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We are the Crown Jewel of Embodiment

Earth Humanity’s New State of Mind and Consciousness: How to Properly Perceive it and Cope with it

Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

Beloved: Many of you in the past have posed the question as to what is REALLY transpiring on Earth with regard to our state of consciousness-energetics, how to put it all into a proper perspective, and in particular, how to cope with the incredible energies that are bombarding us.

As such, I have been witness to many expressions of doubts and disbelievers over the years I began my SERVICE, but these expressions of doubts have subsided now (at least on my blogs). And, with the exception of only a few rogue statements and comments appearing here and there and occurring very sparsely, the majority of individuals who made such statements seem to have turned into ‘believers.’ This is, indeed, reassuring and heart-warming.

Now we are entering a new phase in our consciousness expansion and education that I recently felt it is time to apprise the public of the incredibly distasteful issue with regard to the reality of the existence of ‘negative aliens,’ and the incredible lies and deception that humanity has been subjected to during the course of its countless recycle of futile reincarnations within the ‘unconsciousness enslavement’ structure of Earth that was effectively turned into a ‘prison planet.’ And, as one gets apprised of more details with regard to the nature of this deception, effectuated by a group of vampiric-parasitic aliens who feed upon our precious divine energies as to sustain themselves in the hope of gaining further longevity with regard to their pathetic existence, it is understandable that it creates strong feelings of anger, anxiety, and even fear in certain people who find how they have been a victim of a sick game of secrecy instituted by an absurd concept of “elitism” on this planet, as an intended assuring measure for the success of the nefarious mission of these negative aliens.

Therefore, I decided to write this paper that is presented to you herein, inspired by the ever determined questioning of at least one Light Being and a valued member of our soul family.

Please read this paper very carefully. It should clarify everything for you and give you the proper understanding as to how truly magnificent you are as the Crown Jewel of all Created Forms in the Nebadon Universe, and to awaken you properly to the fact that it is, indeed, YOU who epitomize the very life of the Nebadon Universe, with your Divine Light illuminating an otherwise domain of darkness and abyss that is referred to as the ‘Void.’

Furthermore, this paper should play a part as to at least reassure you that provided you keep your pilot of Light burning and actively participate with certain degree of self-awareness as to what is transpiring, and abstain from self-destructive behaviors as a mind controlled automaton that only serves to further the feeding frenzy of these energetic parasites-vampires (at least for only a little while longer anyway), you are going HOME. And, this is the most important aspect of all this affair, despite all its evident pains and sufferings and what at times feels like drawbacks, as you are joining the Zero-Point or the Unified Field of Consciousness of the God-SOURCE, with finally attaining eternal spiritual ‘identity’ as an immortal co-creator and a Light Being.

A New Form of Consciousness Reality Setting In

There is undoubtedly a new form of consciousness reality setting in [1-2]. Prior to this, focus was, totally and exclusively, on physicality, and the question of ‘form.’ Humanity often, totally identified itself with the ‘body suit’ that, in essence, is only worn as to serve as the ‘temple of the soul,’ and for facilitating humanity’s experiencing the sojourns of life within the space-times of physicality.

Such a futile notion of considering humanity’s consciousness-energetics emanating from or being solely associated with physical ‘form’, is of course, utterly delusional. In TRUTH, as Beings of Light [3], we have a solar consciousness that manifests itself multidimensionally [4-6], and at once [7].

In fact, as the ‘Crown Jewel of Embodiment,’ humanity is comprised of multilayers of Constitutive Quanta that arrange themselves by a way of biphotonic light that each acts as a ray of light manifesting in a particular space-time dimension [8-10], and collectively, forming individual strands as a group of 12, tightly fitting together, with each progressively larger strand aggregate of rays of biphotonic light vibrating in the next higher dimension.

The whole structure is akin to a large fiber optic cable comprised of 12 smaller strands of cables arranged as a set of 12 yet finer strands, giving rise to a complex morphogenetic DNA structure that defines our physicality interfacing with progressively higher dimensions that may be modelled as spheres arranged on the 12D Grid, or so-called the Tree of Life [11-13]. And, it is only now that we are beginning to appreciate that all, in essence, function simultaneously within what is referred to as the NOW moment [14]

In this respect, the question of linear sequence of “past-present-future” no longer makes sense [15-16]. Thus, all the experiences we undergo, transpire in the NOW moment.

In fact, the ABSOLUTE NOW describes the domain of the God-SOURCE [17], the progenitor of our consciousness [18-19]. And, such ‘moment’ epitomizes utter NEUTRALITY and STILLNESS [20-23]. Thus, it is prudent that we focus our attention on STILLNESS that exists within the exacting NOW moment.

More prudently, as apprentices, being on our way, graduating from our curriculum of spiritual education, and finally going HOME to our progenitor, it is wise that we indulge in better appreciating STILLNESS and NEUTRALITY.

Furthermore, NEUTRALITY exemplifies ‘nothingness.’

And, more specifically, ‘nothingness’ is associated with a state of ‘desireless,’ and utter lack of ‘attachment’ to things. It also signifies ‘sovereignty’ and total lack of ‘interdependence’ with respect to interpersonal relationships encompassing our spouse, family, friends, associates, and other loved ones, including humanity, or other organic living things at large

Thus, while we should practice utter compassion, empathy, and express love unconditionally for each and every fellow solar consciousness being [24].

We must also learn to respect their sovereignty as well as our own, not to lean or feel dependent on another as to violate the sacred right of sovereignty and utter freedom of ourselves and others. We further begin to appreciate that congruent with the fact that we are all conscious (sentient) offspring of our God-SOURCE progenitor [25-26], every part of us, every one of our organs have their own state of consciousness, and accordingly, should be viewed and revered as an organic life being.

Thus, it is not any longer considered bizarre talking to your organs and body parts. So, it is OK to talk to our body or talk to our organs [27-29], consistent with realizing that as a sentient-conscious being we are a part of the God-SOURCE, similar to the way our organs are parts of us, all vibrating simultaneously in time [30]. In fact, even mainstream science now has concluded that you can, Indeed, talk to your genes [31-32].

