark ignited. A relationship continued once they got back to Sydney. At the January 2020 Conference, the audience present were able to witness a beautiful surprise - Tim proposed to Elise onstage at the exact time that 12 months earlier they had swapped phone numbers! Tim said on the video "So much gratitude for the people that came, the love that was expressed, for the incredible information and it's something you have to do, just for the place alone, but the conference puts icing on the top you wouldn't imagine. It's one of the biggest activation places and groups on the planet."

It seems fitting that the final words go to Conference favourite Keynote Speaker, Mary Rodwell "If you want to have your paradigm expanded, if you want to understand a little bit more about who and what we are, if you want to understand more about what is happening on this planet, this is the Conference to go to".

To watch the Real People, Real Stories video, click on the link below:

To find out more about the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, visit

The next Conference will be held 20-22 December 2020 at Ayers Rock Resort, Uluru.

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