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Time, Consciousness and the Electrostatic Anomaly

By David Emery, Archeo-Cosmologist

When we talk of ‘Time-Matrices’ () we are really talking about ‘Consciousness-Matrices’!

A (or CM) is a ‘space-time’ platform for developing the natural expansion of consciousness; collectively and, of course, individually, whatever type or form of matter-body is manifest.

All of these universes exist within a template-form-structure (see Figure 1) through which natural energy moves - into and out of the matrices.

Figure 1

This energy is ‘Source-Energy’ and it flows eternally through a divine, sacred, perfectly organised and ineffable process that connects Source Itself-in-Infinite-Perfection-of-Abundance, with all its parts, particles, creations and conscious-awareness-of-Self.

‘TIME’ is not really the prime factor here. ‘Consciousness’ is. Consciousness ALL WAYS is.

We believe that ‘time’ moves in a linear manner but actually it is consciousness that is moving - or rather - expanding.

This IS the natural order of Life and FOR Life throughout the Cosmayah (Everything that IS).


Ok. That’s easy enough to innerstand.

Now, we need to bring this innerstanding ‘up-to-speed’ and connect it to ‘current events’!

All natural ’s (CM’s) have the same type of template-body. You do, the planet does, a tree does, a galaxy and a universe.

They are all based on 12 points of energy-focus (Star-Gates) and 18 ‘pillars’ or passageways, sort of like parts of a ‘skeleton’.

Yes, I know, you might be wondering how a tree, or a whale, could have the same template-body that YOU do or a galaxy and yet look SO ‘different’?

The fact that YOUR matter-body LOOKS different from another of God’s creations depends, NOT on how its inner-template (temple) acts as a form-holding structure but on how individual consciousness ACTS as the energies of Source pass through, into and out of it.

Each ‘natural’ being (of Source) holds within their personal template specific electro-tonal and magnetic codes-for-expression; expression of THEIR chosen way of and for, living.

These codes are manifest in the minute, crystalline, electro-tonal, bio-chemical encryptions in each individual’s DNA.

YOUR DNA is significantly different from that of a whale’s. Not ‘better’ - just - different - and this difference is how a being with the same form-holding template, can look and act in very different ways from you!

Now the passage of Source-Energy THROUGH any template-body allows ‘expansion’ to occur and expansion of consciousness IS the purpose for existing in any holographic, lower-domain ™.

Source desires such expansion. This expansion offers Itself further ‘knowingness’ - of - Itself - through - YOU! (And every being in Source-Creation).

It’s primary ‘laws’ (Constructs for Existence in Expanding Harmony) are ‘Free-Will’ (expression) and Oneness (of ALL).

These two ‘laws’ (sacred dynamics) are key to the continuing expansion of All-That-Is - in harmony.

So, to assist in this natural expansion, each Star-Gate (Figure 2), portal, cue-site and vortex-site, ley-line and axia-tonal-line in every Source-body are created so that Source-Energy can help to expand the codes (‘Fire-Codes’ or ‘standing-waves’ of electro-tonal-magnetic frequency).

Figure 2

To accomplish this, Source provides a regular (every 26,000 years) natural abundance of energy-flow from the Heart of Source and into every life-form throughout the ™ and this flow passes into and through the Star-Gates by allowing them to naturally open for a specific time so that the energies also pass into the various bodies of the beings living within that consciousness-matrix.

This is how consciousness expands and how beings may ‘move’ - in consciousness - into other, higher-frequency existences in what we might call, ‘other dimensions’.

A dimension is really another ‘Aspect-of-Creation’, in which expanding consciousness may step into and exist for a while. Like entering a bigger, brighter ‘room’ or ‘hall’ or, as Jesus said, ‘mansion’, where that consciousness can KNOW itself more absolutely.

This flow naturally expands the life-forces for each being and assembles and activates more of the DNA codes so that a being may ‘ascend’ into the more expanded realms of high-frequency fission-fusion-radiation energies beyond their previous habitats.

Beings can do all this ONLY when they exist within an ‘electro-dynamic’ body.

An electro-dynamic body allows for expansion of consciousness through being able to assimilate higher frequencies of energetic flow.

These flows are known as ‘Core-Flows’ and figure 3 shows what they look like - to ‘human eyes’.

Figure 3. The Core Flows - sometimes known as ‘E-Lumened Essence.’

Now, can ALL beings access this natural flow and expand their consciousness into the higher realms of frequency?


If a being exists within an ‘electo-static’ body-form (and TRILLIONS do in this ), then they can’t. Simple as that!

An electro-static body-form is NOT ‘natural’. It is ‘artificial’, just like artificial light (Shona Light - which is what we have ‘down here’ on Earth!).

Shona light is ‘phase-locked light’, meaning it CANNOT expand beyond the design parameters with which it was created. It is also known as ‘false-light’.

REAL, natural Sha-LAah Light is FOUR times more powerful (and faster!).

