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Six essential things you must know to raise your vibration

We are incredibly excited about the way the conference is shaping up. It’s evolving into something truly unique, an egregore, as David Bumblebee aptly described. An egregore is an entity with its own energy and life force, continuously evolving to meet our collective needs.

Judy Satori recently shared that many higher dimensional beings will come through at the Conference, preparing us for our next advancement. As lightworkers, we create a ripple effect, especially at power points like Uluru. Judy also mentioned that the solstice energies will act as an impetus to allow a highly advanced frequency to come through, delivering significant downloads to activate everyone present. This is HUGE and if you feel it, and if you're being called to join us, make sure you take action.


If you are seeking to elevate your frequency and unlock your highest potential to align with the 5D New Earth, here are six essential things you must know to raise your vibration and attain cosmic consciousness.


1.          Red pill perspective

Uncover hidden realities and break free from conventional thinking. See through modern world illusions, exposing systemic corruption and understanding mind control manipulation. Look at alternative views of our world. Most of you are well past this point, but it's a good reminder to stay open-minded. These revelations will empower you to shift your perspective, elevate your consciousness, and navigate the complexities of the shit show we call the matrix.


2.          Celestial healing and transmutation

At the Conference, you’ll learn and experience potent techniques to use energy healing, spiritual tapping, traditional Aboriginal healing methods, and trauma recovery, guiding participants through profound personal transformation and spiritual growth. Being at Uluru, the solar plexus chakra of the world, enhances these practices, and sense of personal power. Be warned though that your unresolved powerless issues can be triggered - which of course is a golden opportunity to heal them too.


3.          Learn the secrets of ancient mysteries and sacred knowledge

Our ancestors had healthy pineal glands and attunement to the energies of the earth, magick and wisdom. So much of their teachings have been suppressed and withheld.

But we can delve into ancient histories, advanced technologies, sacred texts, and the untold stories of Australia's past, and unveiling hidden truths and wisdom from ancient civilisations such as Lemuria, Atlantis and Tartaria.


4.          Develop a quantum mindset and expand manifestation of abundance

This year there will be an emphasis on the power of mindset, consciousness practices, and the energetics of wealth and health. Upgrade from the 3D with quantum tools to shift perspectives, ramp up manifestation and unlock your full potential to align with the New Earth.

 5.          Utilise harmonic resonance and vibrational healing to heal supressed trauma

It cannot be emphasised enough how transformative experiences through sound healing and vibrational medicine facilitate deep healing and a profound connection with the universe. Tap into the powerful sound frequencies of leylines at Uluru and access the vast repository of Akashic information held within the Rock, akin to a massive library. Elevate your consciousness-expanding practices with these extraordinary energies.


 6.          Integration of your multidimensional mastery

You know you are a multidimensional being of light.  But it can be easy to forget that at times. Remember who you truly are with techniques such as light language activation, DNA unlocking, and heart technology to access your multidimensional selves, achieve mastery, and navigate spiritual journeys with higher awareness.


We hope you will join us!

Time is running out! Secure your place at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference before the current ticket range closes on 15 July. Act now to save $277 and take advantage of various payment plans available at the Humanitix checkout. This is your chance to elevate your frequency and join an extraordinary gathering at Uluru.

Don't wait – visit for more information and to register your spot.

The Cosmic Consciousness Conference is being held at Ayers Rock Resort, Uluru from 20-22 December 2024.






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