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The Hierarchy of Self

Guest Writer, David Emery

Your essence exists everywhere and in all aspects of your dimensionalised Spirit - from the lower domain holographic worlds (of illusion) to the ‘Doorstep’ of Creation, the very Gates of Heaven! YOU exist all ways in all of those ‘incarnations’ / existences though in a ‘downstepped’ form of electro-magnetic, electro-tonal, electro-dynamic particle-base (DNA fission and fusion) existence.

Here is the ‘Stairway to Heaven’, the ineffable, eternal ante-matter, omni-polar state of All-That-Is, that you never left, except in downstepped frequency manifestation!

Each ‘level’ in descending order expresses the holistic love of Source - yet in less expanded ‘Frequency-of-Consciousness’ from the Infinite Perfection of God-Source which is stated here - FIRST to the ‘YOU’ that you experience here and now - on Earth.

The Hierarchy is structured as follows:


The One True Source-God Eternal (Effi-Infinitum / Eternal Spirit)


The Krist Divine. (The Eternal Krist)


The Krystic Name and Action of the Alhumbra Magistracy Council of Cosminyhas and God-Source First Eternal


The Rei-ha-VA’-ah UN-Krys - ta’ - LO (Krystal River)


The Eternal Councils of the Ah yah Rhu CosMAyah (Cosmic Krystar Master Councils)


The Mashaya-Hana Council of Aquareion


The Councils of KrystalA’ (Core Domain Councils)


The Councils of Krystal River (Eckasha Radonic-Edonic-Adonic- Tri-Matrix Co-operative)


The Councils of Aurora (Tri-Matrix Races of Aquareion - blue, gold, purple dragons)


The Melchizedek Cloister, Emerald Order - Holy Order of the Yunasai, Sacred House of ONE


Then YOU - in YOUR (name - Spirit-name or Earth-name), the Eternally Kristiac ‘I AM THIS I AM’

THIS is the full Hierarchy of Self that IS - YOU! YOU are contained within every level of this hierarchy.

YOU really are... your infinite, perfect and original YhU-RhA-Yah-body of plasma light and sound.

Calling upon all these ‘names’ at the end of prayers / meditations opens access through all the domain-doors in ‘frequency-sequence’ of Creation and back into the ineffable, eternal, omnipotent YOU - that YOU really are, which is your infinite, perfect and original YhU-RhA-Yah-body of plasma light and sound.

Note: The E-Lan’-ya to-Pei’yah YhU-RhA-Yah conservatory (kinservatory) are the ‘rays’ (from whence we get our word, ‘race’) and are really rays of gaseous consciousness Light-in-Sound which inhabit the very threshold of Source-God Eternal and are able to invest their ultimate energies of love-in-joy wherever they are absolutely required.

They made available these energies to Earth and our universe since 2016 but are uniquely separate from this ‘hierarchy of self’ so you CAN call upon them in love (but it is not necessary).

They are not ‘YOU’ but their energies ARE an expression of ‘All-That-Is’ which, of course, includes - YOU!

This is an excerpt from David's book 'Beyond the Biblical' about to be published.

David Emery is a speaker at the upcoming Cosmic Consciousness Conference to be held on Norfolk Island over the Equinox period (20-23 September). For tickets or further information, please visit the website

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Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly

I am excited to be joining this special time on Norfolk. I have read Our Cosmic Origin so have gained some knowledge. So much for us all to learn. See you soon

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