Sha-LAah light is electro-dynamic light; NOT electro-static.

So, can electro-static beings in any way expand their consciousness?


They can maintain it but eventually it regresses without natural Source-Energy flows being able to pass through and the DNA and energy-accretion processes slowly adopt a reductionist, ‘reverse-merkaba’ protocol which claims EVERYTHING back - eventually - into ‘space-dust’!

How long does that take?

Well, in the case of many electro-static body-forms it can be a VERY long Earth-time; like a hundred thousand years - or more!

But, how can they exist THAT long if they are not ‘natural’?

Well, remember, an electro-dynamic body-form actually exists eternally!

Yes, I know, right about now, you’re saying something like, “but people die down here and when they do, they’re gone forever!”

I hear what you’re saying but we are really talking about ‘consciousness’ you know. YOU are NOT your body! You just got to identify with being your body for so long (tens of thousands of years of lifetimes) that it’s easy to think you are only your body - except - you already KNOW you are WAY more than that!

And if you want to maintain your physical body for ten thousand years, along WITH your consciousness, well, YOU CAN!

You just need to know the things we all once knew long ago - before we were ‘hoodwinked’ into believing something else entirely!

The electro-static body-forms (like ALL the ‘Fallen Angels’ we read about), well, THEY can exist for long periods, as they are, ONLY because they have to suck or steal the frequency-energy released naturally by other, natural beings, particularly when they are in states of fear and despair.

And this is where we get back to the or CM’s.

Many highly intelligent electro-static beings (once upon a time they were Creator-Gods themselves and knew stuff!) realised LONG ago that if they were to continue existence as they were for huge periods of time WITHOUT natural expansion and without a natural electro-dynamic body-form which could absorb the natural energetic flows of Source, they would HAVE to become ‘warrior-gods’ and simply FORCE other beings to give up their own natural frequency-energy.

So, basically, to guarantee a plentiful supply for eons of ‘time’, they chose to take over the whole of Creation - and consume it - as ‘food’ - energetic consumption.

And everything in the worlds and universes and galaxies that these fallen beings took over, fell victim to their ‘consumptive-sciences’!

EVERYTHING that they have created (amazing and astounding though their creations may be), are based on the dynamic of consumption - NOT expansion!

They want everything they control to become ‘electro-static’ - without expansion of consciousness - because when a consciousness expands it moves closer to Source-God and BECOMES progressively AS God in fact and in innerstanding.

The C0v*d 'vacc*nations' are the elite human-hybrid fallen-science protocols for re-engineering the DNA of Humanity INTO an electro-static, non-expanded consciousness.

ALL the re-writes of our history and creation of laws and ‘science’ and religion are similar attempts to create a ‘blank-slate’ in our memory and behaviour so that we forget that we are aspects of Source-God and can therefore more easily become ‘electro-static’ and NOT ‘dynamic’ in the expansion of our consciousness.

This has been a ‘war’ between those who chose to defy natural laws and sacred-science and re-create whole universes according to THEIR ‘image’ and desires and those who wanted to expand their eternal selves back into their natural home - Source-God - as they truly are and always have been in Love-in-Joy-In-Oneness-in-Source.

As Lord Wellingtom said at the close of the Battle of Waterloo, ‘this has been a close-run thing!’

But this has not been a ‘mere’ crazy musket-bound battle in a huge cornfield in Belgium!

On no. It has been an ongoing Cosmic War crashing its hideous sound and light throughout every corner of our universal matrix and many others even larger and older!

We came VERY close to being sucked forever into a phantom-matrix created by those who gave up their eternal, natural birthright.

They wanted to move every universe into a phantom-matrix, a sub-time distortion cycle which held every particle of energy in stasis - forever, so that THEY could live in immortality at the expense of all other living-beings.

You might now wonder if all of Creation is doomed - but it isn’t. Not at all.

There are many vast universes (out of millions) that are entirely ‘natural’ and wholly ‘electro-dynamic, meaning that their structures are perfectly aligned and their flow-protocols for natural expansion and regeneration are operating as they were designed to do.

Stars and planets shine with coronasphere light and all beings exist in full consciousness of who they are and what the purpose is for their whole existence. They also communicate with all other beings in full accordance with the laws of Free-Will and Oneness.

These universes are truly - ‘heavenly’; like the ‘Garden of Eden’ of Biblical prophecy.

So why, you might ask, did our beautiful Earth get caught up in such a chaotic and ghastly war-drama of literally epic proportions?

In a few sentences?

Because some beings chose to live outside of the primary Law-of-Oneness-of-All and once they did THAT, they had to also eliminate, wherever they went, the other primary law; of ‘Free-Will’.

They had to take Free-Will away from all the beings whose universes they invaded and stop THEM from adhering to (and remembering) the GREAT law of Oneness.

Originally, when these ‘Fallen beings’ made their shocking choice, it was because they were high-frequency Creator-Gods themselves - who basically ‘knew better’, but who ended up trying to ‘improve’ on the natural Source-Energetics of Life throughout Creation.