The holographic structure of your DNA has two primary components: light and sound, relating, communicating, and functioning based on frequency. In fact, ALL THERE IS, is comprised of quanta of energy. And, accordingly, consciousness, as a crystalline-coherent-intelligible wave of energy, may be quantified or identified with its frequency (also reflected in Planck’s equation).

We, in fact, only now, are beginning to ‘feel’ our Total Being. It is as if we are no longer bound by the gravitational pull of the 3D polarity matrix. As such, we no longer ‘identify’ ourselves as a mere physical being or with some measure of weight or pull of the 3D gravity.

And, we no longer care about the “past” or the “future.”

This realization, for some, has taken the form of ‘apathy’ effectuated by the loss of identification as to cope with all that no longer resonate or would be perceivable in our reality.

For others, conversely, all that matters is the ‘connection to the ALL,’ reflected as a form of ‘knowing’ that ‘we are ALL part of the ONE’ [33].

In this respect, what matters is the reverence and commitment to the preservation of organic life that describes the essence of our existence, and God’s Creation. And, what previously stimulated our consciousness attention as a way of being enslaved to ‘ego’ [34] or avaricious sense of ‘acquisition’ and ‘accumulation’ [35-36], has totally vanished from our reality.

All that matters within the very moment of the NOW that is before us, is striving to fulfil our mission conformant with principle of consciousness expansion [37] and its utilization, which is creationism.

We have begun to build a core energy inside that seems incredible by the standard of the old paradigm of reality, which is providing for the very foundation of the spiritual core strength of our new embodiment. This strength augments our trust and confidence in ourselves.

We begin to see ourselves, indeed, as an offspring of the God-SOURCE, expressing ITSELF, leading to our forthcoming divine actions and behaviors.

Therefore, we start to ‘let go,’ and believe in the sanctity of the NOW. No more ego, no more frivolous and futile attachments, no more self-doubt, no more anxiety [38] with regard to the future and ‘outside’ forces, and no more fear [39] of survivalism.

We no longer worry about ‘how the chips will fall.’ Instead, we begin to believe in the power of the NOW. And, accordingly, we begin to see how precise the pixels of reality nicely coordinate themselves with one another and shape, in a most coherent, crystalline manner.

We finally begin to appreciate the very profound meaning of ‘time,’ being symbiotic with the very concept of consciousness [40-43] that epitomizes coherent, crystalline, intelligible quanta of energy. In this respect, we begin to vibrate consciously in a crystalline manner, perceiving time as being one moment (epitomizing the spinning of our quanta of energy) of inspirational endeavors leading to completion of one creative task, followed by another.

Furthermore, the incredible crudeness of the 3D paradigm of ego-based reality becomes transparent in our consciousness.

Thus, we find ourselves absolutely void of any desire or aspiration to partake in the old stale matrix of 3D structure of reality.

In this respect, the old matrix that more resembled something of ‘virtual reality’ or ‘phantom timeline’ concocted by the ‘artificial machinery’ of the negative aliens, appears to be ‘lifeless’ in direct conflict with the God-SOURCE’s organic consciousness mechanics and life system.

In other words, you begin to realize that you had been stuck in a ‘bad dream,’ lifetime after lifetime, forced reincarnation after forced reincarnation [44], with a bad script of reality being provided by the negative aliens and the producers of such a consciousness trap.

Then, you begin to really appreciate the nature of your God Sovereignty and Freedom incongruent with having been subjected to ‘enslavement,’ being confined to a space-time that was, in essence, a ‘prison for unconsciousness.’

Thus, the nature of your ‘nightmare’ becomes clear as you consciously ‘awaken’ to appreciate the very nature of your divine heritage and spiritual essence [45].

And, when you ‘awaken,’ you begin to see how the fabric of this phantom timeline of virtual reality was woven, founded upon the dogma of ego, with a hierarchical system that necessitates a system of ‘corporatocracy’ and the existence of so-called ‘elites’ as traitors, to provide the means for such insidious plan or script for a horror movie that incites nothing constructive but fear and anxiety among the observers, which is totally incongruent with organic conscious ‘reality’ structure.

And, to see the collapse of the energetics of such a structure, at last, provides all with the drive, enthusiasm, and the strive and diligence needed for participation in such an incredible venture, which is eternally satisfying.

Humanity Represents God’s Power

Note that Humanity represent's God's power. As such, it is the ‘collective Light Power’ of humanity that naturally-organically illuminates the space-time dimensions of the Nebadon Universe.

Therefore, it is the pilot battery Light of your divine organic consciousness that illuminates against the dark background of the Anti-Life system epitomizing the negative aliens.

As such, as your pilot light burns, with it, dissolves your old embodiment in favor of a new eternal crystalline one. And, to achieve this, these changes that need to take precedence, can be painful and challenging.

It is akin to the ‘growing pains’ that we have come to experience in our earlier years of childhood during our previous embodiments. In particular, presently, some of us are ordained to carry the responsibility of the essential Light Codes during the collective-planetary Ascension transformation.

As such, we function in the capacity of being the ‘Beacon of Light’ for others to also illuminate their path, meanwhile paving the course for the consciousness expansion of humanity at large.

So, the very challenges you face through experiencing physical pain, etc., is the result of your ‘consciousness training’ to be able to eventually ‘hold the Light,’ not just for your Self and your planetary body, but also for the for the entire Universe as your embodiment was designed to illuminate the Physical Universe of Nebadon.

You chose to be here in this difficult time of planetary Ascension to master the 3D Matrix and understand the energetic dynamics behind its formation.

The 12D Light Spiral Vortex and its Codes are extremely powerful to bring into these environments.

As such, you have the power and were entrusted to open a ‘field’ and see the restoration and the reclamation of the divine genetics formalized as ‘humanity’ to unravel and take precedence.

