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What happens at sacred sites?

There is a magical quality at sacred sites. The powerful charge of the land resonates with your own body's meridians, there's a whisper of ancients carried in the air, the nurturing love of Mother Nature that wraps itself around you, and an amplified energy plugs you into a higher consciousness. It's something that can only be felt by being there as you become a conduit between celestial and terrestrial energies. When you connect to the power of a such a place, your power returns to you.

In all such qualities those places excel, in which there is a divine inspiration, and in which the gods have their appointed lots and are propitious to the dwellers in them. —Plato

Light portals that are aligned to the Earth’s crystalline grid and specific points in the stars can be utilised to increase the planet’s frequency. Located at sacred sites and power points such as Uluru, many lightworkers are called to these places to provide the necessary personal healing and tap into the electromagnetic properties that ‘upgrade’ them with higher dimensional coded light and energy. These are the frequencies, energies and vibrations that assist with ascension and as Nicola Tesla said, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 

This beautiful Earth plane is a conscious and vibrant living entity. As our body has meridians and chakras, so does the Earth. Energy flows through each of Earth’s main chakras and makes up the spiritual body that is our world. The chakras of the Earth are connected by energy circuits called leylines. 

Visiting a site such as Uluru, especially to meditate and make ceremony, can result in strong connections with Gaia.  It will also activate your energy system, bring immense personal healing and advance your spiritual awakening.  You will leave the place, forever changed, and thriving with a full spectrum life and as a stronger conduit of universal energy.  Of course, the planetary healing that occurs as the work we do there as a group, ripples out to create planetary healing.  Heading up to Bali, the world's purification centre, we are having an impact with the group's collective grid activations.

In addition to being at such a powerful energy vortex, there are astrologically significant days that can amplify the healing.  The biggest of all is on 12 January 2020.  

Robert Coon, author of Earth Chakras, notes:  "The year 2020 starts off with a really big, archetypal conjunction [on 12 January 2020]. The Planetary Solar Plexus Chakra - Uluru and Kata Tjuta, in central Australia, is the place for this event. The Aborigines speak of a great ritual at Uluru which was disrupted, and never completed, at the end of original Creation Time. I have written extensively about this ritual in my book,  The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail . This day in 2020 is an ideal time to complete the ritual. Construct a solar umbilical cord from the Earth to the Sun on this conjunction. The theory is that this will increase the influence of higher frequencies of life, as they flow, in both directions, between Earth and the Sun; and that this will be of benefit to all life forms on Earth."

All in all, if ever there was a time and place to be gathered with other awakened souls, then this would be it!  


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