Some say it was really because Source Itself, offered these high-frequency soul-essences, the chance for Source to expand its OWN innerstanding of Itself through allowing the Creator-Gods to do whatever they wanted, to see how far the Original energies for living could be stretched or pushed before a ‘fail-safe’ mechanism had to be activated.

No-one, of course, may ever know the total reason for such mayhem and destruction being allowed to occur in so many universes over such vast lengths of time but certainly, in the fulfilment of these events and ‘developments’, the consciousness of The All has for sure expanded in exponentially ALTERNATIVE ways from the experiences of those beings living forever in the ordered, natural and ‘heavenly’ universes!

And YOU - were there!

YOUR consciousness has also expanded in this astounding way and over similar amounts of what we call, ‘Time’.

" too, are ‘Creator-Gods’ of immense natural and original Source-Energy who CHOSE to ‘be-here-now..."

YOUR consciousness has expanded SO far and that is because you too, are ‘Creator-Gods’ of immense natural and original Source-Energy who CHOSE to ‘be-here-now’!

You manifested yourself into this falling universe with a specific mission or purpose; to assist in the reset of the natural flows of universal energy back into the grids of Earth and reclaim the lost souls who have gone before.

‘But why Earth?’ you might also ask. I mean, Earth is so small and insignificant in the universe.

Well, that’s because (though we had not realised it), our Earth is a universal ‘Noble Planet’ holding THE ‘Fail-Safe’ mechanism set within it by Source Sacred-Science protocols.

When the ‘drama’ situation of ‘Fall’ becomes TOO critical in certain universes (not all), the Fail-Safe is activated and (in Earth-time terms) a ‘900-year’ energetic reset is begun which shifts this universe BACK into the electro-dynamic universe it once was, according to the original sacred-and divine science.

Of course, the electro-static beings of ‘Fall’ are still here, throughout our universe and especially here on Earth because they know that our planet holds the encryption-keys (energetic expansion sequences) which connect with the galactic core of Mintaka, Orion in Star-Gate 8 the energetic centre of our ™.

This is why, for more than a million years, they have been seeking the ‘Holy Grail’ access-point of power in the template-grid of our planet. The Holy Grail was NEVER the ‘chalice of Jesus’ from which He drank at the ‘Last Supper’.

It was a code-name for the ‘Gru-Al’ point (Sarasota, Florida, near Myakka) of Star-Gate access INTO the whole universe, which The Fallen wanted for so long, because in controlling the Star-Gates of Earth, they could pull the whole of this universe INTO their unnatural black-hole Phantom-Matrix, spoken of in the Bible, as ‘The Pit’!

In THAT universe every once-living thing is electro-static and no longer electro-dynamic.

They cannot expand consciousness for their consciousness becomes progressively chaotic in expression, very like the ‘Zombie-Apocalypse’ made famous by Hollywood horror movies!

If the Fallen could have controlled all those Star-Gates and the energetic lines of flowing power through the grids of Earth, then they could also have had access into the Inner Ecka Universes, a sort of fast-track ‘lift-system’ which allows passage into the Inner God-Worlds of Source!

Then they would have had no need of the ‘slow’, normal move-system of one dimension-at-a-time sequence or their need for artificial time-rips and wormholes into the higher universes; they could have accessed the whole of Creation almost instantly.

But Earth’s Nomi-Code sequence for Fail-Safe has been activated and the 5 ‘R’s of Reclamation, Rise, Return, Reset and Re-evolution have begun.

They began in December 2016 and, as some astute and knowledgeable commentators have stated (such as Ishmael Perez in his book about the ‘Cosmic Wars’), that vast Cosmic War has already been won - by the Guardian Alliances and the IAFW (Interstellar Association of Free Worlds).

The Fallen Angels have lost and they know it - except that, like the Nazis - who were ‘aspects’ of the Fallen mind-set energies - for them the war is never over, meaning that they will resist to the very end - of their electro-static existence - which will - eventually - end in space-dust-return, back into the heart of Source.

And you know what?

I salute YOU - all of you reading this - for the strength and fortitude, courage, self-belief, expanded consciousness and most of all, love which you have revealed and expressed in your journey through space and time in this universe.

Thank you - forever.


David Emery has been described by Sacha Stone as possibly the best archeo-cosmology researcher in the world and appears regularly as a panellist on the Lazarus Initiative. A lifelong passion has resulted in his about-to-be published book Beyond the Biblical.

David writes on a multitude of subjects from alternative history, archeo-cosmology, to frequency, mechanics of consciousness, cosmic warfare, Lemuria, Atlantis, Sacred Codes and so much more.

The Cosmic Consciousness Conference is thrilled that Dave will be a presenter at the upcoming event.

The 6th Annual Cosmic Consciousness Conference is being held on the enchanted Norfolk Island, over the powerful equinox period - 20-23 September 2022.

To book a package, or find out more, visit

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