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Awakening the Wisdom of the Ancestors

In the realm of spiritual healing and personal transformation, Fabiene Lui stands as a beacon of light, guiding individuals towards their highest potential. As an intuitive healer, light language activator, and spiritual coach, Fabiene offers a unique blend of services designed to help coaches, spiritual entrepreneurs, lightworkers, and thought leaders align with their true selves and fulfill their soul purpose.

A Journey of Divine Remembrance

Fabiene's approach to healing and transformation is deeply rooted in the harmonics of the soul. She believes that true alignment of the mind, body, and soul is an ever-evolving journey. Her mission is to assist individuals in healing and integrating their shadows, activating their divine blueprint, and expanding fully into their soul purpose.

Ancient souls using the sacred light for awakening

Awakening the Wisdom of the Ancestors

At the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, Fabiene will lead a sacred circle workshop at Uluru, the solar plexus chakra of the world. Her workshop, "Awakening the Wisdom of the Ancestors," delves into the three-layered experience of ancestral remembrance through the elemental body, maternal/paternal lineages, and cosmic inheritance. Participants will explore elemental wisdom to connect deeper with their inner selves and utilise the untapped power, wisdom, and support from their ancestors. This workshop is a potent opportunity to embody your divine truth and explore the harmonics of your soul.

Fabiene says “It’s very exciting to remember that part of you, that multidimensional aspect of you who holds so much magic, who holds so much power. But ... in a human body you are here to be fully embodied in your human self … You are creating a new unique avatar that is always evolving and transforming the mastery that you are remembering from these ancient aspects of self.” This emphasises that while we have access to ancient wisdom and magic, it's essential to fully embody our human experience, allowing this wisdom to guide us without bypassing our earthly journey.

Join Fabiene Lui at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference

Experience the transformative power of Fabiene Lui's teachings and services at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference. Her workshop promises to be a deeply enriching experience, helping you to remember why you are here and how to resource yourself to create the New Earth.

Don’t miss this opportunity to awaken your multidimensional mastery and create a life powered by the music of your heart, the flow of your inner dance, and the poetry of your voice.

To learn more about Fabiene Lui and her transformative work, visit her website at

The upcoming Cosmic Consciousness Conference is being held at Ayers Rock Resort, Uluru, Australia from 20-22 December 2024.

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