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Seven Sisters of the Pleiades by Aunty Nelly Patterson

At the Cosmic Consciousness Conference in Jan 2019, Aunty Nelly Patterson pulled organisers (Mick Turner and Kathryn Hand) aside and shared with them the story of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, of which she is the keeper.

Nelly Patterson is an artist in her own right and using her paintings to illustrate, she told Mick and Kathryn the story, which was a huge privilege and honour.

Nelly gave Kathryn permission to share it to their tribe, which she proudly did at the January 2020 Conference. This was the first time the video was shown publicly, giving the audience at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference sheer delight to see her share this important story. You can watch that video in the link below. Never before has she shared that story to such a large group, and certainly not to a mixed group.

The screening was made even sweeter with Aunty Nelly attending to watch the launch of the video, thoroughly enjoying watching herself on the screen!

Following the screening, Aunty Nelly took to the stage to share with the audience a large painting that she had sold to an overseas buyer. She was keen to show this painting with people as it would be the very last time to be seen on Australian soil before leaving these shores for Canada.

Afterwards, Conference organisers threw an impromptu auction of Aunty Nelly's paintings, raising her enough funds to purchase a car, so she is now mobile and independent.

Watch Aunty Nelly's Story

The Cosmic Consciousness Conference is returning to Uluru again 20-22 December 2020 at the Voyages Ayers Rock Resort. See for more details.

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