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Reclaim the Benevolent Mothers of Light & Darkness

More than ever, we are learning to be discerning! Being together with other high-vibrational beings, at high-vibrational locations enhances our ability to open the inner portals. But, the healers reading this know - ultimately, the wisdom you need is living within you - YOU are the portal to higher consciousness.

Shamanic healing teacher, Cissi Williams, has a one-hour guided healing journey coming up next week to awaken this wisdom, that of the Divine Feminine medicine. It's something that we've connected with over the years at Uluru (some of you may recall the beautiful process that Katie Kempster contributed at the Conjunction Ceremony in January 2020 for the Saturn/Pluto Conference). Together with our Tree of Life theme at the 'Gateway' Age of Aquarius conference, this healing opportunity seems like it's made just for us!

In Australia, on Wednesday, 20 July, Cissi will take you on a guided healing journey to connect with your current state, your history, and who you are by tuning in to the Tree of Life.

Tree of Life Cosmic Consciousness Conference T-Shirt
The Cosmic Consciousness Conference T-Shirt Design at the Age of Aquarius 'Gateway' Event

The Tree of Life

You could think of the Tree of Life as a portal into the world of Spirit that aligns with your nervous system. Its roots connect you with the lower world (your unconscious mind and your past), the branches connect you with the upper world (your higher consciousness and your future), and the trunk connects you with the middle world (your conscious mind and your life here now).

During this healing journey, you’ll meet the Divine Mothers of Darkness and Light and learn to dance with them both — just as Mother Earth does.

Many don’t realise that the Dark Mother is actually loving and compassionate — she’s on your side, she wants you to awaken and come home to her, and she’ll even help you heal your relationship to the Divine Mother of the Light.

The Healing Journey

In this hour-long free online journey, you’ll discover:

  • How to re-awaken the wise woman within, tap into your intuition — and connect with the Divine Mothers of Darkness and Light as they work together to activate your inner wisdom and provide guidance along your sacred path

  • How you can heal the frozen thought patterns and ancestral programming you may be holding in your nervous system

  • The ways your body acts as a portal into the world of Spirit — your nervous system lines up with the Tree of Life, while your blood flowing through the four chambers of your heart mirrors the flow of Mother Earth’s seasons.

A guided journey to tune in to the Tree of Life

You’ll begin with the roots, connect with the divine fire from within the core of the Earth, then bring this fire up through the chakras before drawing the light from the heavens down through the branches and into the heart

As lightworkers, there's so much overwhelm at this period of time. It is easy to become disconnected from your inner wisdom, magic, and power. This magic comes only from embracing both the sacred darkness (that some spiritual people don't like to face) and the light.

The more you connect to your inner feminine divinity, you’ll learn to heal your relationship with your inner power and magic so you can share your most powerful soul gifts.

If you're interested in the guided healing journey with Cissi, it's totally free. Register below for the link to join in. And if you can't make it live on Wednesday, 20 July, you'll get the replay.

The next Cosmic Consciousness Conference is coming up 20-23 September 2022 at Norfolk Island.

To find out more, visit

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