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Two days of Cosmic Consciousness Conference - Digital Style

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

The tyrannical Northern Territory's medical apartheid meant that Team Light Uluru were unable to get into Uluru for a December Solstice. So we took it online instead and wondered would doing it digital style serve our purpose?

We had made a challenge to Michael Gunner, the NTs chief minister: "You can keep us out, but you can't keep us apart". That had the potential to set us up for trouble, didn't it! We were as prepared as we could be for digital disaster!

Yet everything was going smoothly. We launched the Conference relatively low-key to stay under the radar. The pre-conference sound and video checks had been going on over the previous days well, we had a brand new internet router installed and the morning's set up was ready to go. With time to spare, we had our team meditation and were ready to go LIVE! And then with about 5 minutes to broadcasting, the internet went down!

But, after that hiccup resulting in about 15 minutes of dead air time, we were up and running again. After a wobbly start that rattled us all a bit, the energy at this online Conference just got better and better. We received phenomenal healings and gained so much expansive knowledge, and received incredible gifts. By the end of the two days, we were buzzing with a heightened frequency and sense of liberation. We are now accessing a more positive, much deeper connection to the New Earth energies.

Here are some of the highlights:


After his presentation, Dr Bryan Ardis chatted with Kathryn and answered some delegate questions. He shared that this was his FIRST Australian interview on any media! He also went on to reveal some truly DYNAMITE information he is about to blow the whistle on and also shared a portal into his website to access so many practical and incredibly beneficial resources.


Oliver shared information about the brand new 90.10 MedBed and quantum computing and healing technology. He gifted everyone present at the Conference a 90.10 MedBed. This is an extraordinary offer, and not only is it lifechanging for the user, it helps Oliver and his team with their own research and development. He was thrilled to be able to offer it to our tribe. You'll find out why in his presentation.


Alistair is an astral traveller who blew our minds with fascinating knowledge about unseen realms and the way he has been defeating tyranny on astral planes. He also was really pleased to be introduced to our tribe as he is looking to recruit new lightwarriors and gridworkers who can help in this work. Find out how to join his Agency to carry out this most important work. He revealed the work that we can do to save our planet for humanity.


Anikiko is a kinesiologist and frequency expert. She shared so much insightful information and also offered the conference attendees a USD150 discount on the powerful quantum healing mat that produces phenomenal results.


Sarita provided the audience with an extremely potent healing process that took everyone into a sublime state through her multidimensional biofield technique. She used the power of the collective to heal the embodied enslavement upon the planet - and within ourselves using the frequency of unconditional love.


Melanie brought Uluru to us, or perhaps took us to Uluru. With her transmission from Uluru, we were literally moved to tears. This was powerful healing that brought the entire conference to its nexus.


In reality there are soooo many highlights, it's really hard to mention them all. There was something that touched a spot in all the presentations.

EVERY. SINGLE. SPEAKER brought their heart and passion. The connection was beautiful. The coherence in the message of the speakers could not have been better orchestrated - total divine guidance.

CRAIG COLE, CARRIE-ANNE FIELDS, JO SHEVAL ISKRA AND EESHA PATEL gave guidance, wisdom and artful delivery about creating our reality, achieving our vision, escaping the matrix and more. Their presentations are ones that you could watch over and over again to keep on layering the learning and continue to be reminded of the things we can all do to focus our energy.

HAYDEN CRAWFORD joined us with Ascended Masters such as Isis, Thoth and more in an ethereal rose pink temple - something you will want to re-do many times over. Dynamic and healing. He gave us some super interesting information about aspects of ourselves from other times/realms.

LINDSAY FRANCKE created an extraordinarily powerful and beautiful prayer and talked about confronting the dark, doing the inner shadow work and the potential for AI harm. He provided great resources especially for the conference delegates to download.

STEVEN & EVAN STRONG gave a brilliant wrap-up about their contributions at the Conference last year and their plans for future solstice events.

DARREN CURTIS, BRADLEY PITT, AND DRS JJ & DESIREE HURTAK also provided enlightening and riveting information about the Keys of Enoch and so much more. Their dedication to their work and phenomenal presentation was inspirational.

And of course, no Cosmic Consciousness Conference is complete without a contribution from the always upbeat and lovable RUFUS ROGEY, didgeridoo healing extraordinaire.

We never imagined that we would be running an online event. Our desire has always been to bring like-minded souls together shoulder-to-shoulder and heart-to-heart at Australia's sacred centre, and the solar plexus of the earth. However, the two days of this event revealed to us that we can uplift, inspire, and connect people no matter where they are on this earthy plane.





REPLAYS of the 5th Cosmic Consciousness Conference are available to watch now. Grab yours>> HERE.

We have a Christmas special - three passes available for FREE [use promo code CHRISTMAS and press APPLY] and we have three passes at 50% off [use promo code NEWEARTH and press APPLY].

First in, best dressed. (If the codes don't work that means they have already been used).

The Summer solstice represented enlightenment, awakening, and the triumph of lightness over darkness.

It's a time to celebrate forward movement - advancing further into light as you more deeply awaken the intrinsic light within yourself.

​At the time of the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, cosmological events supported us to shed whatever has become inauthentic and embrace the possibility of liberating ourselves from old restrictions.

​​By the end of December, the entrance of Jupiter into Pisces serves as a beacon of light that can guide us toward the expansive potential available as 2021 draws to a close.

​Thank you for joining us online for the 5th Cosmic Consciousness Conference as we celebrated light and liberation.

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