So, strive to become fully awaken to this TRUTH, and ‘allow’ and accept the responsibility that you chose to undertake by being here at this time and partake in this ‘rebooting’ and Ascension process. And, take courage and step up to assume the role you so courageously and passionately chose to accept.

When you observe the countless species and their communities who openly express themselves to say that we are indeed 'the brave ones' and the 'heroes' to a point that “they could not ever presume or dare to be able to emulate,” and are impatiently awaiting the result of outcome of this Ascension process, you begin to appreciate what is exactly going on, and what significant role you play in this endeavor.

Ascension is not just specific to this Earth or even Omni Earth. It is occurring in all parallels as well at all universal dimensional levels. What transpires here has percussion-ramification all over this, and other Galaxies of the Universe.

Universes represent experimentations in Creation. But, not all are always successful. Some eventually fail. As such, those that fail, their energetics get absorbed by the God-SOURCE to become ‘raw energetic materials’ for the next course of Creation to take precedence elsewhere.

Thus, such energetics can serve as the ‘raw quanta’ to be applied for other universal creational experimentations.

As such, all ‘identities’ gained via eons of consciousness experimentation projects via obtained hands-on experiences within myriads of space-times through the advent of soul’s acquiring spiritual education leading to obtaining self-awareness/conscious expansion (that get recorded as soul memories), can become dissolved upon full re-absorption to the God-SOURCE.

So, it is NOT surprising why the rest of the Universe is impatiently waiting the outcome of our Ascension process. Furthermore, this is why we are faced with an incredibly tasking challenge to ascend ‘while we are still in our bodies.’

It is a new criterion that has never been in effect in the “past” in this Universe. In contrast, the process of Ascension has been traditionally gradual, with Ascension taking place on a one-to-one basis.

In other words, during a course of incarnation, a sentient offspring of the God-SOURCE would gain adequate spiritual education via experimentation in a particular space-time to inspire self-reflection and self-awareness or gain ‘consciousness expansion’ to propel it to the next higher branch of the Tree of Life or the 12D Grid.

In this respect, the entity would part with its current incarnation via physical ‘death’ with activations of its bioenergetic system or higher levels of its morphogenetic field to incarnate back within a fresh, more evolved body.

So, this way, its soul would get a chance to develop a higher spiritual personality worthy of manifesting as a higher dimensional evolved being during the next course of incarnation. And, finally when the soul advances to the 10th-12th dimensional level reaching the Avatar state [46], it would have developed or reactivated the full potentiality of its initial ‘consciousness seed’ to be able to ‘go HOME’ and merge with the Zero-Point-field [47-48], joining its Prime Creator.

This is the time one achieves the state of full NEUTRALITY. Beyond that, there is simply ‘nothingness’ and STILLNESS within the silent spaces, epitomizing eternal peace, tranquility, and prosperity.

Note that initially, there is no sense of spiritual ‘identity’ recorded in your cellular or energetic matrix or morphogenetic field. But, now there is a choice for the soul to obtain its permanent and ‘eternal identity’ and status as a perpetual, immortal being.

This is, indeed, the ‘End of Time,’ as we have come to know it.

This is, indeed, the ‘End of Time,’ as we have come to know it.

And, upon graduating as an ‘Ascended Master’ out of the physical 12D Tree of Life, the soul then begins to further ‘grow’ within the ‘Unified Field of the Zero-Point,’ advancing further in frequential energetic of consciousness, as it attains more self-awareness due to higher propinquity [49] with respect to the God-SOURCE.

Recall that the course of evolution and Ascension progression of a divine organic conscious being entails ‘staying connected to the God-SOURCE.’ This means your Consciousness Quanta of energy always strive to resonate with the SOURCE, with your thought-emotional consciousness pattern vibrating and conforming with the provisions of the ‘Law of One.’

This means revering organics life, abiding with the mandate of respecting the ‘Right of Free Will’ of other beings, as well as conforming to the requisite ‘Law of Non-interference’ that asserts you can NEVER interfere with the course of further consciousness development of others, and certainly must abstain from causing any impediment to their evolutional process.

In fact, you are strongly encouraged to aid or contribute to the course of consciousness expansion and evolutional process of others, but solely with their conscious consent, and only by a way of setting an example through being a ‘Beacon of Light.’

Note also that consciousness is something that cannot be imposed upon others. In other words, for a person to be able to expand in consciousness, it must actively participate in the process, by literally acquiring or ‘owning’ it.

At the same time, you are to strictly abstain from any action that brings ‘darkness’ to another or be a source of impediment for their acquiring consciousness expansion [50]. Any form of devious intent or act as to ‘mind control’ others inciting ignorant, self-destructive, behaviors constitutes anti-God, Anti-Life and an inorganic process.

The Universe is Infected by the Anti-Life Negative Aliens

Note that, however, the Universe is infected by the Anti-Life negative aliens that are anti-God, parasitic, malevolent, and constitute a strong virus-disease within the body of the Prime Creator. And, as this virus has artificial intelligence leading to sabotaging the consciousness mechanics of the God-SOURCE to a point of concern, it has to be either contained or eradicated.

Many efforts have been expended in the past timelines via hybridization efforts to re-encrypt the diseased genetics of negative aliens to render it rehabilitation, reclaiming the organic quanta of consciousness energy related to these ‘lost’ souls.

It was hoped that through repeated hybridization with organic beings, eventually, this virus would be transmuted and disappear. However, these attempts have been met with strong reactions adversely inciting multiple galactic and intergalactic wars by the very negative lost entities who wanted to preserve their defective and fallen genetics in favor of fulfilling their vain delusional fantasy of playing “gods” by way of freely suppressing-oppressing-ruling others.

This is what defines a ‘false god’ concept, as a TRUE God is unneedy to subjugate its offspring to its whims, and demand them to worship IT, or to epitomize a wrathful, judgmental, punishing god. You have come a long way to now reach this state and opportunity to join STILLNESS.

Take courage and not be discouraged as to hold back now that the parasitic structure is collapsing.

