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Regenesis 2020 - The Conference Wrap

January 2020 saw the culmination of over 4 years of work. ​An international audience joined us from many corners of the world including Poland, Romania, The Netherlands, China, the UK and US, Malaysia and more for the most transformational, uplifting and successful conference.

A strong team of keynote speakers:

  • Martin Kenny (UK/POR)

  • Mary Rodwell (AUS)

  • Christine Day (US)

  • Alexis Brooks (US)

wowed the audience with their own set of unique gifts and abilities.

They were supported by powerful speakers including Scott Mathias, Steven Booth, Robyn McClendon, Anya Petrovic, Kay McCullock, Barry Eaton (also the MC), Valerie Barrow, Barbara Randall and Robert Jameson as well as meditations and sound healings from Rufus Rogey and Karen Lithika.

​To say that the Conference was healing and transformational doesn't do justice - it was far, far more than that. We created a bubble of the most beautiful frequency that carried us so high. Profound moments of synchronicity reminded us how universally supported we are; beautiful connections cemented soul family ties; and the intensity of light formed the most tangible, heart-lifting bonding unity consciousness.

​What moments were standouts?

It's so hard to say. There were so many.

A wonderful Welcome to Country performed by dance, called 'Inma' commenced the Conference with Uncle Reggie Uluru coming along with several Anangu dancers to perform the traditional ceremony. It gave everyone there the opportunity to connect to the people they would be spending the next three days with as well as meet the speakers.

We witnessed our first on-stage marriage proposal between a couple who had met at the 2019 Conference, Tim and Elise. We set up a false reason for Tim to get on stage and share the story of their meeting a year earlier. They had actually exchanged telephone numbers at 1.11pm on 11 January 2019 so it was befitting that Tim timed the moment of his proposal to 1.11pm on 11 Jan 2020. Elise responded with a yes that had the tears rolling in the audience.

There were so many powerful moments presented by speakers that had too many impacts to mention, including a very powerful group healing from Christine Day. Martin Kenny stretched the minds and questioned the belief systems of the delegates several times over, and no matter what had the entire audience totally transfixed by his mastery of cosmology. One of our favourite speakers, Mary Rodwell, made her 5th appearance at one of our events and as always, she blew open the minds of everyone there with her research.

Another highlight was to have Barbara Schacht Randall up on stage. Last year she blessed us with Uncle Bob Randall's Kanyini prayer which we had read out to the delegates, but this year she attended in person. Not only did she share the prayer, she talked about the teachings of the late Uncle Bob Randall who was a very much loved and respected elder. Those teachings, 'Kanyini' are now left for Barbara to share. In an emotionally charged moment, she shared her wedding vows that she and Bob exchanged, on stage with Mick standing in to read Bob's lines.

And of course, there was the cosmological event that was the reason we started the conference many years ago - the Saturn/Pluto conjunct. Our ceremony was a living, breathing, pulsating column of light and energy that exceeded any expectations. We definitely made history and showed that light definitely wins. What a powerful group heart.

"One of the most moving and profound experiences experienced in this current Avatar" - Scott Mathias

Under the night sky, we had so many people arrive that we stopped counting. One circle wasn't enough to accommodate everyone so we ended up with circles within circles. One of the speakers, Scott Mathias, said:

"I found the Conjunct Ceremony profoundly moving. The depth of real energetic emotion was palpable and real. Perhaps one of the most amazing things to occur was the degree of synchronised spontaneity - things just happened from individuals talking their piece (peace) to the entire group moving as one but in remarkable separated ways through chanting and ’noise making’. The harmonics from the crystal bowls and the sound of the didgeridoo was simply beautiful - not of the 3D realm.

The presence of a multitude of benevolent entities from ‘other places’ also helped make this experience to be more simply special and amazing. The reality of the shift across a three to four hour period was felt on the deepest of heart levels.

One of the most moving and profound experiences experienced in this current Avatar. I look forward ward to December 21st 2020 when the energies emanating from the space portals will be even more profound and affecting."

The ceremony started at 11.30pm to herald in the commencement of the two great outer planet conjunction at 12.34am. Interestingly for us as Conference Organisers, we received personal validation that this was an event we were born to organise. When we first met we quickly discovered our 'lucky' numbers are 23 and 32 respectively and of course, both those numbers break down to a 5. In sacred geometry, 5 represents "As above, so below; or Heaven on Earth" - the very theme of the conjunction and the Conference. But that's not all! We constantly see combinations of 23 and 32 showing up as 232, 323 etc. You can imagine our jaw dropping reaction when we established exactly how long the conjunction lasted for ...

exactly 3 hours and 23 minutes = 323

The conjunction ceremony was so magical, we will write a separate blog about it, but Scott was not the only one to say that it was one of the most profound experiences ever to be a part of.

Many of the delegates took part in some of the tours we had arranged. The overnight trip to Cave Hill gave the guests the opportunity to see the ancient rock art depicting the story of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades as well as experience a meditation and outback skywatch against the velvet sky. A local legend and tour operator who lives at Yulara, Leeroy, took several bus loads out to the Rock to share his unique style of knowledge from 26 years of working with the Anangu. And 30 delegates jumped on the Magical Mystery Tour with us and headed down for a week long tour from Uluru to Adelaide via the Flinders Ranges. Now that really is worth writing a separate book about - it was simply life-changing!

Without a doubt, the most heart-warming aspect is to observe the incredible connections that bond soul family together. Deep connections that make all the more sense when we realise what we, as a group, came here to do together - send a wave of light across the world, raise consciousness and help with the healing of humanity. For the most part, the souls there with us are the some of the most awakened and self-realised people on the planet. They are the leaders in their communities; the healers; wayshowers; trailblazers. They are the original 'clevermen' - the original healers who would have been here since the beginning of time, over and over again.

Yes, we had the dark forces there, energetically and on the ground. We expected it and were prepared for it, as much as possible. You can't have so much light without the dark attempting to counterbalance. From the interlopers attempting to interject themselves into the physical space (one even managed to get into the room of one of our delegates as a stowaway) to the unseen darker energies that left some of our staff reeling from psychic attack, well it was interesting to say the least.

What did we learn from that? Dark can't withstand the light. We literally created so much light, such high frequency it eventually became impenetrable. Those energies that didn't match the vibration could not withstand it.

It seems that the biggest takeaway from this year's Conference is an even deeper glimpse - infact, more than a glimpse, a very strong sense - of what we are here to achieve. Ascension - our evolution becoming intertwined with divinity, and perhaps the recognition that the same light of source is within each of us and we are all united.

Yes, our mission here is underway. We are so very grateful for everyone who has joined us.

To find out more about the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, visit The next Conference will be held 21-22 December 2020 at Ayers Rock Resort, Uluru.

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