We are the Crown Jewel of Embodiment

Earth Humanity’s New State of Mind and Consciousness: How to Properly Perceive it and Cope with it

Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

Beloved: Many of you in the past have posed the question as to what is REALLY transpiring on Earth with regard to our state of consciousness-energetics, how to put it all into a proper perspective, and in particular, how to cope with the incredible energies that are bombarding us.

As such, I have been witness to many expressions of doubts and disbelievers over the years I began my SERVICE, but these expressions of doubts have subsided now (at least on my blogs). And, with the exception of only a few rogue statements and comments appearing here and there and occurring very sparsely, the majority of individuals who made such statements seem to have turned into ‘believers.’ This is, indeed, reassuring and heart-warming.

Now we are entering a new phase in our consciousness expansion and education that I recently felt it is time to apprise the public of the incredibly distasteful issue with regard to the reality of the existence of ‘negative aliens,’ and the incredible lies and deception that humanity has been subjected to during the course of its countless recycle of futile reincarnations within the ‘unconsciousness enslavement’ structure of Earth that was effectively turned into a ‘prison planet.’ And, as one gets apprised of more details with regard to the nature of this deception, effectuated by a group of vampiric-parasitic aliens who feed upon our precious divine energies as to sustain themselves in the hope of gaining further longevity with regard to their pathetic existence, it is understandable that it creates strong feelings of anger, anxiety, and even fear in certain people who find how they have been a victim of a sick game of secrecy instituted by an absurd concept of “elitism” on this planet, as an intended assuring measure for the success of the nefarious mission of these negative aliens.

Therefore, I decided to write this paper that is presented to you herein, inspired by the ever determined questioning of at least one Light Being and a valued member of our soul family.

Please read this paper very carefully. It should clarify everything for you and give you the proper understanding as to how truly magnificent you are as the Crown Jewel of all Created Forms in the Nebadon Universe, and to awaken you properly to the fact that it is, indeed, YOU who epitomize the very life of the Nebadon Universe, with your Divine Light illuminating an otherwise domain of darkness and abyss that is referred to as the ‘Void.’

Furthermore, this paper should play a part as to at least reassure you that provided you keep your pilot of Light burning and actively participate with certain degree of self-awareness as to what is transpiring, and abstain from self-destructive behaviors as a mind controlled automaton that only serves to further the feeding frenzy of these energetic parasites-vampires (at least for only a little while longer anyway), you are going HOME. And, this is the most important aspect of all this affair, despite all its evident pains and sufferings and what at times feels like drawbacks, as you are joining the Zero-Point or the Unified Field of Consciousness of the God-SOURCE, with finally attaining eternal spiritual ‘identity’ as an immortal co-creator and a Light Being.

A New Form of Consciousness Reality Setting In

There is undoubtedly a new form of consciousness reality setting in [1-2]. Prior to this, focus was, totally and exclusively, on physicality, and the question of ‘form.’ Humanity often, totally identified itself with the ‘body suit’ that, in essence, is only worn as to serve as the ‘temple of the soul,’ and for facilitating humanity’s experiencing the sojourns of life within the space-times of physicality.

Such a futile notion of considering humanity’s consciousness-energetics emanating from or being solely associated with physical ‘form’, is of course, utterly delusional. In TRUTH, as Beings of Light [3], we have a solar consciousness that manifests itself multidimensionally [4-6], and at once [7].

In fact, as the ‘Crown Jewel of Embodiment,’ humanity is comprised of multilayers of Constitutive Quanta that arrange themselves by a way of biphotonic light that each acts as a ray of light manifesting in a particular space-time dimension [8-10], and collectively, forming individual strands as a group of 12, tightly fitting together, with each progressively larger strand aggregate of rays of biphotonic light vibrating in the next higher dimension.

The whole structure is akin to a large fiber optic cable comprised of 12 smaller strands of cables arranged as a set of 12 yet finer strands, giving rise to a complex morphogenetic DNA structure that defines our physicality interfacing with progressively higher dimensions that may be modelled as spheres arranged on the 12D Grid, or so-called the Tree of Life [11-13]. And, it is only now that we are beginning to appreciate that all, in essence, function simultaneously within what is referred to as the NOW moment [14]

In this respect, the question of linear sequence of “past-present-future” no longer makes sense [15-16]. Thus, all the experiences we undergo, transpire in the NOW moment.

In fact, the ABSOLUTE NOW describes the domain of the God-SOURCE [17], the progenitor of our consciousness [18-19]. And, such ‘moment’ epitomizes utter NEUTRALITY and STILLNESS [20-23]. Thus, it is prudent that we focus our attention on STILLNESS that exists within the exacting NOW moment.

More prudently, as apprentices, being on our way, graduating from our curriculum of spiritual education, and finally going HOME to our progenitor, it is wise that we indulge in better appreciating STILLNESS and NEUTRALITY.

Furthermore, NEUTRALITY exemplifies ‘nothingness.’

And, more specifically, ‘nothingness’ is associated with a state of ‘desireless,’ and utter lack of ‘attachment’ to things. It also signifies ‘sovereignty’ and total lack of ‘interdependence’ with respect to interpersonal relationships encompassing our spouse, family, friends, associates, and other loved ones, including humanity, or other organic living things at large

Thus, while we should practice utter compassion, empathy, and express love unconditionally for each and every fellow solar consciousness being [24].

We must also learn to respect their sovereignty as well as our own, not to lean or feel dependent on another as to violate the sacred right of sovereignty and utter freedom of ourselves and others. We further begin to appreciate that congruent with the fact that we are all conscious (sentient) offspring of our God-SOURCE progenitor [25-26], every part of us, every one of our organs have their own state of consciousness, and accordingly, should be viewed and revered as an organic life being.

