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We are so happy to say a big Kia Ora to our favourite Kiwi Aunty, Gail Nicholls! For those of you who have been to our Uluru events, you will have no doubt been led in a meditation by Gail. Gail's group meditations are legendary. Gail Nicholls is a published author, speaker and hypnotherapist. Born in 1950, she was 'awakened' at three years of age. That was the start of her spiritual soul journey to remember so much and to help awaken people to remember by meditation, “WHO THEY ARE”. Since 1996 Gail has led groups to many special and sacred locations, researching to prove to herself, beyond doubt, what she remembers. Regular travels to Egypt, Peru, Mexico, India - even to Alaska!

Gail Nicholls and Aunty Nelly
Gail Nicholls with Elder, Aunty Nelly at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference in Uluru 2020 (Photo credit Jenny Shand)

Gail's meditations have commenced the Cosmic Consciousness Conference for a number of years at Uluru, as well as speaking and facilitating at several of the Uluru events. Gail is attending from New Zealand to bring her work, for the first time, to Norfolk Island.

Gail has over 20 years of experience working as a Naturopath, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Healer and Counsellor. She works with the Collective Consciousness, especially Akhenaten and Xyreus. Gail conducts Life Between Lives sessions, teaches Melchizedek Method and many other forms of spiritual development sessions and classes. Gail says "When one understands that life is just the illusion and we all have inner power to create our own desired illusion, than life itself takes on a whole new meaning to create abundance and bring in what we deserve. We are a spiritual Soul here to experience a physical life. To laugh and cry, to experience all that this world has to offer and to understand that there is more to our Being than we have been told is the truth. Learn the truth and set your Soul free in this illusion, we call LIFE".

Gail's book "Who Are You?" is available to purchase at her author website:

Gail is the meditation leader at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, being held on enchanted Norfolk Island over the potent September Equinox period, 20-23 September 2022.

She has quite a treat for everyone attending with a very personal and powerful meditation circle to commence this year's Cosmic Consciousness Conference.

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