Take courage and not be discouraged as to hold back now that the parasitic structure is collapsing. There is such a sense of emotional freedom in reaching this level, finally fulfilling the right of one’s sovereignty as a divine conscious being.

But, exactly right now, you have not yet reached this point in time.

Now, you may feel ‘blocked’ in your energetics during this time when we exist ‘in between worlds,’ witnessing the parasitic structure collapsing. As such, we are confronted with challenging tasks in which we must navigate this daunting course of existence never experienced before by any other soul, in order to reach new decisions, and effect new solutions, with acumen, patience, and perseverance.

The crux of the matter is to embody oneself in a state of ‘Full Presence’ and dissolve all inhibiting doubts and resistances with perfect might and resoluteness in neutrality. And, this very exercise can prove to be an overture to eventually experiencing and reaching the state of eternal NEUTRALITY. We are charged with the task of bringing the Light of Consciousness [51] to navigate the rough and crude terrain of the ‘contemporary world,’ what is descending into a more exaggerated distortion of itself further and further.

Thus, you need to firmly command holding your ‘personal space’ fortified by the strength of your inner divine Light of Consciousness so you are not swept away as debris within the ongoing currents of chaos and discord that are yet in progress. Note that, ultimately, you are guided by your inner spirit.

Thus, it is of crucial importance that you align yourself with and become congruent with your inner spirit, and let that guide your course of daily actions as reflected by your thoughts and emotional state to reflect the spirit of the God-SOURCE, while you become the source of its embodiment and the walking example of inner sustainability being connected to the SOURCE.

Note that parasitism is the underlying source of entropy [52-53] and decay of the Universe [54]. Therefore, as you face challenges, you need to come to the realization that above all, you do not fall into the unfortunate state of becoming a predator and feed upon the energies of your loved ones, friends and family and associates, and indeed, all your fellow human beings, in what may be referred to as a yet another form of parasitism-vampirism itself.

Thus, take care that at this point in your evolution, you do not siphon energies from other people, in a futile attempt to possibly relieve yourself from the physical pain, suffering, and challenges you are experiencing nowadays. Instead, exercise patience and perseverance that is yet another indication of you attaining spiritual mastery, subscribing to the institution of compassion and unconditional love as a reflection of abiding by the God’s Will.

In particular, you may find the road to achieving harmony with your fellow human quite bumpy and rough as you are bound to find lack of synchronicity with many who do not resonate with your higher dimensional frequency of consciousness. As such, it is of paramount importance to your own state of mental health and wellness that you exercise tolerance, and firmly believe in the motto of ‘Live and Let Live,’ should you find that your guiding light does not seem to set an example or pave the way, so to speak, for others achieving consciousness expansion.

And, to put it all into a format that is ‘Good for the ALL,’ you must discipline and cultivate your emotional-mental thought process to firmly exercise the doctrine of ‘allowance,’ conformant with being subservient to God. After all, it is God that epitomizes being ever non-judgmental, loving, compassionate, forgiving, exemplifying utter tolerance, state of harmony, and the ultimate authority with infinite strength and capability to illuminate yours and other’s way to achieving full tranquility and prosperity.

Thus, the overall acumen is to utterly surrender to God’s Will without any sense of judgment or attachment to all that is and transpires around you. And, as you learn to follow ITS example, you practically become the embodiment of God and Divinity, with a ‘Full Presence’ of the state of I AM in the NOW.

In this respect, KNOW that you are NOT alone in all this. And, to put it into words more eloquently, it may be that you find yourself sometimes staring at the mirror asking yourself ‘who are you?’ In fact, you might find yourself constantly checking for your vital signs, your blood pressure, glucose level (especially if you are one of the vast majority of the population experiencing diabetes), temperature level, and at times, checking to see if you are still breathing properly.

We, as humanity, have now reached the incipient point entering the ‘Void,’ the ‘innerspace’ between space-time dimensions, where there is no constitution, no spatiality, no progression of time, and the state of NOW, and the utter state of NEUTRALITY that epitomizes the ‘Zero-Point State’ of the ‘Unified Field of Consciousness.’

This is the point of STILLNESS as the God-SOURCE exhales or takes an outbreath, giving birth to a new YOU. And, this process of ‘rebirth’ will culminate in you beginning to experience your own emotional body sensations in a totally new way.

Note that as a result of tremendous outpouring of new accelerated light quanta of energy [55], new Galactic Frequencies are being accessed that are continually opening up many dimensional doorways. As such, we are continually becoming more aligned and reconnected with the Galactic Time Continuums or Galactic Dimensions.

Many of us who have the Clarion call to work with such a new energetic architecture that entails dismantling the old and stale paradigm of 3D reality and building our new reality system, have been experiencing incredibly intense polarities between the Anti-Life and Life Force. These new polarities need to be synthesized. As such, some of us have managed to rediscover the STILLPOINT or the Zero-Point Field.

This means we are returning to the Living Light of the God-SOURCE [56], that connects us to the space-time continuum associated with the point of origination of ALL THERE IS at least within the physical Universe of Nebadon. And, when we find ourselves in a state of Full Embodied Presence, there is a responsibility for shifting into a state of full transparency that is the very best of ‘Disclosure’ so much sought after or publicized nowadays.

And, the best thing is that it does not need the full cooperation of a traitor ‘Shadow Government’ to confirm or validate the truth being presented.

In fact, all is needed, is that our fellow human beings ‘allow’ themselves to be ‘awaken’ to the TRUTH being presented and seek validation through their heart-based inherent intuitive intelligence [57] and the soul memories that are still encrypted within their DNA.

Note that it is true that the negative aliens continuously subject the public to nefarious mind controlling techniques such as consciousness wiping (‘Blank Slate Technology’) [58] via ‘NET’ [59] as well as their Beast Machinery and via the use of ‘Mind-Sliding Techniques’ [60] as to ‘distract’ humanity’s attention from seeking and appreciating the truth.

