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Evolutionary Energy for December Solstice

Chief Minister Gunner's unhinged stance and hard-line medical apartheid has made it impossible for entry into the Northern Territory as was planned for this year's annual pilgrimage to Uluru. His treatment of the First Nations people is also something we cannot support. Michael Gunner, you may attempt to keep the lightworkers out, but you cannot keep us apart.

So, we are doing something we never thought we'd do.

We are going digital.

This year, for the first time ever, the Conference will be full live-streamed. There will be two full days of content-rich presentations, healings, activations and meditations with speakers from around Australia and across the world.

People say that our Conferences are so much more than just a conference. That's because it's not just information sharing. Our events are an energy exchange, a group healing and a massive upgrade. Going digital is not going to change that. Hanging out with the high vibing tribe, even when it's in your PJs at home in the loungeroom, will still be an uplifting experience. Get ready for the truth bumps Team Light Uluru!

This Conference is for all of you who are here to take humanity through the darkness, into the light of New Earth. You are the lightworkers, grid workers, healers, truth warriors, shamans. It's tough, it's challenging, it's gritty, and sometimes we are reduced to tears, flashes of rage. Old wounds coming up, that's okay. You are not alone, there are millions of us. Let's get together and firmly plant our focus on the 5D solution.

As warriors of the light, we keep showing up and we are ready for liberation. We're here to show the way.

This is our intention. Bring yours and join in.

This December Solstice is going to be BIG and the more of us united together to raise the vibration, the better. The energy around this solstice is going to be particularly strong. It’s a high-energy, high-frequency intense period.

In fact, Pam Gregory, Astrologer, says that from 15 December until 11 January we will be feeling this highly charged evolutionary energy.

It’s about choosing fear or love. The galactic energy is strong, freedom and human rights are going to be highlighted.

Pam says this Solstice is really pivotal and we must be ready to respond to the massive surge of evolutionary energy. This may be the biggest we've ever experienced so far and that will accelerate the collapse. That tidal wave of energy that we've been waiting for is coming to its pivotal point.

Look at the AMAZING line-up of speakers! There'll be presentations, plus activations, meditations, healings - and so much fun. We do put on a good show don't we 😉😎 lol!! Yes if we do say so ourselves!

The conversations we've had with this year's speakers have left us buzzing. The healing energy that simply comes through as they bring forth their message is just divine.

The Cosmic Consciousness Conference is coming up on 20 & 21 December 2021.

Register your spot now and even if you can't watch it all LIVE, then you can watch the replays unlimited times:

To find out more about the programme and speakers, visit the website:

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