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The Conference of Light

The first Cosmic Consciousness Conference held on Norfolk Island was a truly light-filled experience and the lightworkers who attended, certainly lived up to their name. Leading up to the September Equinox, the 6th annual conference was a very different event from the previous conferences held at Uluru. It's always hard to summarise each conference - each one is a unique burgeoning journey with so many highlights along the way.

On a high before we even got started!

Norfolk Islanders with Pitcairn heritage provided a local flavour in pre-conference tours. Leilani Evans facilitated a moving meditation class that gave those who attended a really gentle way to begin the journey and get to know other delegates. Dids Evans offered our delegates a rare opportunity to visit his clifftop home, with some remarkable experiences occurring on his high-energy property. It became such a popular experience, that he ended up running several more in order to accommodate everyone. Before we officially commenced, the vibration was already climbing!

Delegates all gathered to meet each other and the speakers at our welcome reception, with the music of local singer, Anson King, and welcomed by the Island drummers with a rousing collection of rhythmic beats.

Captivating Conferencing

Popular local Mayor, Robin Adams, officially opened the Conference, and with a group meditation by Gail Nicholls, the scene was set for the rest of the event. Phenomenal presentations from Craig Cole and Kelly Jones created the perfect afternoon for everyone to ready themselves for the next exciting three days ahead. It was the third time presenting at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference for crowd favourite, freedom warrior Craig Cole. His presentations are always rock-solid, inspiring and passionate.

For many, one of the huge highlights was a two hour Q&A session with Jason Breshears of Archaix. Jason was on fire and even said that he wasn't quite sure what it was, but he felt it was his most erudite interview

and later went on to say it was THE video everyone should watch to learn about his work! We took that as a compliment!

The dynamic duo, Pete & Roxy Heibloem, took everyone into their bodies and carried out a group healing session with a DNA activation and presentation on healing with the Schumann and other natural forces. Their beautiful starseed energy absolutely shone through and we received such positive feedback about their session.

Local speakers Patricia Buffett and Gaye Evans had the audience in tears! Emotions ran high as they revealed their personal stories of life on Norfolk Island and the healing energies of the enchanted Lemurian crystalline city. This was a highlight that helped everyone understand the significance of the Rock they had been drawn to. A different Rock to the one we had become known for, but equally as special.

The powerhouse women, Kelly Jones and Carrie-Anne Fields had everyone spellbound. Kelly with her boundless energy and ability to totally bend everyone's minds taught everyone to question everything! Carrie-Anne's wisdom and transformational teaching impacted the audience in such personal ways and inspiring us all to move through the barriers for healing, manifesting and expanding.

And then, last but certainly not least - David Emery. Dave's exquisite ability to open our minds and hearts and share profound information that stretched our minds was next level. Not only that, he offered beautiful, practical ways to utilise frequencies to help heal both ourselves and humanity. Dave just blew everyone away with his knowledge, and most of all, the subtle healing energy that comes through him. Most in the room would say the time we had with him was one of the biggest highlights.

Out in the energy

We were outside of the conference room more than at any other conference. The medicine of the Island brings its own magick. Outings to island hotspots and sacred sites where we bathed in the energy were just sublime group bonding opportunities with catered picnicking, sun-soaked beach visits and reverent silence at high-powered, localised energy points. Angela Maree took a group of us on a breathwork journey that not only brought a sense of serenity and calmness to everyone present, it also managed to call in the whales! Yes! We opened our eyes at the conclusion of the session and all sat gazing over the ocean, to find whales frolicking in front of our eyes. What a beautiful sight!

Without a doubt, our fancy dress farewell party was one of the best goodbyes we've ever had in all our conferencing years! After an intense 4 days together, the vibrational high spiked big time to let our hair down, and get dressed up to the theme of 'An Enchanted Evening'. What a blast we had, some partying on waaay into the wee hours!

Delegates experienced breakthroughs, insights and transformational experiences. Most made exceptional connections. We can safely say that everyone present experienced elevated levels of consciousness and unity. And as a collective, we shone our bright light out from this Rock and spread it with love across the waves.

One of the islanders sent us a message saying "Kathryn and Mick, bringing your conference here has changed this island for the good. The energies are buzzing".

Once again, it was the energy of the delegates themselves that created such transformation. The spiralling movement of upward positivity created something truly powerful. We love the beautiful souls that attend our events, and none more so than TeamLight Norfolk Island - the guardians of truth, light and freedom. Thank you for bringing your hearts and souls to make this another spectacular event.

The next Cosmic Consciousness Conference will be held on Norfolk Island from 2-5 May 2023. Visit for more info and tickets.

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