Yet, they cannot totally erase what is already recorded in the soul of certain individuals through their DNA and genetic memories that have only been dormant up to now. Thus, we, who have volunteered to be on this planet at this auspicious time are, indeed, the ‘Wayshower’ and the ‘Rehabilitation Force’ that have chosen to relieve humanity from this enslavement matrix.

Note that up to now we have been subjected to a highly abusive addictive matrix, entrenched with a 2D-type desire body for all that is essentially futile and needless as, well as self-destructive tendencies, facilitated by a variety of Mind Control Programming [61-62]. And, this ‘Mind Control Programming’ has been executed via ‘Holographic Inserts’ [63] that only introduce and continuously reinforce distortions and ‘Consciousness Reversal’ in humanity [64-65].

Awakening from the Nightmare

However, now, many people who are continuously awakening from this nightmare are beginning to see through these lies and deceptions, and thus, effectively feel "desire-less" as the structure of the deceptive matrix is collapsing, and with it, removing the addictive matrix in the emotional body of humanity. As a result, this introduces a state of ‘nothingness’ in which nothing seems to matter any longer, and all the avaricious, addictive traits will soon be disappearing.

And, if you find yourself in such situation, do not consider it as a predicament, but as a blessing. Thus, do not think that you are suddenly becoming ‘depressed,’ or losing all your ‘ambitions,’ and feeling “empty.” This perceived “emptiness,” is synonymous with what the author referred to as ‘nothingness,’ getting you ready for the Zero-Point Field.

Thus, now you are graduating from what actually describes the true sense of ‘emptiness,’ and you are only moving from ‘nothingness’ to the Zero-Point Field of the God-SOURCE.

So, you are finally going HOME to the God-SOURCE. You are becoming sovereign, free, and void of futile attachments and dependencies.

And, even if you feel your sensations of non-attachment and such extend to your loved ones, spouse, family, friends, and close associates, all that is happening is that you are losing your futile interdependencies.

This is the road to sovereignty, to total spiritual freedom.

This is the road to sovereignty, to total spiritual freedom. And, without the stimuli of nefarious Mind Controlling Holographic Inserts, you are finally becoming free and released from this bondage of unconsciousness enslavement.

Thus, instead of indulging in delusional feelings of doubt, depressive thoughts propelling you to “emptiness” and in extreme cases, utter self-loathing, feel adventurous to emerge from your stale paradigm of reality and old futile, recurring reincarnations founded on polarity and duality, ‘test’ yourself to appreciate your prospective new Creation.

In this respect, spend ‘time’ on only constructive-creational endeavors that are in par with yourself, being an offspring of the God-SOURCE, and a Co-Creator. And, as you indulge in testing out the essence of your new creation, remember that this is the very FIRST time that at such level of physicality (or physical density), we have been this close to experiencing a non-polarity, non-duality structure of reality.

Make no mistake that the new state of feeling desireless or craving for ‘nothingness,’ is a blessing and a gift from the All Mighty God. Indeed, view yourself as an artist with a blank canvas and all creative tools to indulge yourself, co-creating with your parent God-SOURCE.

In this respect, as they say “sky is the limit.’

Go for it!

Instead of, once again, falling into entropic energies of viewing yourself as “one who will never amount to anything” (quoted from negative aliens who perceive us as such), ‘apply yourself,’ and watch the fireworks, as you finally see what you are really made of.

• Remember, you are not confined and imprisoned in a matrix of duality any longer.

• That was the construct of Anti-Life beings and their force.

• Your elemental quantum energetics does not include such Anti-Life structure.

• Neither, you will be ever forced to reincarnate in such a prison system whose wardens would have to constantly sedate you via nefarious schemes of numerous types of Mind Controlling Programming, consistently and continuously, to dread the possibility of encountering the moment that you might ‘awaken’ from your dream (more like a nightmare).

• Note that your morphogenetic structure was not initially designed for experiencing life within the high density of the 3D world [66].

• You were designed with a 12-Strand Crystalline Silicate Structure template [67] to begin your physical life adventure in the Third Harmonic Universe.

• As such, your embodiment was to commence experiencing your life sojourns in the 5D Tara (Second Harmonic Universe) [68].

• You were NOT meant to embody a carbon-based structure.

• Nor, you were to be contaminated with ‘black goo,’ which epitomizes the essence of an anti-organic life type of parasitic existence.

• Such a form is the result of a closed loop bi-wave energetic, which is obtained through siphoning energy from organic life and used for sustain a parasitic life, with the excess energy to be stored in ‘Black Hole Moloch Tanks’ for future usage.

• Such a system of existence represents Anti-Life with a finite span of existence that is subject to decay and death.

• Now, you are about to be resurrected from all distortions and reversals that effectuated your physical death in the past futile reincarnations, into an Eternal Living Light Being as an offspring of the God-SOURCE whom you carry ITS Living Light Code.

• What you are experiencing nowadays is the result of conflict between life and Anti-Life forces that actually began eons ago at the level of the 11th dimension.

• Thus, they relate to the cellular memories of our planet recorded within the 11th Star Gate in this 3rd dimensional density that is headquartered in Stonehenge-England.

• And, within the context of the Duality challenge, they relate to a variety of ‘archetype patterns’ introduced by the negative aliens with the underlying ‘divide and conquer strategies,’ the most transparent of which being ‘Elitism’ [69], ‘Curse of Money’ [70], ‘Religious Hypocrisy and Superstition’ [71], ‘Prejudice and Eugenics’ [72] ‘Gender Archetype Polarity’ causing ‘battle between the sexes’ [73], etc.

In particular, humanity has been mind controlled and manipulated as to self-inflict a variety of addictive and self-destructive behaviors as ‘Misogyny’ [74], ‘Sexual Promiscuity and Addiction’ [75], Sexual Misery [76], ‘Gender Confusion’ [77], etc., which are based upon the dogma of ‘patriarchal domination,’ something that the negative aliens subscribe to and revere so much. And, the playground for manifestation of such sick archetypal games has been this dense realm of physicality that we refer to as 3D, and in particular, Earth.

