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The Uluru Event that Will Become Worldwide

So things are getting very interesting indeed.

A few days ago the Cosmic Consciousness Conference sold out, along with every single hotel room at Uluru where the Conference is being held.

This is important to put into context the story about a prediction made 26 years ago.

Let's go back just five years ago when Valerie Barrow, a galactic channellor and author, first heard about our new conference we were planning at Uluru. She eagerly contacted us to say she had foreseen it many years before and sent a photograph of the excerpt she had written decades earlier.

When we read her prophesy, we thought it must have been about that first conference we were planning in 2016. But now all the dots are lining up and we think that you, like us, will get a few tingles when you read this!!

In 1995, Valerie had published a book, 'The Book of Love'. In it, she predicted that:

" Event that will become world wide in its happening, in other words all the World will hear of it. It will lead on to other experiences similar, all around the Earth, but at Uluru it will be like a door opening and it will be an en masse appearance of Star Ships so that all that are at Uluru will experience the presence of Extra Terrestrials..."

Valerie has said that these ETs will reveal themselves to us where they feel safe and are in a place where they will be welcomed with open hearts. What better time and place could there be than with 300 openhearted lightworkers, the borders have been closed to the outside world - would there ever be a safer and better group of welcoming people to receive them?

This year, it seems like the conditions could be just right, according to Valerie's prediction:

"The difficulties with getting out there with bookings is because it is right in the peak of school holidays. Apparently, the Resort is just completely booked out, but somehow or other places are being found for those that obviously the Star People want to be there. There is a certain amount of testing going on in that whether people are really intent on going for the right reasons. The ones feeling strongly moved to go and feel they have to be there."

Things really are getting interesting ...

The Cosmic Consciousness Conference will now be livestreamed worldwide for the entire three days from Uluru from 20-22 December 2020. If you would like to be a part of it, visit

See more about Valerie and 'The Book of Love' >> HERE

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