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The Awakening Journey

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

What a pleasure it is to welcome quantum healers, Pete and Roxy Heibloem to the Cosmic Consciousness Conference speaker showcase. They'll be sharing about quantum field healing and medbed technology, the Vibrational Scale of Consciousness, what it means to be lightworkers and how to heal with with the Schumann Resonance.

Pete and Roxy are multi-dimensional coaches, intuitive healers and course creators and are here to help elevate humanity and planet earth into higher consciousness. ​

Working through their own deep negative emotional injuries from traumatic childhoods and purifying their vessels. they reconnected with their true selves. They began to remember who they truly are and got clarity on why they are here.

It led them to birth 'Awakening Education' - an online platform to help others begin their awakening journey. The couple had a calling to train and learn all about multi-dimensionality and galactic truths. They cleaned out inter-dimensional injuries and merged with their higher/soul selves.

This was the launching pad to connecting with higher vibrational beings including extraterrestrial and Light Beings from other dimensions and planets. this was something very profound and exciting as we felt called to help bridge the gap between galactic worlds and the planet. With the help of galactic beings and the divine source energy we were able to open up even more healing technology aboard a galactic federation starship and now continue to take people on journeys for self-healing via med bed Technology.

"We have survived our Awakening Journey!!" - Pete & Roxy

Pete & Roxy say "We want you to know we survived our Awakening Journey!!! and that everything you are going through is okay and “everything will be okay”!!! You are on the right path! Let’s together, raise the Consciousness of YOU as an individual, and humanity and ascend into higher states of consciousness."

Pete & Roxy will be speaking and facilitating at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, 20-23 September 2022 on the enchanted Norfolk Island.

See for more information.

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