Such a ‘game’ is now coming to meet its end, with the final cycle of its resolution and reconciliation occurring. After this, ‘the Game is Over!’

Although the 11th Star Gate located in Stonehenge, England, bears the witness to such dramatic memories locally, it has its reverberation and repercussions sweeping our entire planet with its energetic memories impacting the ALL. And, as you experience and ‘feel’ its amplified dramatic effects resurfacing now, make sure that you are sovereign and resolute to command your own consciousness space at this time.

This way, you will be able to ‘see through’ things clearly as the pixels of reality of the past, present, and future are paraded within your consciousness space. Then, you will see all the archetypes played herein, and you will see and identify how the turn of the events points out to the existence of such a conflict between the life and Anti-Life systems, with the structure of the latter now crumbling and collapsing.

Struggles amplify as a result of ‘resistance’...

As such, the whole experience at this time appears to be so ‘surreal,’ with you fighting for your life, at times seemingly taking your last gasping breath before death, as you are more and more approaching the incipient point of resurrection and regeneration, once again, metamorphosizing into a new eternal lifeform that describes the essence of your existence, and conformant with how you were created in the first place. Note that the struggles amplify as a result of ‘resistance,’ effectuated by your striking the chord of ‘disallowance.’

Thus, instead of over-exerting yourself, and indeed, entropically and wastefully by subscribing to doubt, anxiety, and ‘fear of the unknown,’ it is prudent to choose ‘NEUTRALITY’ and trust the divine currents that propel you, sweeping you towards your eternal destiny. And, instead of contemplating in denial or secrecy while you deal with the totality of you residing WITHIN, choose transparency and honesty and ‘feel’ the currents, while you set yourself out to vibrate synchronously and harmoniously with the next approaching ‘waves’ of Creation.

Note that with regard to your opposing forces of Anti-Life, it is of utmost importance that you do not ‘engage’ with them physically or psychologically. Psychological Warfare is a game that these parasitic beings have learned to master so well. And, the result of any such engagement with these malevolent forces is that you get drained and siphoned out of your precious inherent divine energies, while they devour and gorge themselves with your precious energies and at your expenses.

Meanwhile, be ever so faithful to the cause and pride yourself as being the ‘Defending Champion of the TRUTH.’ Note that your consciousness space epitomizes you as the ‘Authority of God.’

Thus, command your space unwaveringly, passionately, lovingly, while you test out your prospective, new state of existence, which is living in the Zero-Point NEUTRALLY, without any ‘attachments’ to this dissolving, decaying 3D reality, with total absence of doubt, anxiety, and fear.

Know that your only downfall is to subscribed to redundant issues that have been plaguing you throughout your entire course of your unconsciousness enslavement, in line with the much delight of your parasitic predators and controllers of the 'PAST.' Note that the word “past” is emphasized herein, because it will NEVER reappear as a natural cycle of delusional linearity of time and its perceived faulty reality.

Yet, there are still those souls that are trapped within this ‘Phantom Timeline of Reality’ set out by the negative aliens, who either have strong negative energetic ‘attachments’ to them, or are utterly ‘possessed’ [78-79] not even being conscious of their actions that are driven by outside malevolent forces.

The latter, particularly, are akin to vampiric-energetic beings that exist as a form of Anti-Life ‘composite entity,’ lurking within old stale paradigm of 3D reality of Earth. These exists in corporatocratic organizations, communities, secret societies, families, and even as individual entities. And, beyond this particular density, these malevolent entities exists in parallel and antiparallel and space-between-space systems [80], collectively referred to as the ‘negative aliens,’ who subscribe to the same parasitic-vampiric energetic structure in interdimensional spaces.

Such entities are deprived of the Divine Light of the Prime Creator. Thus, in order to sustain themselves as to avoid self-consumption, fission, and eventual death [81], they resort to stealing energy through direct manipulative Mind Control Programming and whatever other means that they actually have devised their own malevolent technologies for, in order to siphon and harness the divine energies of others (Solar Consciousness Beings).

Thus, on top of their agenda includes war and devastations to subjugate other Solar Consciousness Beings to conquest and further put them into imprisonment and a ‘sleeper’ state of ‘unconsciousness enslavement’ by whatever ‘Mind Controlling ‘Mind Sweep,’ ‘Mind Sliding,’ and ‘Blank Slating’ (Consciousness-Mind Wiping) Technologies possible, while they engage in siphoning their energies.

In essence, they form a ‘NET’ that works as a ‘consciousness trap’ distracting the thoughts of their victims into engaging in any form of self-destructive behaviors possible, while they are under the delusional fantasy that they are perhaps free to do whatever they want to. And, to ensure that humanity never ascends to leave this prison of consciousness enslavement, they have devised a variety of ‘Frequency Fences’ [82], the most prolific of these is the one that inflicts ‘Gender Splitting’ [83].

In this respect, no matter what sort of self-destructive behavior they indulge in, they perceive these as being transpired as a result of their “free spirit” consciousness vibrational endeavors, while in essence, they conform to the consciousness trap of ‘self-enslavement,’ devised by the negative aliens to render them as ‘automatons.’ This, as a whole, describes the very essence and structure of Anti-Life system as a predatorial force parasitically preying on Solar Consciousness Beings.

What is most evil and underhanded, is that, their victims are effectively ‘put under’ via the sedative scheme, effectuated by Mind Control Programming. And, make no mistake that such a parasitic relation is not of symbiotic relation as seen in the nature in which both parties benefit from their mutual association.

Thus, while the parasitic negative aliens feed upon Solar Consciousness Beings to prolong their inevitable decaying dying pathetic existence, the entities of solar consciousness as victims, all they get is pain and suffering, exasperated and often instigated by fear and anxieties of countless origins, to release the ‘loosh’ [84], and the very essence of their solar consciousness, so the parasitic negative aliens could gorge themselves on.

