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Team Light Uluru - You Made History

A Conference Wrap Up from the Organisers

It was always going to be a hard act to follow. The Cosmic Consciousness Conference held over the 12 January 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction had been so uplifting, so euphoric and so uniting that we were nervous about how we could match it, let alone top it.

As we drew closer to December 2020, despite being in the middle of the plandemic, never did we waiver in our belief that the show would go on no matter how many would be there with us. With borders closed all over the country, it was beyond encouraging to see the faith that people had in us, their faith in the mission. Both the Conference and the accommodation became totally sold out weeks in advance.

By the time we left for Uluru on our 3,000km drive to the Red Centre, we were relieved that all borders were open and it seemed that the universal flow was in our favour. The 'Gateway' Conference was due to be held over the 21 December 2020 solstice to celebrate the new Age of Aquarius and the Great Conjunction. An amazing lineup of speakers included Freddy Silva, Sacha Stone, Tom Barnett, Steven & Evan Strong, Barbara Randall, Christine Day, Kerrie Erwin, Pia & Cullen, Dr Steven Booth - and many others.

We underestimated how pivotal our Conference would turn out to be.

It became apparent when attempts came thick and fast to close it down.

The Trouble Begins

The rollercoaster began the day before the pre-Conference welcome party. At midnight, Sydney's northern beaches were declared a 'hotspot'. For travellers turning up at the airport at 7am to board their flight to Uluru, they were met with invasive measures such as having their bank statements checked. Read more>> HERE

The Conference MC, together with our team leader, a staff member, two exhibitors and a few of our delegates were all denied access to the flight. It was a monumental blow just hours before the commencement of the Conference. Waiting for the flight to get off the ground, after being very delayed, was a harrowing experience. We had phone calls going to all levels of NT government, with management in our room saying that the flight may be diverted to Alice Springs and all passengers quarantined there. Our 13yo son was on the flight, together with staff members and our film crew. Perhaps they thought we were on the flight too.

We didn't know how we were going to run an event without staff and without a film crew to livestream it.

It began to dawn on us that this felt and seemed very personal, very targetted. Someone or something did not want the Conference to go ahead.

We put the call out to the Tribe and asked for prayers and energetic assistance to bring the flight into Uluru safe and sound.

The prayers were answered.

A text arrived from our son 'We've landed at Uluru'.

First challenge - tick!

Light 1 - Dark 0

The pre-conference Welcome Party followed by a night of mediumship with Kerrie Erwin was a spectacular way to bond with each other. With the thinning of the veil, our delegates were already experiencing metaphysical activity never seen before. We are used to a lot of anomalous activity at Uluru, but some of these things were hard to describe. So it was exciting for everyone to share their footage with each other.

It set the scene for a powerful start to the Conference.

Day 1 Begins

One of our team, Peter Maloney, got thrown in at the deep-end and stepped up to take on the enormous role of being Conference MC. He nervously took to the stage and found his own perfect tempo. Meditation by Gail Nicholls and a vocal healing by Anikiko helped everyone to ground and connect before the opening presentation from Aunty Minnie Mace who wowed the crowd and stole everyone's heart. Steven & Evan Strong followed on with fascinating information, and introduced their circle of rocks to the audience. Those that were able to experience time sitting within the ring reported a range of beautiful energetic states and messages.

Images: Peter Maloney, MC; Steven and Evan Strong on stage; Aunty Minnie Mace at lecturn

The afternoon session didn't disappoint. The niece of much-loved elder, Uncle Gerry Bostock, shared her story about the genealogical studies she has done on her family and then Kerrie Erwin gave an exclusive presentation on healing encoded for the human soma by ET symbols. She showed the true depth and breadth of her talents and healing knowledge. Valerie Barrow, who has now spoken at 5 of our events, had the honour of turning the grand old age of 88 the day she arrived at Uluru. She again shared her incredible wisdom about the birth of the Golden Age. Many of our readers will know about the prediction Valerie made 26 years ago about the possible visitation of a fleet of spaceships. You can read more about that >> HERE With a fantastic and funny presentation from keynote speaker, Freddy Silva, the day got better and better. To help with brain overload, a spectacular sound healing from Rufus Rogey on the didgeridoo, crystal bowl dynamic duo -Source 88 and beautiful 432hz vocals from Anikiko brought everyone back into their body.

Nick James shared his own personal story of the way he has grown since attending the last conference; Michael Clarke - a medical intuitive, gave everyone mind-blowing tips about the type of cosmic intelligence they can tap into to increase their own intuitive healing; and then Gail Nicholls reflected on her past life memories of Atlantis and Lemuria. Tom Barnett brought the final session of the first day to a close with a phenomenal insight into the infinite nature of numbers.

