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Why is 12 January 2020 so important?

In a flash of divine guidance in 2016, we first felt guided to run a Conference at Uluru. Not sure for what purpose, we trusted the higher plan would unfold as it needed to. At the time we were exploring our own cosmic consciousness and had moments where we were deeply touched by the information that was being delivered to us; the people we were attracting into our lives and the synchronicity that was unfolding.

It kept pointing us in the direction of a Cosmic Consciousness Conference at Uluru.

Our original idea was to hold the event during one of the favoured seasons in the outback, the wildflower season in August/September. However, nothing aligned easily and we kept getting blocked. So we got out the pendulum to find out when the universe would like us to hold this event.

January kept coming up.

We did our research and dug deeper to work out why we had to align our event in January.

And then we discovered why.

We had to start building energy towards an important date -12 January 2020 – the date of a rare Saturn Pluto conjunction.

The Cosmic Umbilical Cord

This particular outer-planet conjunction is the most magical and eagerly anticipated union out of all the various outer planet unions. It is believed that a significant shift will take place - perfection will spread throughout the world – a cosmic umbilical cord will unite heaven with earth. To us this seemed like a true cosmic consciousness. At the time, there was very little literature available on the web about it, but it deeply resonated with us.

Not only was this date astrologically significant, the Anangu spoke of a great ritual at Uluru which was disrupted, and never completed, at the end of original Creation Time. It was said that this day in 2020 is an ideal time to complete the ritual.

This is a powerful activation that will see energy sent up and down the cosmic umbilicus, and through the planet's leylines, connecting all of the Earth Chakras together. There are two interconnected major energetic leylines, the Rainbow Serpent (feminine) and the Plumed Serpent (masculine). Of course, the well known indigenous stories tell of two serpents; a female snake Kuniya and her nephew Liru, who meet at Uluru. On a flat earth map, these two serpents form an infinity symbol. This connection will create heaven on earth, the golden age or a return to Eden - however you like to phrase it.

Robert Coon, in his book Earth Chakras says: "The year 2020 starts off with a really big, archetypal conjunction. The Planetary Solar Plexus Chakra - Uluru and Kata Tjuta, in central Australia, is the place for this event. The Aborigines speak of a great ritual at Uluru which was disrupted, and never completed, at the end of original Creation Time.

Uluru and Kata Tjuta, in central Australia, is the place for this event.

This day in 2020 is an ideal time to complete the ritual. Construct a solar umbilical cord from the Earth to the Sun on this conjunction. The theory is that this will increase the influence of higher frequencies of life, as they flow, in both directions, between Earth and the Sun; and that this will be of benefit to all life forms on Earth.

Note that the 2020 event is really an exact quadruple conjunction ...This will intensify the event, in terms of the heart, love, trust, and communication.

The primary focus for this event is in Australia."

Robert Coon was an expert on world-heritage sites and a specialist on the Uluru-Kata Tjuta area. He wrote

"In the Magic Red Centre

Dimensions of space and time are now opening

To reveal the true nature and essence of Australia".

In 1984 the Rainbow Serpent was activated across the planet and 18 months later the transfer of Uluru to traditional caretakers occurred. Now, in October 2019, with the climbing of Uluru permanently closed, this brings a newfound sense of peace to the sacred ground. Robert Coon believed that by 2084 the whole earth will be experienced as sacred.

How can we all be part of the activation?

Our first Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cosmic Consciousness Conference was held in January 2018. We were joined by a team of passionate gridworkers, planetary healers, energy workers, lightworkers and more. The foundational energy was laid and the ground work prepared. International Earth Chakra Day messages came in from all over the world.

In January 2019, the bridging work saw us form beautiful connections with the local people at Mutijula. Senior Elder, Aunty Nelly Patterson spoke in front of the largest audience she had ever been before as she used her artwork to illustrate stories. Delegates connected and an interwoven blanket of blissful, beautiful unity consciousness embraced everyone. The work we did spread out to the purification centre at Bali and beyond.

Aunty Nelly Patterson at the 2019 Cosmic Consciousness Conference

In January 2020, the work continues. We don't know what magic will unfold. We do know that those who are meant to be there will be. It was pre-planned by our souls a long time ago. However, wherever you are in the world, you can also participate in spreading this wave of energy.

The first thing is to have healed your wounds, released your traumas and become self-responsible. Only by being the most authentic version of you, can you truly step into your potential. The best way to help this planet and humanity is to live from your heart, be led by your soul and fulfilling your mission. As the physical systems and controlling mechanisms that have enslaved us for so long begin to crumble away, you will be a beacon of light. As a lightworker, healer, shaman, teacher - you are here to guide the way and draw others to the light.

On 12 January, International Earth Chakra Day, join with others across the planet who are linking together during the time of the conjunction to form a network of healing and meditation. You can register your activity for free (even as an individual) so others know where you are, what you are doing and to get a stronger sense of oneness.

During meditation, whether it be in the form of dance, song, music, silence or whatever your form of meditation be - focus on opening the gateways of greater life, allowing immortal energy to continually flow in the daily expression of all life. The solar umbilical cord at Uluru is designed to dissolve any restrictions of life force, the flow of creative grace.

For those of us called to be at Uluru for the third annual Cosmic Consciousness Conference, this auspicious conjunction actually occurs in the very early hours of 13 January. We will be holding a special ceremony to bathe in the higher energies and welcome in a new dawning.

We hope you can join us!

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I found this by accident while searching for something else, but I am happy that I did. So encouraging!

As for what I was searching for... I recently wrote but have not yet published a book (13 Lunations: A Celebration of Time) and some of Robert Coon's material (concerning Glastonbury) found it's way in. I really need to speak with him about it but I cannot find him anywhere. A shop that carries his book says the last time they heard from him was ten years ago, and that at that time he was living in Australia with a tribe of aborigines. So it's possible that you might be able to help me. I do hope you see this comm…

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