And, while the vampiric-parasitic nature of existence of these negative aliens can be described as anything but petty and pathetic, the Solar Consciousness Life Force epitomized and headed by the 12D crystalline, silicate DNA morphogenetics of humanity is sustained by the Open Loop Free Energetic Light of the God-SOURCE that stands alone eternally without any needs for stooping to parasitic-vampiric behavior.

And, what we are witnessed to is the final conflict between the Light and the Absence of Light, moving to towards the eternal longevity of Light Beings sustained and empowered by the energetics of the central God-SOURCE. This is in direct contrast to the artificial model based upon stolen mimicry of the God’s consciousness mechanics and its reversal that describes the entropic, decaying, inevitable non-sustainable mode of energetic parasitic-vampirism of the “Dark” negative aliens who suffer from the ‘absence of light.’

And, amidst this conflict, know that you epitomize being the champion redeemer of the God’s Solar Consciousness Principle.

What is rather amusing is that what you see before you which is the power struggle between the ‘dueling corporations,’ what they have been set up on this Artificial Phantom Timeline as their ‘puppets’ to champion the defective model of ‘competition’ and cut-throat mentality in favor of ‘service to self only’ dogma of existence, is miserably collapsing.

In this day and age, you are fortunate to become aware of and ‘see’ in an up-close manner that, how such a faulty dynamics of selfishness and ‘service to self only’ playing out around you, is futile as compared to the more prudent doctrine of ‘unity consciousness,’ reflective of the nature of ‘interconnectedness of the ALL.’

In this respect, the most important strategy in concert with the principles of acumen would suggest that you should NEVER engage with such dramas, that in the long run, would be useless as watching a ‘soap opera’ on the television. Neither you should find yourself so caught up in the moment so overzealously exerting futile passion as to take things so ‘personal.’

It is true that there will be more shocking moments of discovery due to the carefully concealed veil of secrecy and deceit, particularly those hidden agendas buried interdimensionally and extradimensionally by the negative aliens that have been so undetectable up to now.

Yet, this should give you no cause to panic, attempting to blatantly deny everything, exasperated by the very ‘offensive’ impulses of doubt and suspicion that are readily facilitated for your Mind Slide by negative aliens’ Mind Control Programming .

Neither you should find yourself in incredible moments of dismay and even agony as to panic about the gravity and incredibly nefarious nature of true reality so skillfully and deviously hidden from you up to now, as to strike a chord of disgust inundated with onset of anxiety and fear as to want to proverbially ‘throw the baby out with the bath water.’

Shield Yourself

Instead, try to encapsulate yourself within your 12D morphogenetic field utilized as a ‘shield’ to calm and protect your Self. Remember that you are not just this 3D physical being.

You are comprised of layers and layers of energetic contours within your lightbody comprised of a multiple groups of Consciousness Quanta of energies that are arranged to epitomize your Oversoul comprised of different Souls (12), and multiples of Soul Aspects (144), vibrating at different rates within multiple dimensions simultaneously.

In this respect, each soul is comprised of 12 Soul Aspects that all vibrate within the First Harmonic Universe with the caveat that different Soul Aspects represent clusters of Consciousness Quanta of energy that each vibrate at the same overall frequency, yet with a difference in phase angle, either ‘lagging’ or ‘leading’ one another [85], forming the basis of different parallel dimensions [86].

Furthermore, a group of Soul Aspects (12) form individual fibers of a composite structure defining a Soul Expression that vibrates at a faster rate in the Second Harmonic Universe, with the capability of being at the control center of your ship sailing the different waves epitomizing different parallel dimensions.

Also, each Soul Expression comprised of 12 of your such Soul Aspects is quite able to look ‘dawn’ at all such parallel planes [87-88], and is privy of observing all that transpires in the multiple lives associated with every one of your corresponding 12 Soul Aspects.

And, finally, your Oversoul epitomizes a much bigger composite structure, a big cable if you will, that is comprised of 12 smaller strands, each corresponding to a particular Soul Expression (in turn, each an aggregate of 12 Soul Aspects), that as whole, vibrates within the Third Harmonic Universe. So, you see, there are 144 aspects of you that are all interconnected through an analogous fiber optic cable structure.

Imagine a thick fiber optic cable (your Oversoul) being comprised of 12 smaller cables (Soul Expressions), with a typical smaller cable being comprised of 12 even finer cables each (your Soul Aspect), with each fine capable being comprised of two strands vibrating within the Worlds of Matter and Antimatter that epitomize a system of parallel-antiparallel spaces vibrating about a central netural plane (the Inner World).

In this respect, the combination of the Worlds of Matter-Antimatter and the Inner World form a Trinity System of Universes [89].

Who Are You, Really?

And, it does not all end there, as your Oversoul, when freed from embodiment, turns into an Avatar State, free flowing in the 4th Harmonic Universe. Beyond this, you as an Ascended Master Light Being, are even connected to other Light Beings, collectively forming higher dimensional Light Beings that eventually end up as being the WHOLE, the very God-SOURCE that is the progenitor and giver of consciousness of the ALL.

Thus, as you become aware of your totality, and in particular, the delicate nature of other fibers that each essentially epitomizes a light ray of particular frequency and color, place yourself under the protection of your ‘12D Shield Structure’ that connects you to the very Zero-Point and the God-SOURCE ITSELF.

Once, you are aware of the nature of your composite Light Structure and form your 12D Shield, you are ready to join up with your fellow Light Beings to create a ‘Pillar,’ a community of Light Forms, and onto the Planetary Lightbody Structure and so on and so forth.

With establishing this form of interconnection with all your Light Being siblings, the Universe will shine ever bright, being comprised of and illuminated by the Light of all Solar Consciousness Light Beings, preserving the integrity and longevity of your Universe at large. Thus, you see how important you are in the overall scheme of things.

And, the only way you can fail is by dimming your Light while you wallow in self-pity, and being inundated with feelings of anxiety, fear, doubt, self-inadequacy, and even self-loathing.