With the wrap up of a flawless first day with so many happy faces from the delegates around us, things could not have been better. The previous day's dramas seemed a lifetime away.

Or so we thought.

They Don't Give Up Easily!

With half the crowd dispersing at the end of day's play, the General Manager arrived at the conference centre and jumped on stage with the alarming news that everyone from Sydney must immediately self-isolate in their rooms, be tested by the Covid Response team who were on their way to the resort, and fly home the following day. The message was 'Pack up and go now'. It was another tactic to disrupt and spread fear.

As divine providence would have it, we happened to have two of the most knowledgeable experts on human rights in the room with us - Tom Barnett and Craig Cole. We quickly got lawyer, Serene Teffaha on the phone, and the three of them reassured everyone that these were simply recommendations, and totally unlawful. We all realised that this could be an opportunity to stand together in solidarity and show the world, arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder, that we will not comply. Very quickly, the fear transmuted into unity and togetherness. Knowing we were being streamed live around the world, we were prepared to allow ourselves to be used in whatever divine way we needed to to make a statement on a world stage.

Left: Mick Turner holds the original flag; Right: Craig Cole on stage Tom Barnett at the Lecturn

We were the wrong crowd to pick a fight with!

And yet again, unity won. Light won.

There were no Covid squads knocking our doors down at 5am, noone forcing people to leave on flights or into quarantine. One or two hilariously dressed hazmat smurfs asked us to send our delegates down for testing. You can imagine the response they got!

Light 2 - Dark 0

Aside from just a few delegates, everyone arrived for Day 2 of the Conference feeling excited and ready for whatever might occur. We had kept a secret aside for our delegates. It seemed the perfect time to let everyone know the very special surprise we had in store for them. We had been invited into the National Park, to a private location just one kilometre from the Rock. That invitation was so rare, our manager at Voyages could not recall if it that offer had ever been made to any group before. It was a huge honour and privilege. We had organised 5 coaches to transport everyone to the site for the solstice ceremony. The announcement had everyone jumping for joy.

Angela Sciberras turned out to be just the tonic for a rousing first presentation of the day. From tears to laughter, she had the audience spellbound. Her story began with reconciliation between descendants of both indigenous and convicts alike, and ended up in King Arthur's Albion. Her presentation brought everyone to their feet in a standing ovation. Angela wore on her back a replica of the Excalibur, pertinent to the story that wove so many elements of an untold history of Australia together. That sword would prove to be a key ingredient in the magic that unfolded at the Solstice ceremony that night.

Left: Angela Sciberras; Right: Barbara Randall

Barbara Randall, who was a favourite from the previous conference, was back to share more about how to action the interconnection of humanity in the Kanyini expression. Barbara continues to teach the work of her late husband, the great Uncle Bob Randall. Both Barbara and Bob had spent time living in the local community at Mutijulu. Kanyini is a way of life, unconditional love and the energetic consciousness of life that is bound together through the spiritual and physical.

Her wisdom and teachings were about to be put to the test.

(Reptilian) Snakes and (Golden) Ladders

In less than two hours of our surprise announcement, management let us know that the National Park was being closed for 24 hours. We had strong suspicions that a powerful saboteur in the room, or watching via livestream. Someone was reporting our moves to people that had the power to close down the National Park.

Our unbelievably resilient and positive crowd of delegates were unshakeable. Undeniably disappointed, they rallied around us and again showed the type of strength that is a testament to their spiritual maturity and sophistication. The harder they tried to stop us, the stronger and more determined we became. After much angst, we finally found a new spot, where we could put our feet on the red earth and do what we came to do - celebrate the dawning of the new Age of Aquarius, starting with solstice, and shape our future to align with a new earth, the golden age, the fifth dimension. With the highest level of secrecy, we got everyone to the new location at a humble football field underneath the ever-brighter conjunction in the sky, or the Bethlehem Star, as some termed it.

Light 3 - Dark 0

The ceremony they tried to interrupt was unstoppable.

What happened that night is one of those occasions that is hard to articulate. For those of us there, it will be a night permanently etched into our consciousness, always held in our memories as a night of unbelievable energy, power, intention, connection, togetherness and LOVE. The group heart was one of totally selfless service to humanity, to our future.

A lead-up of singing, music, meditation and a display of sacred rocks set up by the Strongs led to each and every person present being marked by Steven on the forehead with ash. A long period of reverent, silent meditation saw the sky begin to change from the heavy, dark rain clouds we had commenced with becoming a rich red and gold. Many people saw ancient elders watching from the sidelines, and many more experienced energetic waves move out in ripples from the group. We felt the reciprocal waves of love roll back to us, sensing the interconnectedness of all that is.