Thus, it is not any longer considered bizarre talking to your organs and body parts. So, it is OK to talk to our body or talk to our organs [27-29], consistent with realizing that as a sentient-conscious being we are a part of the God-SOURCE, similar to the way our organs are parts of us, all vibrating simultaneously in time [30]. In fact, even mainstream science now has concluded that you can, Indeed, talk to your genes [31-32].

The holographic structure of your DNA has two primary components: light and sound, relating, communicating, and functioning based on frequency. In fact, ALL THERE IS, is comprised of quanta of energy. And, accordingly, consciousness, as a crystalline-coherent-intelligible wave of energy, may be quantified or identified with its frequency (also reflected in Planck’s equation).

We, in fact, only now, are beginning to ‘feel’ our Total Being. It is as if we are no longer bound by the gravitational pull of the 3D polarity matrix. As such, we no longer ‘identify’ ourselves as a mere physical being or with some measure of weight or pull of the 3D gravity.

And, we no longer care about the “past” or the “future.”

This realization, for some, has taken the form of ‘apathy’ effectuated by the loss of identification as to cope with all that no longer resonate or would be perceivable in our reality.

For others, conversely, all that matters is the ‘connection to the ALL,’ reflected as a form of ‘knowing’ that ‘we are ALL part of the ONE’ [33].

In this respect, what matters is the reverence and commitment to the preservation of organic life that describes the essence of our existence, and God’s Creation. And, what previously stimulated our consciousness attention as a way of being enslaved to ‘ego’ [34] or avaricious sense of ‘acquisition’ and ‘accumulation’ [35-36], has totally vanished from our reality.

All that matters within the very moment of the NOW that is before us, is striving to fulfil our mission conformant with principle of consciousness expansion [37] and its utilization, which is creationism.

We have begun to build a core energy inside that seems incredible by the standard of the old paradigm of reality, which is providing for the very foundation of the spiritual core strength of our new embodiment. This strength augments our trust and confidence in ourselves.

We begin to see ourselves, indeed, as an offspring of the God-SOURCE, expressing ITSELF, leading to our forthcoming divine actions and behaviors.

Therefore, we start to ‘let go,’ and believe in the sanctity of the NOW. No more ego, no more frivolous and futile attachments, no more self-doubt, no more anxiety [38] with regard to the future and ‘outside’ forces, and no more fear [39] of survivalism.

We no longer worry about ‘how the chips will fall.’ Instead, we begin to believe in the power of the NOW. And, accordingly, we begin to see how precise the pixels of reality nicely coordinate themselves with one another and shape, in a most coherent, crystalline manner.

We finally begin to appreciate the very profound meaning of ‘time,’ being symbiotic with the very concept of consciousness [40-43] that epitomizes coherent, crystalline, intelligible quanta of energy. In this respect, we begin to vibrate consciously in a crystalline manner, perceiving time as being one moment (epitomizing the spinning of our quanta of energy) of inspirational endeavors leading to completion of one creative task, followed by another.

Furthermore, the incredible crudeness of the 3D paradigm of ego-based reality becomes transparent in our consciousness.

Thus, we find ourselves absolutely void of any desire or aspiration to partake in the old stale matrix of 3D structure of reality.

In this respect, the old matrix that more resembled something of ‘virtual reality’ or ‘phantom timeline’ concocted by the ‘artificial machinery’ of the negative aliens, appears to be ‘lifeless’ in direct conflict with the God-SOURCE’s organic consciousness mechanics and life system.

In other words, you begin to realize that you had been stuck in a ‘bad dream,’ lifetime after lifetime, forced reincarnation after forced reincarnation [44], with a bad script of reality being provided by the negative aliens and the producers of such a consciousness trap.

Then, you begin to really appreciate the nature of your God Sovereignty and Freedom incongruent with having been subjected to ‘enslavement,’ being confined to a space-time that was, in essence, a ‘prison for unconsciousness.’

Thus, the nature of your ‘nightmare’ becomes clear as you consciously ‘awaken’ to appreciate the very nature of your divine heritage and spiritual essence [45].

And, when you ‘awaken,’ you begin to see how the fabric of this phantom timeline of virtual reality was woven, founded upon the dogma of ego, with a hierarchical system that necessitates a system of ‘corporatocracy’ and the existence of so-called ‘elites’ as traitors, to provide the means for such insidious plan or script for a horror movie that incites nothing constructive but fear and anxiety among the observers, which is totally incongruent with organic conscious ‘reality’ structure.

And, to see the collapse of the energetics of such a structure, at last, provides all with the drive, enthusiasm, and the strive and diligence needed for participation in such an incredible venture, which is eternally satisfying.

Humanity Represents God’s Power

Note that Humanity represent's God's power. As such, it is the ‘collective Light Power’ of humanity that naturally-organically illuminates the space-time dimensions of the Nebadon Universe.

Therefore, it is the pilot battery Light of your divine organic consciousness that illuminates against the dark background of the Anti-Life system epitomizing the negative aliens.

As such, as your pilot light burns, with it, dissolves your old embodiment in favor of a new eternal crystalline one. And, to achieve this, these changes that need to take precedence, can be painful and challenging.

It is akin to the ‘growing pains’ that we have come to experience in our earlier years of childhood during our previous embodiments. In particular, presently, some of us are ordained to carry the responsibility of the essential Light Codes during the collective-planetary Ascension transformation.

As such, we function in the capacity of being the ‘Beacon of Light’ for others to also illuminate their path, meanwhile paving the course for the consciousness expansion of humanity at large.