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What Now in the Great Awakening?

With 300 plus lightworkers at Uluru being able to get together for the Great Conjunction / Age of Aquarius cosmological event, one of the biggest we've seen in almost 3,000 years, it was nothing short of powerful. Little did Conference organisers imagine the lengths that authorities would go to in order to stop the huge energetic shift that would occur. Bringing that many high vibrational souls together on a combined mission, with a shared intention, creates a large vibrational response that has the power to rapidly change society, change the universe.

Those individuals and dark forces that attempt to maintain control and oppression are also using the same universal tools, laws and powers that we do. In fact, it's fair to say they use many more tools including dark magic, spells and rituals and have those abilities far more finely tuned, after centuries of experience. They too, are aware of the cosmological and astrological dates that can alter our bodies, environment and lives. In that sense, it should be of little surprise we presented a BIG threat to them. Not only did we have a large amount of people, in service to humanity, at Uluru, we also were a central point of focus for a worldwide meditation.

As you will hear in an interview with JoJo from The Awakening 11:11 Podcast, Kathryn, Conference Co-organiser, shares the challenges faced in organising the Cosmic Consciousness Conference at Uluru. What happened almost immediately after The Event, was a dramatic illustration of the way that the great awakening also creates a great separation. As predicted in almost every religious and spiritual interpretation of 'end times', a great split in the consciousness of humanity occurs. Those that choose hatred, anger, jealousy, control and all the negative, low vibrational thoughts, emotions and actions will continue on that path. In contrast, those that choose love, unity, peace and harmony will continue on that path - and the divide will be complete.

The challenges that faced everyone at the Conference only served to bring everyone together in a greater bond, and strengthened our commitment. After having created a rapturous state, the delegates ('Team Light Uluru' as Organisers affectionately call their tribe) enabled a model of the new earth. They proved to both themselves and others, the way that our choices directly and rapidly create our reality.

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it." John 1:5

The success that Team Light Uluru achieved in demonstrating a reality with cooperation, community, love and celebration didn't come without its challenges.

Yet, the activation that occurred was tangible. The way each individual responded with love, acceptance and trust, then activated the good in others. The flow of love within each person there, started the flow of love in the world around us. We all felt in the solstice ceremony in particular. Many there saw or felt the ripples surging out from the ceremony space. The New Earth is ultimately a reflection of the world within ourselves. The homo luminous: the new human being of light creates this when we completely immerse our psyche in the light of the source.

Keep on shining!

The 'Liberation' Cosmic Consciousness will be held at the December solstice from 20-22 December 2021 at Uluru. See for information. Early Bird Tickets are on sale now.

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Maria Chanel Chua
Maria Chanel Chua

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