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Tartarian Consciousness

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

We are super excited to welcome Kelly Jones to our speaker showcase. She is a Tartarian Consciousness Researcher, a truther and a new earth visionary and architect.

Kelly Jones is the creator of the YouTube Channel and Facebook Page 'Tartaria Australia’. As one of Australia’s leaders on Tartarian Consciousness, she has been looking at the false timelines of our history and putting the pieces together of this once advanced civilisation that has been hidden from our history today. Her discoveries around Melbourne, Sydney and other Australian cities show the Tartarian influence right under our noses.

Photo credit The Garden Palace was a large, purpose-built exhibition building constructed to house the Sydney International Exhibition in 1879 in Sydney, Australia. It was designed by James Barnet and constructed by John Young, at a cost of £191,800 in only eight months.[1] This was largely due to the importation from England of electric lighting, which enabled work to be carried out around the clock. [Wikipedia >> Read more]

Kelly has seen how the truth movement is diving down the Tartarian rabbit hole. The magic of the technology, the architecture, the giants, the resets, the castles and starforts, even the undiscovered lands that make us all capable of being explorers – this is the light versus dark disclosure. And it’s thoroughly fascinating and addictive.

Kelly is also the founder of The National Regenerative Agriculture Day and Carbon8, a charity transitioning farmers to Regenerative agriculture. She is here in service to the earth and works powerfully within the regenerative space.

She is also the Founder of The Regenerative Art Department and The What If Department,

building a rainbow bridge between the old and new earth via the creative arts. Kelly is a prolific artist and star-seeded truth seeker. She has hosted many shows online and has lost all but her regenerative shows over the last 18months due to censorship. Her latest podcast was entitled Aussie Disclosure News.

Packed with juicy content and Kelly’s unique ability to weave together so many fascinating topics, her presentations will be riveting and exciting journeys to go on. Kelly brings a higher perspective to all of her work and you will love the dynamic energy and spirit that comes through her fresh approach to ascension consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness Conference 'Gathering of the Guardians' 20-23 September 2022 Norfolk Island WWW.COSMICCONSCIOUSNESS.COM.AU

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