Angela Sciberras created the pivotal moment by literally drawing a line in the sand. On bended knee, she placed Excalibur in the red earth and declared sovereignty for all. Tears flowed again. We were then able to truly take in the splendour in the skies above. Photos don't do justice to the luminescent blue light emerging from behind the clouds. This supernatural phosphorescence had us all in awe. Was it a portal? Was it a glowing mothership cloaked just out of sight? It was something none of us had every seen before. Even the crew of coach drivers waiting at the boundary admitted that this was a phenomenal experience.

As the sky darkened, the mood turned celebratory. Noone wanted to leave that incredible bubble of love that had been created. Singing, dancing, drumming, hugging and sheer joy pulsated through the atmosphere. It was nothing short of rapturous. Steve Strong told us all "Welcome to a brand new world. You were the first tribe that put that energy into that Rock. You led, the others will follow. In days to come you can tell people, I was there. You are one tribe bound together by ceremony."

We had changed the course of history. Everyone there knew it, felt it.

The Great Conjunction - Age of Aquarius

There was still more to celebrate. The big event cosmologically, was the Grand Conjunction at 3.52am Uluru time. This was the dawning of the new Age of Aquarius. Our Gateway Ceremony commenced in the wee hours of the morning. Delegates turned up blearhy eyed in their PJs with blankets and pillows as we were transcendentally led through other realms. Hosted by Tim Lassig and Elise Kovacs, the ceremony seemed other worldly. Quiet, peaceful and tranquil, Naithen Richards played an extraordinary gong that literally opens portals. Jane Coleman was also part of the event, using an Egyptian vibrational instrument which is only one of seven in the world. Rufus Rogey's didgeridoo marked the exact time of 3.52am and took each person present on their own journey.

After the ceremony, we walked out to the lookout and watched the sky. It took our breath away to witness it. The sky parted in two - one portion dull and grey, the other in stark contrast was the most rich, golden hue. It was a direct validation from the universe: "You have entered the golden age".

Farewells, Not Goodbyes

The final day of the Conference commenced and despite most of us having little, if any, sleep, the first thing we noticed was the way everyone was glowing. People appeared younger, brighter. The love in the room, the high vibration and the sense of accomplishment was palpable. A third day of outstanding presentations kept everyone grounded and the expansions continued. As each presentation inevitably took us closer to the end of the Conference, it also cemented even more bonding and comradery amongst everyone.

Although the Conference came to its conclusion, the fun and connection lived on. Many stayed on for a Soul Family Christmas Lunch and some for a trip to Alice Springs and the red centre, taking in the Devils Marbles, Kings Canyon and more.

The future of the world and humanity would be not only experiencing a very different reality but would be writing a different History.

How can we summarise what 'Team Light Uluru' created in December? Did we meet the intention that we could provide an equally magical, or even better, experience than we had in January? All we can do is offer the words of one of our beautiful delegates who melted our hearts with this email:

"Can I play what if?

What if, without what the two of you and your team, so incredibly organised, there was not the combined awareness and concentration of power worldwide to activate the great awakening that took place and to put it in Steven’s words Uluru was merely “switched to idle” and went nowhere?

The future of the world and humanity would be not only experiencing a very different reality but would be writing a different History.

The two of you and your team, in what you created, gave so many of us the opportunity to be part of possibly the greatest experience of our lives, to be pivotal in the very event that may have triggered the world into the next and possibly most significant step in the great awakening.

The event in the football field for me was the most powerful energetic activation I have ever experienced in my entire life and there was a life knowing that I was meant to be there specifically for that moment in time, so thank you for providing me with that opportunity.

Can I respectfully suggest you push any negativity or criticism aside and bathe in the knowing that the two of you have most likely been responsible for literally changing the course of humanity."

Pilgrimage for Light and Liberation

The fifth Cosmic Consciousness Conference is coming up again for the December Solstice 2021. This is now a pilgrimage to the earth's solar plexus chakra, Uluru-Kata Tjuta, for more healing, transformation and the work to continue that began at the first event there in 2018. As lightworkers, way-showers, healers, starseeds and shamans, our service to humanity is ramping up. At the time of the Conference, we will be cosmologically assisted to shed whatever has become inauthentic and embrace the possibility of liberating ourselves from old restrictions.

There is more work to do, Team Light Uluru. But we know you are more than ready for it.

Thank you, we love you and honour you.

Until we meet again under the tree.

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