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Gathering of the Guardians


Hi Team Light

As you all well know, the last two years haven’t been the easiest for conference organisers! Despite that we managed to pull off one event at Uluru against all odds and took one fully online – something we’ve never done before.

We had planned on hosting two separate events at Norfolk Island and Uluru. But now we are consolidating the two events planned for this year into ONE BIG NEW EVENT – the Cosmic Consciousness – ‘Gathering of the Guardian’s at the mystical and magical Norfolk Island over 4 days filled with island tours to portals and sacred sites, presentations, workshops, meditations, skywatch and other special tours.

Yes, we are gathering the guardians: the leaders and visionaries of the New Earth.

This is how things have unfolded to bring us to this point.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, all unjabbed visitors arriving on Norfolk Island were required to self-isolate at their own expense for 7 days. For obvious reasons, this was not a feasible option for our Tribe. It meant that we were unable to go ahead with confidence for our planned May event.

In addition, there are no direct flights from New Zealand into Norfolk Island until 1 September. We have a large contingent of Kiwis coming along who couldn’t make it here easily. And additionally, one of our keynote speakers is a Kiwi.

With so many differing requirements from State to State in Australia, it’s a total minefield organising a national event. At times it has left us paralysed.

Meanwhile in the Northern Territory, the tyrannical Michael Gunner is still making life difficult. At Voyages, it is still a requirement to be fully 'vaxxed' to stay at the Resort. We do not know how long these insane restrictions will go on. It’s not something we want to support. Darkness has fallen over Uluru.

And, as they say, things happen in threes. The third thing is that the September Equinox on Norfolk Island is an important time for the Lemurian light codes. The crystal city that shares space with Norfolk island, and the many portals on the island, form an interconnectedness with Lemuria and other high dimensional realms. Gathering the earth guardians together at this time, will be another big step in the process we have begun.

The December Solstice 2020 energies that we importantly wove into life on Earth, radiated in such a way that we created an energetic ‘sonic boom’ that helped transition the Atlantean shift to the Lemurian energies. Our 5 years of work at Uluru have now been completed and it’s time to change the frequency.

It's TIME to activate the individual and collective soul memory of the ancient Lemurian race and programme your crystalline body, bringing humanity closer and closer to the apex of resonance – the purification process shedding away and stripping back to what’s important and necessary.

We are calling on the guardians of the Light, New Earth, and Peace and Love here to create heaven on earth. You know who you are. Those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

On this ancient rock in the South Pacific, a Lemurian Crystalline City of Light, a group of guardians will gather for the Spring Equinox.

Photo Credit: Kathryn Hand captured this image at one of Norfolk Island's sacred sites

The potent dynamic of earthlight guardians together can fulfill our collective human destiny coded within us. We will strengthen the network of light all over the earth to enhance the golden age (which those of us present at Uluru witnessed first hand).

As a group our service will aim to:

  • Anchor peace, harmony, love, abundance for humanity and Gaia

  • Make a deeper connection with our star families

  • Contribute to the the creation of New Earth the Great Awakening – from paradise itself!

As individuals you can expect to:

  • Go deeper into fulfilling your soul contract as a guardian on earth at this time

  • Raise your personal frequency and align with source codes (eg Diamond, Rainbow, etc)

  • Strengthen your ascension pathway with practical guidance for action

  • Receive deep purification and renewal

  • Liberate yourself from old ways of being and grow further into your own divinity

  • Live your life with more fulfillment and purpose

Join us on the ancient site of Lemuria at one of the planet’s most beautiful rocks, Norfolk Island.

We invite you to take a look at the Conference information at the website

Cosmic Consciousness Conference – ‘Gathering of the Guardians’ Spring Equinox - Norfolk Island - 20-23 September 2022

With love

Kathryn & Mick

Conference Organisers

Norfolk Island Cosmic Consciousness Conference – ‘Gathering of the Guardians’ Spring Equinox - 20-23 September 2022

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