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Ensemble Speaker Showcase

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

We have a great reputation for handpicking the most phenomenal speakers and facilitators from not only Australia, but internationally as well. They are all extremely passionate about their work and share it with you so enthusiastically and purposely. The feedback we receive is that there is such synchronicity and synergy about the way their messages, their energy, speak to our delegates. It's as though if you are sitting in the audience, you are being directly spoken to you. It's for you. You were meant to hear a phrase, receive a healing, download a code or receive love in that moment from that person. They are your mirror.

In the past years we've had the international 'rockstars' such as Dr Bryan Ardis, Jason Breshears, Anthony Peake, Freddy Silva, Caroline Cory, Laura Eisenhower and more. Speakers who may not have the same level of celebrity, but have challenged the thinking of everyone in the room such as Kelly Jones, Dr Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Tracy Ash and Graham Nicholls. Australia's own home heroes like Craig Cole, Carrie-Anne Fields and Tom Barnett have been crowd favourites. Every speaker leaves their own indelible imprint on the lives of our delegates in varying ways. Their combined energy gathers to create an intensity of burgeoning transformation.

This year will be no different.

In fact, we are honoured and incredibly happy to say that two of our most revered and monumental speakers are included in this year's speaker showcase.

Firstly, David Emery. Dave joined us via Zoom from London in 2022. He gave two presentations that left everyone in awe and definitely wanting more - much more! So it is with such delight that David will be joining us in person, on Norfolk Island so we can get up close and personal and continue to dive deeper into his phenomenal work.

Secondly, Agua Pinheiro. At our December 2020 Conference, we were very close to having a disaster with our keynote speaker unable to get his Australian visa issued in time. As it turned out, the 11th hour Visa got approved, and with the meticulous help of our travel manager, Jan McLeod, our keynote speaker managed to get from Portugal to Uluru in record time and made it up on stage after lunch on the first day of the conference. It was miraculous! At the time he went by his birthname of Martin Kenny. During that phenomenal life-changing conference, Martin gave no less than five presentations that literally kept everyone spellbound. A pin could have been heard to drop during his presentations.

Since then, Martin has gone on a massive transformational process to sovereignty and building a sovereign community in Portugal. His name is just one of the numerous changes he has gone through and he would barely recognise himself from the Martin Kenny who had a corporate life in London many years ago.

So you can imagine our delight that Agua will share his work and give us an insight into his path to sovereignty and the universal laws he follows. Unfortunately, Agua is not able to join us in person, but he will beam to us live from his community in Portugal and be able to meet you all, and answer your questions.

But wait, there's more!

Much more! Joining Agua and David, will be Alobar Jones and Maya Seven Sun. These two speakers are both healers and facilitators. Each bring very unique and powerful gifts to share with you. Alobar has been fighting the tyranny from the astral planes, and was a very popular speaker at our online event we ran in 2021. As an experienced astral traveller, he is training a group of astral warriors to fight the good fight. Maya observes Nature's Frequency and uses the Codes of the Maya to help people unlock, clear, heal and transform all dissonant programs, mind control, genetic patterning, soul contracts made that were made without your consent, and step further onto the path to Sovereignty and Unity Consciousness.

Another repeat speaker is JoJo Spark. This year Jo will take the group through a powerful healing called Neurographica. Jo's experience as a healer is again, something very unique - she frequently works with animals and her ability to bring an entire farmyard of animals into a state of total calm to the point where they all lay down and 'meditate' is nothing short of miraculous. She does work with humans as well! We'll be fortunate to be guided through one of her favourite methods.

We have several local contributors this year. Gaye & Dids Evans, Drew Danahur and Vaughan Nicols all live on Norfolk Island and will provide a wealth of knowledge about not only all things about the Magick of the Island, but their own individual style of spirituality as well. Vaughan will be taking you through his intuitive art process; Drew who speaks and reads Sanskrit will help us all with some chanting; and Gaye Evans whom many call the spiritual 'gatekeeper' of Norfolk Island will again share fascinating insights about the crystalline city of light and the Lemurian legends and more. Gaye's husband, Dids, will be offering his unique cultural and spiritual tour to their phenomenal clifftop property - a tour we had to ask him to repeat 4 times last year as each one was a sellout!

To find out more about our speakers, CLICK HERE.

The next Cosmic Consciousness Conference will be held over the Lemurian Gateway date of 5 May '23 (555). To find out more about getting here contact Jan McLeod to find out about package deals or visit the website for further information.

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