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Valerie Barrow's passing

For over 6 years, Valerie Barrow has touched so many of our community's lives through her involvement in our Conferences. Both Valerie and her cheeky husband, soulmate and love of her life, John, have been like family at our events. We were so heartbroken to learn of her passing recently. She was such a force of love and light, knowledge and wisdom. She had so much passion and energy. She was compassionate, loyal and strong. She could be feisty too! There's been a couple of times that she stood up to people who have wronged us (and John too).

To be honest, we thought we'd be seeing her at Norfolk Island soon and we are going to miss her terribly. Yet, it seems she was ready to leave this realm, and we know she is enjoying a beautiful homecoming and of course, she'll be with us in spirit.

“My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.” - Rumi

Many of you reading this will have met Valerie and her soulmate, John, and have special memories.

Here are some of our memories of Vali ...

This is from Valerie's website:

"Vale Valérie Judith Barrow 17 December 1932 – 29 June 2022 Humble and loved instrument of the Source of the All

The instrument whom we knew as Valérie Barrow passed over on 29 June 2022, in the company of her family. Valérie slipped away quietly, in comfort, and without pain.

Having recently published her final book – ULURU AND THE STAR PEOPLE by Valérie J Barrow and Alcheringa, Valérie shared with her co-workers that her life’s mission was complete. For a time, Valérie was the keeper of the Alcheringa Stone, and for a long time, Valérie and John were custodians of the Alcheringa Crystal, at Canyonleigh. Valérie narrated these works along with the reunion of those who were participants in the mission of the Mothership Rexegena. These stories were told in her first book, The Book of Love by a Medium.

Valérie next told of her life as a Starlady, her many lifetimes with John Barrow (who, in a previous life was Charles Dickens) which brings the narrative back once again to the story of the human, the being filled with the HUE of light from the Source of the All – hence the HUEman. That telling envelopes her life as Eagarinna, and of her experiences of Goolagaia, the All-Mother Goddess of the Australian Aboriginal. Alcheringa – the Guardian spirit of our corner of the galaxy and the Milky Way, also featured in her life and stories, as did the glyphs of Kariong, and her works with the late Gerry Bostok. Valérie also worked with her fellow light-workers on the Narayana Oracle, wherein much of the history of this planet was revealed, the two genesis events on Earth, the evolution of man from the hairy-upstanding-ape, and conversations with Jalarm, a spirit being with extraordinary high energy and frequency.

Valérie channelled Archangel Mikael and Sanat Kumara. For many years, she was to channel the Cosmic Sai Baba, and when this work was brought to a closure, Andromeda Val from the constellation M31 (Andromeda) came into her life. There were monthly messages from both Andromeda Val and Alcheringa, and Cosmic Sai Baba – who held the channel open for these messages.

Valérie was an enthusiastic light worker, who brought many people into her ambit and her work. She would thrive in supporting many of her fellow light workers – here in Australia and overseas – and to promote their signal contributions to furthering humanity and uplifting all into the Golden Age of the higher dimensions. So many people came in touch with her enthusiasm, her love, and her sparkle. As her family shared on Facebook, a new star is sparkling in the firmament, and this is the light and love of Valérie Barrow."


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