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Stairway to Heaven

David Emery was a big hit at the Equinox conference on Norfolk Island last September. He lived up to Sacha Stone's description as being probably the world's best archeo-cosmologist.

As Norfolk Island was once on the Western side of Lemuria, it awakened some memories for him. David, like many of us lightworkers, has had past lives in Lemuria and he has remembered many aspects of the role he had in that lifetime. His research on the history of humanity and the earth's beginnings is prolific. It includes, of course, the stories of Lemuria, Atlantis, Tara and the timelines that have been a part of our cosmic journey.

The Vital Back Story

Dave says that absolutely everything we witness geopolitically today is linked to our pre-ancient past and the multi-dimensional beings who chose to connect with us.

In an excerpt from his upcoming book Beyond the Biblical, Dave says: Our universe (of which there are infinite numbers of) is comprised of 15 dimensions (energetic frequency expressions of consciousness) and its purpose is to act as a theatre of holographic experiences allowing each individual aspect of Source (meaning YOU) to re-engage with your original Source-God encryption held in source' which he refers to as Eternal First-Field Intelligence (EFF).

'Your original and unique encryption is manifested outwards into external creations in the form of 12 aspects of itself, down stepped into successive 12 versions of itself in the lower domains, thus expanding the ONE - YOU - into many yous so that you may eventually expand your frequency of consciousness and one day, realign with you as the One-in-Source (God) which in essence, you always are'. [Read more about the 12 levels of the Hierarchy of Self]

He notes that 'In that sense, You (your unique, sovereign soul, Krystic Deity) never leaves heaven!'

Sacred Science

David explains that in order to allow your consciousness realignment journey back to the original 'a complex, yet inviolable Sacred Science process is engaged'.

This is no mean feat! The process involves 'electromagnetic, electro-tonal, Merkaba engine spins and flows and spirals of quantum energetic movement within holographic, sequential programmes, affecting each particle of consciousness.'

It boggles the human mind to fathom what that actually means.

Stairway to Heaven

But essentially, the important thing for us to know is that the purpose of this process is a divine design. And as Dave explains, it is 'for you to acquire more and more expanded frequency of awareness of self - and eventually, in one's own time, ascend the stairway to heaven and become one with your original'.

And this is really good to remember on those days when you forget who you really are.

Because the Sacred Science, Dave continues 'is to ensure that when you choose, in consciousness, to realign with your own higher self, you may do so'. Yes, YOU choose to assume your place as an eternal aspect of All That Is. And fully aware of all you have created.

Dave also points out that 'some beings chose not to follow this pathway into external expansion, but rather a path of contraction'. Meaning that they forsake their original encryption and move OUT of ascension. That meant 'they could no longer access the dynamic flows of eternal life and in order to survive had to feed off the energies of those around them'. Yes, including human energies.

And so it began.

The rest, as they say, is history. But not as we know it!

David's research explains the how and the why behind our human condition and our struggles to survive and exist and expand and be free to live in joy and love and oneness on this Earth.

'Humans have been slowly denied our fulfilling of that purpose through having our living curtailed, our memories destroyed, our DNA exploited, our freedoms suffocated and our energies controlled. All of this has been done deliberately and with malice.'

Time to Shift the False Light

But he does remind us that we have come here for a purpose.

His work points to the way in which much of humanity and much of the other life-fields of this Earth and Earth herself 'can finally shift the energies of false light frequency and move us all (as we choose) into a truly magnificent and expanded existence wherein we express in joy and love our true identity as Source'.

Dave has researched many actionable and practical ways that we can utilise the aspects of ourselves that have been supressed and gain control of our own individual ascension pathways. He is keen to share some of the ancient methods we can all put to use.

Experience a very brief sampler of Dave's work in this 5 minute video, and if you'd love to dig much, much deeper into his research, come along and join us at the next Cosmic Consciousness event on Norfolk Island. It's being held to coin

The next Cosmic Consciousness Conference is being held at the Paradise Hotel, Norfolk Island

from 2-5 May 2023.

For further details visit the website

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