Recall that the author often speaks of God’s consciousness mechanics or technology [90-93]. Well the technology is YOU! All humans collectively make up the planetary Consciousness Grid. This way, ultimately, it is YOU who impacts the planetary, for that matter, the Galactic, as well as the Universal Field of Consciousness.

When you vibrate harmonically with your fellow human and with higher light frequencies, you contribute to, and consequently, sustain the overall synchronous energetic of your Universe.

You are, indeed, a System Of Holographic Light within a larger System Of Holographic Light [94], an aggregate comprised of the likes of YOU.

If you turn your Light dim, it introduces darkness within the Universal Holographic Light System.

Then, learn to command your very space as a sovereign, free, living Light of the God-SOURCE. Without getting too much scientific or technical about it, you must realize and begin to appreciate the fact that specially during these time of pre-Ascension, nothing occurs by accident.

Nor there is much of a possibility to try to ‘force’ certain events transpiring or surfacing on the horizon. In reality, everything is ordained to occur just at the right ‘time’ and its right ‘space.’ And, thus, if your space (or collectively space-time) happens to coincide with the desired event at hand, it WILL happen, spontaneously.

And, there is not much efforts needed to effectuate its occurrence. Nor it is wise to try to curtail it through tremendous energy needed that would only result in entropic or dissipating manner rendering no manifestation of the event desired or striven through such enforcement. In this respect, the best strategy is to ‘let go,’ of your struggles to effect manifestation of certain outcome, and instead, go WITHIN and ‘Go with the Flow’ with clear crystalline and utterly benevolent intents, void of any selfish desires or pursuit of ‘Service to Self Only.’

Simply, space and time is continuously created as a result of energetic field of your consciousness based upon your focused attention with regard to when such a moment of time precisely arrives at your space, and thus, energetically creates the event in question.

And, it is only when it enters your energetic field as a way of natural progression triggering your consciousness perception that it begins to come into your field of view. (Note that all there is in the Cosmos is a conglomerate set of energetic quanta of energy.)

And, as these quanta of energy torsionally vibrate (spinning about themselves back and forth giving rise to the concept of time) and move within precise energetic contours-paths (that are referred to as space), meanwhile interacting with one another, the concept of holographic reality comes into manifested picture [95-96]. And, to see it all happening, it demands appropriate focus and attention span. Your sentience, creates and observes all events outside of itself.

Conversely, it is the consciousness that transpires WITHIN, with your programs of reality being projected from WITHIN to the curved dimensions of the space-time outside, which in essence, are akin to television screen or any other projection screens displaying the pixels of your reality [97-99].

In this respect, relax, and take a back seat to observe all the pixels of your reality that are incredibly being purposefully rearranged in a fully crystalline, coherent manner as if being projected via a laser projector, to materialize with your space and time. The only way you may miss the show is as if either you become too unengaged with what is transpiring on your space-time (akin to the projection screen), or letting yourself be so much inundated with fear, anxiety and such as to distract your attention, not enjoying the show.

Note that the ‘script’ has been pre-set and the form of ‘live’ or ‘real time’ show that is to transpire on the screen (or in your reality) with your participation, will hardly have a different overall ending. In this respect, it is all about whether you miss the show or stay focused to see the pixels of reality materialize in a much more ‘Higher Definition’ manner, at least in YOUR reality.

So, unless a tremendous group of humans entirely ‘miss the show,’ and fail to illuminate the screen with their coherent crystalline energetic Light of Consciousness, there is not much that can alter with regard to the ‘High Definition’ quality of the projected pictures or its nature of reality.

Note that there are many high dimensional crystalline Light Beings that are here and are collectively projecting their potent crystalline-coherent Light of Consciousness, illuminating the screen so the pixels of reality structure themselves to render the crystalline picture (divine reality) that is to take precedence.

Yet, when seen from the individual point of view of any human being, two issues are of paramount importance:

1. To take an active role in this ‘live’ show that is taking place.

2. To make sure you do not ‘miss’ the show altogether.

And if the latter is the case in question, such a coherent crystalline reality devised by the Divine forever disappears from your line of sight and attention span, in fact, rendering your Light of Consciousness becoming turned off forever, with possibly not even a pilot of dim light to carry you to your future. And, if this happens, it is the death of your soul and dissolution of your personality so far developed, rendering you void of any spiritual identity.

In contrast, if you stay within the movement as an active participant of all those who are the ‘cast’ of this incredibly magnificent elaborate show, you will be immortalized within the Zero-Point Field of NEUTRALITY with possibility of still further growth to acquire more propinquity [100] (or light quotient, frequency), as you advance towards the center of it all, where the God-SOURCE ITSELF resides.

And, remember, that the most imprudent and senseless thing that you could do is to ignorantly, or arrogantly engage in a futile game in which you would see yourself as the ‘villain’ wearing the ‘Dark Hat,’ as to be able to delusionally sabotage this well-orchestrated show of the highest budget (referring to the endless energy of the God-SOURCE), or change its outcome.

So, by now, that hopefully you have adequately deciphered and discerned as to what is going to transpire, it is hoped that you appreciate that your best strategy is to subscribe to the ways of the God-SOURCE. This includes unconditional love, and a strive to perform ‘SERVICE TO OTHERS,’ cooperating with the movement at hand effortlessly, epitomizing your utter nonresistance, and utilize your inherent wonderous 12D morphogenetics and incredible lightbody structure to contribute to the overall illumination and longevity of the Nebadon Universe.

In contrast, you must realize by now that pushing malevolent entropic energies to manipulate the outcome is futile. So is indulging in even fear-based energies that would only culminate in your being further subjected to parasitic feedings, which at the same time, does nothing constructive with regard to the ensuing movement of humanity’s collective Ascension.

Thus, you must abstain from such entropic acts that, ultimately, only result in your descension into the abyss, meanwhile striking discord among your fellow humans. Note that now there is no longer any possibility for accumulation of bad karma that may be resolved at a future timeline [101]. Instead, bad karma now equates to immediate repercussion with extremely interim uncomfortable consequences.

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