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Worldwide Meditation 4/5 April 2020


The worldwide mass meditation took place all over this earth plane, with an unknown number of participants uniting together for a common cause - harmony, unity, peace, freedom, liberty, wellbeing and above all love and LIGHT.

How did you join in? Here on the East Coast of Australia it was a lunchtime meditation. While Mick was surrounded by trees, Kathryn found a beautiful spot by the beach overlooking a deep blue ocean and cloudless skies (no, they weren't practising social distancing lol!!) An abundance of butterflies and dragonflies joined in!

Perfectly, just minutes before the meditation was about to commence, Kathryn was warned by someone that police had been there yesterday issuing fines to anyone sitting down. Momentarily, anger rose up that a tap on the shoulder might be an expensive interruption to the meditation. So she was able to use this anger as the first first emotion to transmute. Later in the meditation, as light filled love flooded through police everywhere and many of them literally fell down in tears, shocked at how loved they are.

Kathryn envisioned a core group of soul family around her, linked together with a group heart. Circling around them, this group was joined by another group in an outer ring, and the rings grew until a huge web of linked hearts filled the plane. Love literally shone and radiated, swirling. The people were throwing their heavy emotions, pain, wounded elements out into a violet flame. The fear was being transmuted into love, the anger was being transmuted into peace; the confusion was being transmuted into acceptance; and so on. A golden light shone on the world, like a giant sun, and people came out of hiding with faces towards the sun, filled with a sense of renewal and happiness, and most of all peace and freedom. People were encouraged to do what they love, and there was a sense of abundance in wellbeing, prosperity, joy.

During the meditation, it became apparent that things are unfolding exactly as they need to. This 'virus' is not about the health or otherwise of people. It is the opportunity to heal all unresolved wounds and trauma. For some, it is imperative that they stay inside to confront themselves and be in isolation with themselves, with their own thoughts and feelings. It is their time to do serious 'inner work' without the distraction of the busy-ness of life. They are not to be judged for living in fear, or hiding away, not to be judged for lacking courage. It is their time to find their way through their own shadows.

On the other hand, others are being beckoned out onto the land. There is a healing that needs to occur for those that only Mother Nature can provide. Gaia is also calling to these people to connect through the ground into their hearts. These are the ones who typically shy away from big crowds of people and are disheartened by the damage to the environment. They prefer to seek solstice within their own space, often becoming disconnected from the world at large. These hermetic types are venturing out and rediscovering a renewed sense of gratitude for the simple pleasures of life outside themselves. In other words, the reset is creating a rotational correction and purpose that is having exactly the impact it needs to. As always, there is no right or wrong, just one's perception. And that is the important thing to work on. The perception - and what it creates in each of us.

Thousands of children were seen being embraced and loved like never before. A great sense of the sacrifice their souls made seemed to shine around them, almost like a halo. There was an air of camaraderie and achievement. At this time (back in this reality), Kathryn overheard a little girl walking past her calling out 'Look how many dragonflies are here'.

After a beautiful meditation, it was easy to continue imaging the Paradise of a New Earth. Looking out over the expanse of white sands and gentle rolling waves, the yellow flowers crawling their way over the sand dunes, and peaceful people enjoying their time under the sun, one can truly hold onto the vision of a bright future, and it's within our grasp.

We'd love to hear where you were and how you participated in the mass meditation. Was it night time, day time, were you inside, outside? What vision did you create? Did any beings participate with you? Let us know and comment below!

Importantly, let's not rest on our laurels after one mass meditation. This is something we must do on an ongoing basis. As often as we can, every day - let's keep it up. Our future depends on it.


WHEREVER YOU ARE, WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING STOP AND JOIN IN *****NEVER BEFORE HAVE WE NEEDED TO RALLY TOGETHER***** On April 4/5, 2020 a tremendous Astrological Portal will open, through which humanity must UNITE AS ONE MIND, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS. THE power that we will have at our disposal on APRIL 4th/5th is truly Astronomical in the most literal sense when the planets of Jupiter and Pluto come together in the sky that day! With all of this global chaos swirling around us, it is imperative that we the true Bearers of Light come together in a Global Meditation on April 4th/5th and with profound heartfelt love Unite As One Million Points of Light who will anchor in the energies of Peace, Harmony, Abundance, Freedom, Healing and the most positive Ascension Timeline imaginable! The best possible way to do this is with MASS MEDITATION! The greater the numbers the grander the results!

You are now being asked to expand that power by reaching out to all who follow your social media pages and communicate that MASS MEDITATIONS on a GLOBAL SCALE need to become a Top Priority, beginning with the powerful Astrological Ascension Portal that will open April 4/5, 2020 when an unprecedented wave of light (5D gamma waves) will flood our planet. There are Legions of Light Beings that have entered our galaxy at this time to assist us in our ascension and help direct this high dimensional light our way on that momentous day. We must harness our power collectively and come together in much larger numbers to meditate, more often, and especially on key strategic dates and times with a singular focus. This is the ONLY WAY we are going to evolve or ascend as a society and put an end to all this madness! GLOBAL MASS MEDITATIONS ARE THE KEY TO OUR LIBERATION AND THE QUANTUM LEAP WE ALL LONG FOR IN HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS! IT IS TIME TO USE THE MAGIC KEY!!! A Mass Meditation called “Ascension Timeline Meditation” is being organized for April 4/5, 2020 at exactly 10:45 pm EDT (check your time zone here) for 20 minutes and we need you to help us mobilize the greatest army of meditators this world has ever seen! Together we will create MIRACLES Times on April 4, 2020 in the US: 7:45 pm PDT in Los Angeles, 8:45 pm MDT in Denver, 9:45 pm CDT in Chicago, Times on 5 April in Europe, Asia and Australia: 3:45 am BST in London, 8:15 am IST in New Delhi / Mumbai, 12:45 pm AEST in Sydney.

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